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Hi ? guys this is team: UNPREDICTABLE GIRLS {B_Isha aka Bshama (old ID Name) and Shivika22kapoor}.
Here we present you guys with our very first collaboration

Sanskar Maheshwari: Varun Kapoor
Shivaay Singh Oberoi: Nakuul Mehta
Rudra Singh Oberoi: Laneesh Mataoo
Swara Singh: Helly Shah
Jhanvi Singh: our very own TU writer and our lovely friend.
Sriya: our TU writer and sweetest friend.

Swara, Jhanvi and Sriya sisters-cum-friends out at night in a dance pub for a party at the end of there college exam to party hard.
While the boys are coming back after partying hard.

So here we go. Enjoy reading guys and don’t forget to review our work that will definitely encourage us. Hope so you like the ride.

Swara, Janvi and Sriya are together

Sriya: Hye Shona(Swara) it’s too late let’s go home otherwise mum will definitely take our class.

Janu: Oh Miss. Darpook chill dude it’s not that late
And if we leave everyone will call us party pooper

Swara: Oh ho relax guys and between Janvi we have to go to college as well tomorrow so we should go now.

Janu sadly: Fine.

Swara: Chill babes don’t be upset next time we will stay for long. Janu happily: K

Sriya looked here n there N found a guy staring at shona she gestured janvi to leave


Swara on seeing the car: Damn this car man it had to get punctured now only I am sure mum will freak out now.

Janu: Look I said we should stay for some more time.

Sriya hitting her head in irritation: Shut up u duffer.

Janu going to mid of road holding Swara and Sriya’s hand shouts: Koi toh rok lo teen haseenaon ko lift chahiya.

Swara thinks Haseenaye ! Umm lagta hai mom se pehle toh yehi waat lag wayegi

Sriya shuts her mouth with her hand: Shut up u duffer. Janu: Stop it u Miss. Nerd. Sriya: I am not nerd.

Meanwhile Swara doesn’t notices and they had reached half of the road when a car comes an d halts and three boys come out Sanskar, Shivaay and Rudra.

All the boys came out from jeep

( And the cat fight begins between Swasan, Janu and Shivaay, Sriya and Rudra ….)

Sanskar excuse me aap log kahi aur jake marege please !
Swara (angrily) : Maar tun jakar u moron
Shivaay points his finger and says in a high tone ; Mind your language

Janvi ( in same tone): Hye u mindless dash dash dash . Don’t speak much about my sister Aka friend

Rudra: Dash dash dash ____ Vo kya hota hai…sanskar hits his head and gives rudra a kabhi nahi sudhrega look.

Sanskar says :Wese toh sensible n beautiful lagti ho per nahi ho

Swara: Chalo tumhari aankain toh kaam karti hain at least dimaag toh hai hi nahi toh hum sensible kaisa laga ga
Saying this girls laughed and shared a hi-fi

( Boys ego was hurt they felt insulted and seeing the girls like this in a strong bond like they share)

Rudra: Oh please don’t show off

Sriya: Hye shut up show off ka bacha dikh nahi raha hai ka teen ladkiyaan aakaila khadi hai lift ka wait kar rahi unha lift da Dain nahi magar tum sabko toh tadi marni hai. Idiots

Shivaay: Oh so tum sab ko lift chahiya. He says with smirk.

Girls thought in mind Yup jahiye. But tumhe nahi and looking at his expression girls nervously nod.

Rudra: BASIC MANNERS sikha hain??

Sriya in head: Iss half build up Ki toh aisi Ki taisi.

Sriya: Kya matlab. As sweetly as possible

Shivaay: matlab use humble words like please, kindly, we request u and so

Swara in mind: Please, kindly my foot l.

But as they really needed help and no one was there at that moment so they had to abide.

Three of the girls irritated and mocking sweetness and stretching the words: PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSSSEEEEE give us lift.

Boys sheepishly: Oh, once more girls.

Swara: Hye ek baar kaha samajh nahi aata.

Sanskar with raised eyebrows: WHAT?

Sriya: Samjhadar ko ishara kafi

Swara again sweetly yet in highly irritated tone: Kindly drop us. Please (She says hitting both hands together)

Boys sheepishly smiling and jumping back in their jeep laughing at them say: NO.

Mouth of three girls is in proper “O”.

After going a little ahead and making girls jump back in fair they get back to girls and ask them to hop in.

Girls angrily glare at them and then they hop in..

janvi: I was right boys are useless n unpredictable

Swara murmurs: Men will be men.

