Woh Apna Sa 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: jia and akash join hands against Rano

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Woh Apna Sa 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rano shuts the door. jia cries. She says arjun please listen. Akash syas please trust her. Please listen to her. Ambika says I have listened enough. Ambika says I know you are hurt we are all with you. Move ahead in life with rano. Rano says Jia’s bag. I will give it to her. Arjun says stop. He gives Jia her luggage and says go from here now. He shuts the door. Jia is in tears.
Ambika says after today no one will take her name in this house.

At night, Arjun is upset and so is jia. The song agar tum saath ho. They are both in tears.

Scene 2
Next morning, Ambika sees Rano doing pooja in room. She sees that Rano was doing pooja in front of Arjun’s image. she says I am sorry. I was doing this pooja because I consider him my husband. Ambika says you love him so much.

Jia explains the plan to Akash. He sends the servant out. akash locks Rano in her room. He ties something on the picture. Jia is in the house. jia says it should touch her foot. Akash says to Jia the plan would would. Jia says I hope it doesn’t hurt her much. Akash says are you crazy you are worried for her. Rano comes out. She sees the pen on the floor. Jia says has she seen the thread? Jia says why didn’t she fall? Akash says I tied it on the stairs. Jia says are you crazy. I dont’ want her to get fracture. Go and stop her. Rano comes downstairs. Akash comes and says rano stop. she falls down. Akash holds her. Arjun comes in and says what happened? Akash says its my mistake, I said her name and she slipped. Akash takes the thread and hides it. Ambika says bring water.
Arjun gives Rano water. Ambika applies medicine on her food. She says Arjun take care of her. Ambika says I will go to temple. Akash says take Arjun too. I am home don’t worry.

Akash leaves his phone on the sofa. He says I will bring hot water for you so you feel better. Akah puts hot water bag on her foot. She says it burns. He says not more than your jealousy for jia. She says what are you saying. Akash says answer me first. She says yes I did all that. You better be thankful I didn’t do all this for you. If you want to be in this house be quite. Akash says I will send you to jail. Rano says I will hit you with this rod. Arjun comes.
Precap-ambika says to Arjun you decide whose hairline would you fill in. He fills Rano’s hairline. Jia is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The bastard oh the blo*dy bastard is he for real? Jia should pack her damn bags and leave Arjun deserves nothing but hatred from her unless its a ploy. We will just have to wait n watch.

    1. So truee.
      She have to justify herself and prove her innocence though HE CLAIM TO BE IN LOVE WITH HER……

      But I too had this feeling today that this maybe a plot..
      Bcoz once rano becomes the baho she will definetly show her true colors to Arjun’s mom.

    2. Yeah! What the hell is Jia still waiting? It’s irritating

  2. Where is my damn comment? You guys need to stop this nonsense I am not the only one complaining here you know stew if when I post this one then you release my first one then I have no apology got it?

  3. @jia… Doesn’t she have any sense of self respect? For someone modern she’s so clingy/dependent of arjun? Just leave, live your second life and move on… A new lead/hero maybe?

    @Arjun.. Arjun has at each point proven that he’s even more ridiculously daft as his actions had proven prior…..

    @akash…. He’s a much better person to jia somehow his character is much more likeable ?

    @rano&arjun…. Cunning and stupid should just be together ?

  4. How many times must jia be the second woman in arjun’s life….. Forget second at this point she like 5th place :/

  5. How come arjun is rich where as after leap it was shown that arjunn was a cheap conman living in slum??

    1. @tej… This entire script post leap is illogical
      But I think arjun was portrayed as a cheap conman because he (supposedly) left everything when he bailed midway out of his wedding with rano…. So he left with nothing and he started living with his friend (flatmate) .. Which is the track that the reincarnation scene started from. ?

  6. I saw in the upcoming episodes jia would marry akash (supposedly pretend to make arjun jealous)
    Though somehow akash and jia are a more likeable jodi ? ? I do hope they actually end up falling for each other!
    Jia deserves somebody better than arjun, ever since the reincarnation track he has only neglected jia… It’s no where near the love aditya had for jhanvi.. Its like a whole new serial

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