Woh Apna Sa 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nisha meets Kaka and says I am happy that Jhanvi has gone away from Adi, thank you so much. Kaka says dont be so happy, what if Adi gets treatment for Asha? she will tell our truth then.
Baba calls Adi and asks what are doctors saying? Adi says doctor said she will become fine with treatment, Baba says then she will also remember who kept her away from us for years and who this with her, Adi says you bring Asha here, Baba says I am coming, he ends call.
Kaka says to Nisha that I have to do what I didnt want to, Kaki has to die, it should look like accident, Baba and Asha cant be happy together, it shouldnt happen, I didnt want to Asha to die, I wanted to keep her alive and she would see pain of being away from her family, from her own. Nisha says why you did all this? Kaka says I had one daughter Mahi, she was three years old. There was function. Asha and sharda took her to market but Asha left her hand and Mahi went missing, we never got Mahi back after that. Sharda was in pain but she started seeing Adi as her son and forgot Mahi but I didnt, I promised myself to let Asha know the pain of being away from her own son, being in pain for life that you are alive but away from family. Kaka says I arranged accident and all thought Asha died in that accident, Baba was half mad in losing her, I kept Asha in my abduction and she was in senses, she used to cry and I used to remind her what pain is to be separated from my family, I kept that for 7 years then I gave her injections which I am giving to Baba. Nisha says if all was according to your plan then why did you start giving injections to Baba, all are doubting now. Kaka says reason is Jhanvi, she brought happiness back in his life and she used to check his medicine so I couldnt give me injections thats why I changed my plan and started giving him injection at night as mysterious person. Kaka calls someone and says I am sending details os someone, you have to kidnap that person too. He says to Nisha lets go, we have preparation to do, Nisha is stunned and looks on. Kaka leaves. Nisha is scared.

Baba makes Asha sit in car, he goes to bring her prescription and leaves Asha with driver. Nisha comes there and says I dont have another option, I have to help Kaka. She comes to driver and says you take Maa to doctor, driver says let Baba come, Nisha says Adi talked to him, he will come with Adi, you take her. Driver leaves with Asha. Nisha sits another car and follows their car.

Adi calls Jhanvi and says everything is happening as per plan. I have put tracker in Asha Maa’s bag, I am sure Nisha would follow her. Jhanvi says I just want to catch Nisha red handed. Adi says we have to find out who this mysterious shadow is. Adi says be careful, Jhanvi says I will be, just keep sharing tracker’s location. she ends call, she puts on bluetooth headset and starts her scooty.

Asha is in one car. Nisha is following her in other car and Jhanvi is following them on her scooty, she calls Adi and says Nisha is following Maa’s car, Adi says be careful, Jhanvi says I will keep Maa protected and I have talked to driver too, Adi says keep a distance from Nisha’s car. They all stop at a signal, signal opens, Asha and Nisha’s car leaves, Jhanvi tries to start her scooty but it doesnt. Jhanvi is on call with Adi and says my scooty is not starting, she tries and her scooty starts again. She follows them. Some goons stop Asha’s car. They makes driver unconscious, Nisha comes to her car and says to Asha that come with me, she leaves her bag in her car and takes her away. Adi is looking at tracker in his phone, Asha’s tracker stops working as Nisha takes her away. Adi calls driver but he is not picking up. Adi is on with Jhanvi and asks if she is seeing their cars? Jhanvi says no I have lost them, I cant see their cars, Adi says what if Nisha took Maa? he drives away.

Scene 2
Adi comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I am sorry, they took Maa away. Adi says leave it, tracker was last in this area, lets search Maa. Adi and Jhanvi starts searching area. Adi and Jhanvi come in a godown, they hide and are shocked to see Kaka and Nisha there. Asha is tied to chair there. Kaka smirks at Nisha. Adi and Jhanvi sees this hiding behind boxes. Jhanvi says Kaka? Kaka hears them. Kaka says Nisha its good that I got to know about your truth and followed you till here, dont know what you would have done with Asha. Adi comes there and says I have already called police here. Nisha says Kaka is lying, it was all Kaka’s plan, Adi I told you that you wouldnt bear truth, that shadow who used to torture Baba is Kaka only. Kaka slaps her hard, Nisha is stunned. Kaka says stop your bullshit, we cant expect anything good from you, you used Jhanvi and blamed her for days and now you are blaming me? Inspector comes there, Kaka says arrest her, she kept Asha in abduction for years. Nisha says one minute, Asha lost way and I was just trying to bring her home, Adi says stop your rubbish I have proof against you. Jhanvi says there was tracker in Asha’s purse and when you took her from her car, tracker recorded you taking her away. Kaka is stunned, Nisha says Kaka? Kaka says thank God I reached here on time otherwise dont know what this Nisha would do with Asha sister in law, inspector tries to arrest Nisha but Nisha grabs dagger, she says move away, no one should come close to me. Jhanvi tries to take dagger from her, Adi comes to Nisha, he snatches dagger from Nisha and gives her to police, Nisha says you dont know truth Adi, Kaka.. inspector takes her away, Adi looks at Kaka suspiciously.