But Sanskar who was sitting at back seat goes in front seeing the girls feel awkward while Swara smiles understandingly in heart.

Boys ask them help

Girls thought: Aab aya uth pahaad ka neecha…

As they can’t drive in bad weather


Boys look at girls while girls smirk sheepishly at them

Boys in head: Gayi bhaains paani Mai.

All girls think in mind: Wese toh abhi tum ho pani me duffers

Swara: Aare aap Jaya kafi waqt ho Gaya hai aapka ghaar wala intazaar kar raha honga na
Rudra said arrey listen plz ( @sriya)

Sriya with attitude: What?

Rudra: Vo can we stay here tonight?

Janvi: Didn’t u learn BASIC MANNERS

Boys look at each other

Sanskar: Vo please can we stay here.

Girls look at each other and smile sheepishly: NO.

And move to the door and disappear

Boys look on shocked with a perfect”O” shape mouth.

Boys were drenched in water from tip to toe

After a while a servant comes out and asks the boys to accompany them in.Boys do as said.

Inside girls smile looking at them.

As they walked in the edifice was huge

Swara with attitude: Hum kisika ehsaan nahi rakhta so tumha toh bulana hi tha aandar. Scores settled. Saying so she moves in with her girls but only after smiling and winking @ Sanskar who looks on suspiciously…

So girls leave the place n move to their rooms n janvi feels bad and says a servant go to bhai room n provide them some dry clothes the servant leaves…

Sriya was going to take a seat n hearing janvi words Sriya falls on ground n swara chokes water and coughs

Janvi sensed that Yeh kya kiya janvi ! She bites her tongue ab dimaag ke ghode dhuga nahi toh shona di tujhe room se bahar dudha degi

Janvi gets an idea n think waah kya idea hai madam jee!!

She turns out n sees swara n Sriya giving her suspicious glances

Janvi says what?
Sriya: exactly our question what was this?
Janvi : oh ho nothing baba see agar Yeh log yese drenched rehte toh 2 things hoti first humara Ghar gandha hota second woh beemar ho jaate aur unhe yaha rehne ka n Hume blame karne ka reason mil jata….Toh Joh iss problem ki reason hai use koi reason nahi chahiye humari tension ka reason ban ne ke liye….

Swara and Sriya exchange some confused looks

Janvi says samjh aaya ya phir se repeat karu?

Sriya and Swara nodded that we understood … and both thought who will listen this much complicated and big logic again !

Swara: Vaisa aagar mummy daddy ko pata chal Gaya Ki hum in anjaan logon ko ghaar laya hain toh kya.

Sriya: Aare don’t worry Janu hai na.

Janu ( shocked): Kya matlab Mai hun ka??

Swara and Sriya surround her and nod to each other

Both together in buttering tone: Haye meri pyaari Janu niyaari jannu humari ek loti behn, humara jigaar da tukda humari sunshine aandhrai Mai last ray of hope aakhri chocolate ka piece …

Janvi: Oye Mai kya tum dono ko powerhouse lagti hun ya phir ko super market??

Both unknowingly said : Reason market!!

Janvi ( angrily forming her palm into fist): what? ??

Swara: Aare shaant ho ja we mean please yaar help kar da na tu hi toh hai janaat meri tun hi mera dil ka khumaar.

Janu: Mai na Hu koi last hope na hun koi janaat ka route jitni marzi koshish kar lo mujha nahi khani mummy Ki daant.

Sriya confused: Aare yeh shayari toh hui hi nahi.

Janu: Haar chiz shayaari nahi hoti dil Ki feelings bhi toh kuch hoti hain ka nahi.

Sriya and Swara nodded in agreement…

Due to heavy rainfall the electricity goes off and halted the discussion .


Boys murmurs yehi baki tha Aaj. ..

Rudra: Wese I think as the girls helped us we should “thank them” and their are possibilities we all can land up as friends.

Sanskar nodes in negative whereas shivaay said” fights are not good and that too with girls ” .I can’t believe i am going to say this but you’re right rudra….

Rudra grinned and did his logic wala sign in happiness…. Boys walked towards room


Janvi slowly with steady steps walked in darkness to find out some candles near the sofa…

Sriya switched on the mobile torch and thought of opening the front door for some fresh air …as she opened the door rudra bumped into her and they landed on floor with a scream. ..

Hearing rudra and Sriya scream Swara walked front so as janvi and sanskar shivaay. ..

While heading towards rudra sanskar trips due to the carpet and falls in Swara embrace on bed

Shivaay in darkness thought that janvi is Sriya so he extended his hand to help ….

