I wish u to be mine …episode 4 A

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Hey guys .. Tnq so much for motivating me n also 4 commenting guys ?..N so many asked me 4 longer epi .. Idk I will try if not plz forgive me guys .. So let’s get into the story

As soon as the class ended Shiv rushed out with his bag so the students were
disappointed .. But Sid was alone smirking this was noticed by Mallika she thought that something was fishy .. Here Ani was dying out of guilt as it was a small thing only, she got angry n made shiv embarrassed.. So she thought to apologize to him hence she went to Sid to ask were he was ..

Ani – Hi Sid .. Can u do me a favour ?? ☺

Sid – ( smirkingly) Off course Ani …
Wht u want ??
Mallika – Ani u can better ask this wall .. Instead of asking tis idiot ..?

Ani- Malli … Can u plz say where
will be ( to Sid ).
Sid – Well sry Ani , I tnk ur extra genius frnd is there with u might knw it very well ..( mockingly)

Malli- Yaa Ani … Come we will ask somebody.
We don’t want to waste our time with stupid ppl

Ani- Malli plz shut up , I’m really sry on behalf of her .. Can u say me plz ..

Sid – I’m just saying this becoz u asked Ani ..He has gone for swimming class ..

Ani( doubtfully) – But Gauri said she don’t have class today.. But fineay be some tournament practice ri8 ( doing her logic wala sign ) ..

After Sid went..

Malli – Ani something is fishy .. don’t go today tom u can go n apologize.. N one thing I’m saying tis becoz its Shiv he is nice guy I don’t believe others .. ( pointing out Sid )

Ani ( Ignoring her )- Malli yaar .. Nothing like that ..k I will go say sorry n come.

Malli – Do something .. When u obeyed me.. Go n get nicely from him.. I’m going to my home ..
Bye ?..

After Malli went Ani had tussle with her inner self n went to the swimming pool, She didn’t knw wht was awaiting there for her ..N guys why do u tank would have happened .. Why Shiv will do to tease her .. Guys this epi isn’t over but its a small part. Here I wanna show the relationship btw Sid – Malli .. I tnk it was a boring one.. So tnq for bearing with me n my stupid thoughts..N don’t bash at me the epi isn’t over..??

With love
Hari ..

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  1. Sanskriti120

    Anika is gone…. Shivaay is gonna throw her in pool (I guess). Haha!! The relationship between sid and mallika is like fish and fisherman??????. The epi was short and sweet. Update soon??

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Sans?? .. Well I can’t disclose anything now ???..Nice guess but wait n watch ..Tnq so much yaar….Absolutely correct ( sid- malli ‘s relationship)..??..

  2. hi hari i was waiting fr this ff asusual and asusual u rocked but dr increase the length dr

    1. Haridhra

      Hi Shab ☺Yaa sure.. In the coming epi’s I will try to increase .. Tnq so much dr .. N keep reading ??..

  3. Thedreamsoul

    hy hari , i liked sid-mallika bond very much , update next part soon dear . i cant wait to know it . please make it a long one , add more scenes . i am just saying else its okay

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Sana dr..hmm I will try to add if I can dr becoz Idk I will just write the scenes that come to my mind while typing the story..So sry I’m not able to fulfill ur wishes..

  4. Haridhra

    Guys sry check out these errors ..
    Ani- can u plz say where Shiv will be .
    Sid – ur extra genius frnds is there with u she might know it very well ..
    Ani – but fine may be some tournament ri8..
    Then last para
    Tnk *, wht*

    1. its ok hari i got few doubts over thre and thanks fr the clarifications

  5. Pooja26

    ab toh anika gyi pool mai 😉 😉
    post asap……
    tc…. 🙂

    1. Haridhra

      Hmm poor Ani let’s wait n watch ??? .. Keep reading n tnq Pooja di .. TC ?..

  6. Nila

    wow hari nice part yaar but very short make it bit longer

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Nila ka..??..Sure I will try to make .. Sry for the disappointment…

  7. Tum ho Kya mere wala part ka next post karo

    1. Haridhra

      Hello actually I can’t understand ur comment.. Do u mean I should post tum mere kya ko’s next part , sry yaar I’m not the author..its Vaishali di she is only the author ..☺

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear..

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Niki di ..?

  9. Alekhika20

    Nice updt

  10. Hiii Hari!!!!! it was a Superbb epi dear….. Luv sid mallika bonding…. & eagerly waiting 4 nxt…..

    1. Haridhra

      Hi Banita di ..Tnk u di ..So I will post the next soon …???

  11. Neha_Pheonix

    Nice dear…waiting..what will happen..again a pool moment for Shivika ? Well, dear….next time do send me link so that I don’t miss any…..This one was fabulous! Pani fights started at this age..hmmm….great??. Love ya dear!!!

    1. Haridhra

      Ohh sry Neha di I forgot next time pakka I will send the link .. Tnk u so much di n pool moment just wait n watch di …???…I’m glad u liked tis ..

  12. Jerry_36

    Thumbs up?

  13. Sam-99

    Nice one dr……

  14. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr…

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