I wish u could stay back….


Lakshman after learning about Maharani Kaikeyi’s wish of sending Ram to exile for fourteen years is so devasted. He was passing by the room of Mata Kaikeyi and overhears Maharaj Dasharads conversation with Kaikeyi. Dasharad warns Kaikeyi if the day comes he would prefer to die. Kaikeyi is so stubborn and pressurise Maharaj Dasharad to fulfill his promise. She demands Bharats coronation as king of Ayodhyas and send Ram to exile…
Lakshman did know what to do, with whom he should share this news. He silently walks to his room.
In Lakshman’s Room:

Urmila : Urmila is really angry with Lakshman as he promised to
return early form his work and they have decided to go for
boat ride but it really dark and they cannot go.
Lakshman : Lakshman reach his room and stand in front of closed door A lone tear escape from the corner of his eye. What should i tell
Urmila She loves her sister very much and her feels Ram as
her elder brother. Why is destiny playing a cruel game with us.
Vanvaas for my brother Ram?? Mata Kaikayei’s wish What’s
happening?? How can i stay away from Ram for 14 years???
What about Sita Bhabhi??? Urmila ??? Oh god!!! What should
i do now??? Even Bharat is not at Ayodhya…
Urmila : Urmila senses Lakshman’s presence and opens the door to
find Lakshman drowned in deep thought . She says “Lakshman
i am angry with you i will not talk to you.” Lakshman does not
reply he simply walks into the room. Urmila finds something
wrong in lakshman’s behaviour.
Lakshman : Lakshman Walks to their bed and sit down with a thud…
Urmila : Urmila slowly walks to him. He calls out Lakshman what’s
wrong?? Did something happen?? Just say something dear your
silence is troubling me.
Lakshman : Lakshman pulls Urmila and make her sit beside him. He
slowly lie down on her lap. Lakshman says “Urmila i am helpless”
Urmila : What happened dear what is troubling you. Please share with
Lakshman : Urmila let us go for the boat ride.
Urmila : For a boat ride now at this hour its ok Lakshman we can go
some other day i think you are so tired please go to sleep
Lakshman : Urmila please don’t say no let us go right now i have to say
something to you.
Urmila : Ok let us go

Lakshman : Tightly gripping Urmila’s hand in his walk down the steps in
their garden which leads to the river bank.
Urmila is worried but she is so happy that she is with her love

Its almost mid night and more over its a full moon day and the climate is so calm. May be it is the silence before a storm.
The nature with its beauty welcomes the lovers

The river silently flows. In the background the snow mountains far off adds more beauty to the place. Everything is blue. The moonlight is the only source of light there. Every thing is so calm that Lakshman and Urmila’s heart beat is clearly audible and is merging making a beautiful music. Lakshman wants to share his concerns and Urmila is worried for Lakshman. But at this moment they are so lost in each others eyes. Life is so strange at times it seems like a happy song and at times its a melancholy. Water is the river seems like it joins the clouds at distant views but it never happen so. Its so cold therefore lakshman covers Urmila and himself with a shawl. They soon reach the river bank. Lakshman removes the boat’s anchor and get in the boat first. He forwards his hand for Urmila and she slowly get in. She sits beside Lakshman on the Wooden plank and Lakshman rows the boat gently.

Imaging the song humming in background

Row Row Row a boat Gently Down The Stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Life is Not A Dream
It is a journey for Salvation

Row Row Row a boat Gently Down The Stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Life is Not A Dream
It is a journey for Salvation

It means we should face our problems boldly with a smile on our face and embrace them happily as life is never a sweet dream. Infact one should lead a life to attain Salvation. I feel both Lakshman and Urmila sacrificed their love for others and for good deeds and they are successful in attaining the salvation…
Ok coming back to the sequence