Janvi gets scared and pushed shivaay but before he could fall he pulled janvi too on sofa.

All the girls together: Utho ka ya huma hi aapna bistaar samajh liya hai.

Sanskar: We aren’t interested in falling on u girls it’s just that we didn’t see u…

Shivaay to janvi: Aur vaisa bhi jitni moti Hu na tum Kisi gada Sa kam nahi ho

Janvi to shivaay : Jitne slim ho na tum bhi tube light se kam nahi ho and listen I am not “moti”.

Rudra and Sriya gets up

Rudra: Aare Vo Amit ji ka gana tha na jiski biwi moti uska bhi bada naam hai bistaar par lata do gada ka kya kaam hai.

All the girls glare @ boys but then all feel embarrassed due to word “biwi”.

Swara changes the topic : Yahan kya langaar khana aaya ho.

Sanskar: Nahi sirf itna kehna aaya thi Ki… Ki….

Swara in an irritated tone: Kya Ki…ki… Laga rakhi

Shivaay: Vo hum… I mean.

Janu: U mean what???

Rudra: Hum vaisa thanks kehna aaya tha.
Sriya: Toh kaho.
Shivaay: Par tum uska layak nahi ho.

Girls with attitude: Oh really .Jaisa Ki tum yahan rehna ka layak ho

Sanakar: Jo bhi hai, let’s go boys.

Girls: Yes just get out of our room before we throw u out of our house.

Boys leave with weird faces…

[ after 15 minutes]
@BED Girls discussion

Swara: Waisa yeh ladka bohaat badtameez ha

Sriya awkwardly: Yup!

Janvi: Especially wo Sanskar.

Sriya asked wait a sec whose sanskar in between?

Swara gets shocked and jumps over her: What the hell? Usna tera kya bigaada hai.

janvi asked What happened to u di?

Janvi says in flirting tone to tease Swara : lal shirt wala Jo Swara di par gira tha, Maina boys ko kehta Hua suna tha Ki uska naam sanskar hai.

Janvi: Aap kun itna uchaal raha ho?

Sriya said in a teasing tone with a grin: exactly Swara!

Swara getting back to normal: Nahi nahi wo toh bas waisa hi.

Janvi and Sriya: ok…

Sriya: Magar wo kanji aakhon wala toh bohaat hi darawna tha

Janvi shouts: What? What do u mean?Kanchi Aankho wala?

Swara: Aab tujha kya Hua.

Janvi controlling herself: Nahi kuch nahi. Bas woh mosquitoes

Swara thinking ?: WO body wala toh bohaat hi zyada uchaal raha tha.

Sriya hits her with a pillow: Why? U r mad?

Swara and Janu: Now what happened to u?

Sriya covering up: No nothing.

All the three girls then look at each other and then burst out laughing ? and in between say: Jo bhi hai cute hai teeno.

(They share a hifi)and go to deep slumber thinking about their respective significant others…


All are sitting cuddling in comforter

Ok tell me sanskar kuch feel hua jab swara and u were…. shivaay said

Sanskar in thoughts says ha hua na… She is so cute na ?????????
Rudra sheepishly: Kya!
Sanskar in a stammering tone: Woh woh michmichi huyi
Shivaay: cute toh woh bhi hai
Sanskar and rudra: Woh bhi!!!
Rudra: Shivaay baby batao who?
Shivaay awkwardly: No nothing tun Bata Rudy tun bada uss lal chaadi par dhyaan da raha tha.
Rudra remembers Sriya and says: Lal chadi nahi lal pari.

Sanskar and Shivaay teasingly: Oooohhhhhh pari haan.

Boys tease each other.

Sanskar: Waisa yeh wahi ladkiyaan hai na.

Shivaay and Rudra nod.

Shivaay: Aagar inha pata chala Ki hum waahi ladka hain toh…

Rudra: Toh bass samjho humari ganga raam ho jayegi teeno kacha chaba jayengi huma

All the three laugh.

Shivaay : I have an idea. They discuss something share hi-fi’s and sleep….

To be continued. ……….
Author’s Note : Phew ! So at this point episode 1 ends here hope so you’ll like it and share your views upon it .

Written by: Unpredictable Girls Shivika22kapoor and B_isha

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  14. Mica

    please dear,, can you upload it in english

    1. B_isha

      Hi dear mica , thank you for requesting and reminding us we knew our readers would ask this but let me tell you this episode was created in just I think so 2 hours we will take up ur suggestion if we can’t compromise hindi as it provides humour we will add English slags for understanding

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