Woh Apna Sa 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia looks for Arjun

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Scene 1
Akash is crying. Bini says Arjun will be more hurt like this. He gave you responsibility of this house. Nisha says akash control yourself. You two didn’t eat. I will bring something for you. Bini says we don’t need you to. Krihsna says let me know if I can do anything. Akash says thanks. You changed the photo on right time. If Jia saw that photo she would have lost it. He says I an a policeman I know how to prepare for things. I knew she would ask questions. Ayway these are some papers to close the case. akash says how can you close the case. I didn’t know and we didn’t find his body yet. We should wait. We will find out what it was. He says Arjun died because of water. In such cases you cant’ find body. We did everything to find out. Its better for everyone

to close the case. Akash says there is no hope left. Bini says false hope only hurts. Krishna is rigt. You should sign the papers. Akash signs the papers.

Bini is cooking. She gets a call. She goes out. Nisha mixes something in the food.Bini comes an says what are you doig here? She says came to take ice bag. Bini gives her and says go now. Jia is worried. She recalls seeing water. Jia says why I feel so weird. And water? What is this sign to? Jia sees havan coals.
Akash comes and sees her. Jia says akash I don’t know whats happening with me. that water it took me here and then these coals. Mahek says we should have ad in the paper. He says I think that’s useless. She says I can’t give up like you. I will do anything to find Arjun. she leaves.

Arjun says for how long will we hidde this. Bini says she can’t handle this news. We will tell her once she is okay. We will tell ma and Jia together.
Jia gets Arjun’s missing pamphlets printed.. She falls. Krishan helps her. He says this is pretyy useless. she says I will do what I can. You are doing nothing. She leaves.
Nisha comes out and sees he pamphlets. she says gradually all of them will be missing.
Akash calls Jia. He says her phone is out of reach. NNisha says I have asked driver to follow her and inform us where she goes.
Jia pastes the pamhplets in whole city. She recalls her moments with him. It rains. A child comes and says you change. She says you can keep them. She says you are so nice. Bini calls jia. She says where are you? She says I pasting posterrs. Akash says come home. Jia says I am leaving.
Akash says I am losing my patience. What if someone tells her. Bini says you have to keep your calm. He says thanks for being with me in this tough time. She says we are each other’s support systems.
Precap-Jia is on her way. Someone shoots her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. STEW pull this crap off puhleesee you guys will be doing a good deed trust me.

  2. How can Akash and Binny be so stupid and Jiya so generous to allow Nisha play with their lives again….amazing that they haven’t yet realised the consequences of allowing a poisonous snake inside..Jayashree ,I can not believe that this is the third time Arjun is dying…..like Mahek ,I missed the first season of this serial…but if he has really died this time also,what is that we are going to watch without the male lead…..Added to the death drama is some supernatural element ….but I don’t mind Arjun beating Nisha at her own game by scaring the hell out of her as a murdered soul ….

  3. Exactly my point Lakshmi they had already killed him twice why thrice?? But can we really believe he is dead this time also?? We just have to wait and watch.

  4. Well… Blow me down!! Adi has to have lives like cats!! It’s best that both leads die…end of story. Lakshmi, season one was super…maybe it’s a good idea for me to stick around for Arjun and Jia’s funeral…let me have a good laugh and send them off with some smiles…

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