Woh Apna Sa 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rano says Akash tried raping her

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Woh Apna Sa 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Arjun comes in. He says whats happening? She pretends that Akash is raping her. She says Aksh please leave me. I consider you my brother. Arjun is dazed. He picks rano and beats Akash. Akash says she is lying. Arjun says how dare you. Rano says Arjun ji please stop. Jia comes and says stop it Arjun. Akash is about to slap Arjun.. Ambika comes in and says Akash stop. Whats happening here. And what is this girl doing here? Jia did all this for sure.
You are making two brothers fight. You crossed all the limits. She says no. Arjun says no.. Rano says don’t tell mai please. Please don’t tell her. Jia was standing there. She didn’t help me. I don’t know. Arjun says Jia can never do this. Ajrun syas Jia get out of this house. When I came here you and Akash were surrounding Rano. jia says why are you lying. AMbika says get out of this house.

Arjun says Rano wants to break this house. She is doing all this. Ambika slaps him and says shut up. This jia did all this. she has no shame. Jia says Arjun you think I can do all this? Ambika says answer her and ask her to leave. Ambika gives Arjun sindur and says you have to decide who becomes your wife.
Arjun recalls everything Jia did in his house. He fills in Rano’s hairline. Jia is shocked.
Jia says how can you do this. Youv love me. Ambika says he did right for his life. you made him see your reality. Jia leaves. She is in tears.

Scene 2
Bini comes to a place and says ever since i am alone I come here to make myself feel better. she sees akash sitting on other bench. He is upset. Bini says what happened?? why are you crying? He says there was a fight in house. Ajrun beat me. Bini says he is your brother its okay. Akash says you are so wise sometimes. She caresses his face. Akash caresses her facce. They come close to kiss. Akash leaves.

Bini says why did he go? i really love you Akash.

Ambika gets Rano’s room ready. She says wear this bridal dress. That girl has gone awya. Everything will be good in this house. Rano says see what happens next.
Precap-Akash comes home with Jia as a bride. He says I have married her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. PRecap looks interesting.. I really hope jia falls for akash… Though they’re acting, the previews appears to have both falling for each other.
    #akash&jia atleast jia would get someone deserving and it’ll be refreshing for this withered storyline of jia having to constantly run after and fight for arjun’s unworthy self all because she (jia’s) still very much wrapped up in aditya (Jhanvi’s aditya)

  2. I hope Jia ends up with Akash really,the clowns needs to be taught a good lesson how dare he fills her head with sindoor it’s a slap in Jia’s face he has no respect for her,by doing that he has shown his true colors down with the bastard.

    1. In the previews I saw bini becoming more active in arjun’s and akash’s household storyline… I hope she’s not a hindrance for jia….

      So for the jia-akash jodi, there’ll be rano, arjun, binni as well as the mother in law against jia…. Not forgetting the fact that the magician nisha is always making an entrance everywhere?

      Why is it that in this serial there’s always some drama that takes the institution of marriage for a joke…. First arjun marries any and everyone ; walking around the fire with old-nisha, promises to the doctor, jia and there rounds alone(the night when their wedding was stopped after having first found bini), his second-almost marriage with jia(when rano made an appearance), now arjun with rano and, again, jia-akash “marriage “…..

      Isn’t there anything of limits for ratings?! Even the storyline is illogical and nisha keeps dying and coming back more than a cat with 9 lives, and killing people like an Ed gein derange psycho killer….. Like isn’t there any repercussion for killing anyone, and the other characters are just like “meeehhh life goes on, chinni who? ”

      So atleast allow jia a happy ending, with a character that can actually make her happy…. This arjun character is not redeemable…. There isn’t anything that he could do that would make him worthy of jia.

  3. @jayashree… I’m glad that someone agrees with the jia-akash jodi….
    I get that arjun is suppose to be for jia… But what makes it unreasonable is that jia should just be that docile love interest to weep and fight while arjun errs repeatedly….. It’s like expecting redemption for a butchered character…
    Just like kalli was made to move on from yash (kaala teeka) I don’t see why jia should put up with this torture all because she’s in love with someone who seems to only love her when it’s convenient ??

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