Urmila : Lakshman i am really worried what happened??
Lakshman: Vanvaas
Urmila : What??? Vanvaas for whom
Lakshman : Tears roll down Lakshman’s cheeks… Vanvaas for brother
Urmila : what Vanvaas for Ram Jijashri What are you talking about????
Lakshman : I overheard Mata Kaikeyi talking to Pitashri. In fact Pitashri
granted her the boons. He will now make Bharat the King and
my brother Ram to exile
Urmila : No Lakshman this will never happen Mata Kaikeyi loves
Jijashri she will not send him anywhere
Lakshman : You don’t know about her Urmila she is so stubborn in fact
she sent Bharat and Shatrugan away from Ayodhya after we came
back from Gurukul. Brother Ram sensed the change in her
behaviour that day only but i did not realise then.
Urmila : Lakshman Pitashri will never let Jijashri go any where
Lakshman : I know but you are forgetting about brother’s nature he can
do anything to keep up Pitashri’s promise. He is still unaware of
this once he gets to know about he he will leave the kingdom.
Urmila : Lakshman whats all this??? And my sister Sita she will not
stay here for a minute and she will surely accompany Jijashri
Lakshman do something stop this i plead you. Urmila is in
tears now.
Lakshman : Urmila control your self its the time you should stay strong,
and i am sorry i cannot do anything as the day dawns we have to
witness this nightmare coming true.
Urmila : Let ask Bharat to come back soon.
Lakshman : No its of no use brother Ram will leave the kingdom for sure.

There is complete silence for few minutes between them…

Lakshman : Urmila you know i have always spent my day in serving my
brother Ram and if he goes to exile i will accompany him
Urmila : Urmila is shocked…
Lakshman if it so i will accompany you to the exile i cannot
live in your absence and if it happens i will breathe my…
Lakshman : Before she completes the sentence Lakshman closes her
mouth with his hand.
Urmila don’t say so even i cannot stay away from you are in
my heart. My love for you is not measurable. But serving my
brother is my duty.
Urmila : I will never let you go alone. She pleads please take me with
Lakshman : No Urmila i don’t want to put you in any sort of trouble please
let me go.
Urmila : Crying badly hugs Lakshman saying Please don’t do that to
me.. Lakshman I cannot stay away from you…
Lakshman : feeling the intensity of her pain hugs her back…
Urmila : Lakshman please don’t leave me alone
Lakshman : Urmila please don’t cry, please try to understand don’t make
it difficult for me.
Urmila : Breaking her hug wipes her tears and turn to the other side so
as to hide the un controllable tears.
Lakshman : Lakshman turns her towards him. Wiping Urmila’s tears
listen to me you don’t have to suffer the pain. I will pray lord and
with my powers give my sleep to you. So that you will never
sense my absence and will sleep like a little baby and when you
your eyes you will find your Lakshman infont of you.
Urmila : Hugging Lakshman how will you bear the pain all alone.
Lakshman : This will be my punishment for the injustice i will be doing
with you.
Urmila : Lakshman as you wish but make sure that you come back
soon and i really don’t want to live this 14 years it would be better
if i go into a deep sleep
Lakshman : Now let us spend our last night together. They both prepare
themselves for the upcoming consequences. Urmila sits close to
Lakshman and Lakshman embraces her so as never let go off
Urmila : Lakshman please grant me the wish right now i want to go into
a deep sleep
Lakshman : lakshman with teary eyes grants her the wish with his powers
and blessings of Nidra devi(guys not so sure about it please
Urmila : Looking into the eyes of Lakshman Urmila feels drowsy
blinking her eyes she tries hard to keep her eyes open to fill it with
Lakshman’s face. She thinks ” I wish you could stay back.”
finally she closes her eyes… Urmila is fast asleep in Lakshman’s
Lakshman : He rows back to the river bank feeling so heavy with teary eyes
carry his love of life Urmila in his arms to the Raj bhavan
He makes her sleep on their bed and caressing her face say ” I
will miss you Urmila…” With tears
The next day he along with ram and Sita leave for exile

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