Woh Apna Sa 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rano fails Arjun’s new plan as well

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Scene 1
Rano comes in. Jia says ma has gone to hospital. She has been hynotized lets ask her questions. Rano laughs. she acts like a baby because she has gone in past. She says I wanna bath in hall. Bring me the bucket. he says whats the secret? She says lets play hide and seek. She runs. Akash brings water and says here is water. She says this is not enough. Its hot as well. he wants to burn me. he says its cold. she says you are crazy. She stands in the tub and plays like a baby.
Arjun says I can’t take it anymore. What’s the secret tell me? She says you are wearing a mask and want to ask me the secret? They are dazed. She takes off his mustache. Ambika comes in an says whats going on here. She looks at Arjun. She says what have you become? What is all this? Rano says they are doing this drama. They want to know about our secret. if you want let me tell them. Ambika says no.

Ambika says what do you all want? Stay away from all this. rano says what if I told them. you should have asked your crystal ball for all this. rano says the water I washed my feet with someone has to take shower from it. Akash says I should be it. She says no it should be mai. Ajrun says are you crazy. ambika says pour this water on me. Jia says why are you doing this. Ambika says do as rano says. Akash and arjun pours that water on Ambika. Rano records it. arjun says love is won. You can’t snatch it. You can’t stoop so low. She says you can’t see the reality. He says what secret is it. She says you can’t know. He says I will find it out. Rano says yeah carry on. You can never know unless I want you to know. Jia says what will we have to do? She leaves. Ambika says why can’t you all stop.. Ambika cries. Arjun and akash leave. Jia looks at Mai.

Arjun comes to his room angry. Akash comes. Akash says have some water. I know how angry you are. we are failing everytime. He says why is ma being on her side. Akash says there is some weakness in her hand. We have to find out. We have to look for a clue in Rano’s room.
Ambika comes to rano with kheer. Rano says thanks. Ambika says I want to talk. She says sit on the stool. Abika sits but Rano kicks the stool. Ambika falls down. Rano says know your worth. Ambika says file my nails first. Ambika files her nails. rano says now I will think about doing your work. Ambika says her something. She requests. Rano says I will think about it. Arjun sees Ambika filing Rano’s nails. Rano says come in. mai does so much for me. Arjun says I came to take my file from drawer. He takes a file and drops the vase. Rano says my nail.. I will have to go to jail. Ambika broke my nail. Now she will make me wear slippers. Amabika makes her wear slippers. Rano leaves. Arjun says ma.. she leaves.
Precap-Jia says Arjun ma isn’t opening door. She hasn’t eaten anything. They all knock and get worried.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Director this drama is too boring .
    Stop all Rano’s BS .
    Bring her truth out or end this series.

  2. Is this another lame storyline where arjun is not actually ambika’s son, or that she killed jia’s parents of this birth?

  3. Just imagine one stupid fool is ruining their happiness.Just imagine Rano is one and they are four what is so horrible that Ambika is so miserable,is it that Arjun is not her son? Rano is without a doubt the most devious person there is and down right insane she needs medical attention alyuh na see that gyal is a psychopath smh.

  4. @jayashree lol rano is the new nisha in town ? with nisha it was 5 against 1, now its 4-1 and they’re just as weak ? I really think its arjun not being her kids, or maybe she has an illegitimate child that arjun and akash don’t know about ? or could it be the identity of akash and arjun’s father that she’s trying to protect? ??

  5. Please end this serial now please please please PRETTY PLEASE with a cherry on the top !!!

  6. Good one Ameila lol.

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