PRECAP- Kaki says to Adi that thank God Nisha’s problem is solved and you are free from her mess but how did you both reach Nisha? Adi says Nisha is in police custody and now she has to tell truth, now we just have to know who this mystery shadow is and who is helping Nisha.. Jhanvi looks at Kaka and says Kaka.. all are shocked that Jhanvi is saying Kaka is helping Nisha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Woh apna sa rocks… It’s better than any other soap I ve seen… Interesting turn of events everyday…

  2. Woh apna sa rocks.. It becomes interesting every other day…

  3. Definitely, one of the best shows if they writers keep up with the story of good always wins without prolong the negativity for weeks/months, even into the year. Hopefully, they keep it that way

    All those those other shows like Kumkum, Ek Tha Raja etc, are the most irritating shows to watch with the dragging stories.

  4. Fama

    Oh my mata! Really not expecting Nisha to be arrested today. Woh apna sa is getting back on track after few episodes of dragging twist…. great going the whole team.
    Now just hope kakasa got exposed soon. So iguess with the revelation of his daughter going missing will also see a new entry as the grown up mahi (just guessing as the girls isn’t dead but missing).
    Looking forward to such great episodes with no unnecessary dragging… fingers cross

    1. Hey Fama, I took your suggestion to view episode as you have mentioned yesterday and I saw the entire thing. …no subtitles but I didn’t need it, the language of love is universal!!! Their dance was ?????….and feeding each other… ???? and overall episode was ?????..thanks a lot, that link is my new friend….

    2. Fama

      My pleasure Naz……….. I watch all my favourite serials on that site especially zee tv serials as we’re 1 episode behind only on zee tv. Enjoy with your new site (friend)

    3. Can I know what link it is?

    4. Fama

      Ayesha serial69.com

  5. So, the writers proved me wrong as I didn’t expect Nisha to be arrested today. Now that shows that the story is heading back on track. Just hope that Kaka will be behind bars soon. Well he is having a tragic past…losing a daughter is not easy for parents and his anger is also right but he should remember that it was all fate and destiny. It was Asha’s mistake but taking revenge is wrong… He should get back to his normal life and instead of taking revenge should do efforts in finding her.
    I think that there is going to be a new entry… And in precap I think that Jhanvi might ask Kaka something as she can’t blame him in front of all like this as everyone trust him.

    But if Kaka was taking revenge then why he agreed to installed CCTV camera in Baba’s room??

  6. So it looks like writers have found a way to justify Kakasa’s criminal activity. For all these years he’s hiding his Bhabhi and absolutely no one had an inkling.. …and we not talking a couple years, we talking almost over a decade and a half!!! Seriously, Kakasa is one helluva spin doctor. Nisha deserves more than one slap…it’s great that she got laid in her own domain. Thank goodness Adi is suspicious of Kakasa, this is progress. Good episode..

  7. winchesterfan#1

    why did Nisha get arrested… For once she was telling the truth about Kaka. If Jhanvi didn’t say kaka sa than adi and Jhanvi would see kaka about to do something to Asha(adi’s mom) and Adi would do something.. This show is getting so good and interesting and really fun to watch… Ughhh Its so good. Great job writers! can’t wait for tomorrows episode!!!!

  8. winchesterfan#1

    why did Nisha get arrested… For once she was telling the truth about Kaka. If Jhanvi didn’t say kaka sa than adi and Jhanvi would see kaka about to do something to Asha(adi’s mom) and Adi would do something.. This show is getting so good and interesting and really fun to watch… Ughhh Its so good. Great job writers! can’t wait for tomorrows episode!!!!


    1. Sapphire, we’ve reached where Jhanvi took Asha to Adi’s house and Babasa saw her and told the family that his wife is alive.. Jhanvi was given Asha’s picture to enlarge by Babasa …that’s the episode. It’s 4 or 5 episodes ago ???…but what I mentioned above is the current update episode, Fama gave me the link or site and I goggled it and I just did a 1 minute search and saw the entire episode… Girl, I couldn’t wait to see it, our friends here tortured me..for a good reason I should add?? so that’s why I was so determined to see it… Ohhh…… I think I must let you know that the TV schedule is changed a bit, WAS is 6.30 pm now, just after Aise Dewange…. That’s why you didn’t see episode but please check this morning to see repeat because it’s shown somewhere around just before lunch…

  10. Winchester

    Even after being so close to kakasa’s truth he got out so easily ? i was thinking how come the writers will blow off his cover? so soon ??….still he won’t be able to cover his truth for long as Jhanvi is suspicious of his actions now…maybe Aditya also…but i won’t blame him if he can’t think about kakasa like that because he was a father-like figure for him…it won’t be easy for him to swallow this hard truth…but our Jhanvi is intelligent enough to connect all the dots. Still….it was a ?win-win? episode for us as Nisha is gone…maybe only for a while…ONE DOWN ONE MORE TO GO!!! ?

    1. Yesssssssss….. Nisha was caught right under our noses and too quickly I will add. I know we haven’t seen the last of her…after all, we need her to bring Adivi closer together. It left to be seen how Kakasa’s cover is blown off and you are so right, it’s going to be extremely difficult for Adi to live with this revelation that his father figure has deprived him of valuable years with his mother. …

    2. Naz you need to type in badtameezdil.net
      Then look for Won Apna Sa
      It doesn’t have subtitles but when u see the precap u see and HEAR everything u need to know

      It has 2 videos look at the one at the bottom the second one

  11. This is the best show together with the story of Krishna in Zee TV

    I love the characters/acting in both shows

    Thank you Zee

  12. Thank you all for the updates – I could not see WAS as zee tv must have changed the time it airs . But I can’t wait to see this episode – sounds great and that kaka Ji needs to be revealed.

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