Who win will Durga’s trust and love in Ek Hasina Thi

Shaurya is trying hard to win Durga’s trust and love, but always fails, as he does not know the truth to Durga. She knows Shaurya’s evil side very well and why will she fall in his love trap. Silly Shaurya is still trying to make it work out. He asks Rajnath to take his marriage proposal for Durga and talks to Dayal about it. Rajnath agrees as Shaurya is blackmailing him knowing about his affair with Raima. Rajnath talks to Dayal about making them professional relation personal. Dayal straight away refuses as he wants a better guy for Durga. Shaurya is rigid and does not want to lose the Rs 5 crore bet with his friends of bringing Durga on his bed. Shaurya has no true feelings for Durga, he just lusts for her.

Akash has been Durga’s informer against Sakshi. Durga helped him by giving him the job when Mathur has kicked out Akash from Goenka’s office and made sure he ruins his career. Durga seeing Akash insulted and having hatred in his eyes, offered him a job to help her win against the Goenkas. Akash agreed and now he works for Durga. Durga started trusting him and thanks him for his good help. Akash feels he wants to get a special place in Durga’s life and wants her to trust him so much that she can tell him her truth and her connection with Payal. Akash is a good hearted guy, who genuinely helps Durga without feeling a need to know her motives.

Dev recently entered the show and was best friend of Nitya (now Durga). Nitya and Dev shared great friendship bond. Nitya gave him a locket asking him to keep his girlfriend’s pic in it. Dev keeps Nitya’s pic in it as he secretly loved her. Nitya was not aware of his feelings but always supported him. Dev went to New York and is back in Kolkata after two years. He comes to know about Payal’s rape case and Nitya’s death, to which he promises that he will find everything related to Nitya. He soon meets Durga and feels her resemblance with Nitya. Will he fall in love with Durga? Durga knows how much honest and courageous is Dev, seems like she will lose out her heart to him, as she trusts only him in the Goenka family.

  1. Obviously Dev…..he is the main lead opposite Durga
    Shaurya is opposite Payel
    N Durga loves Dev
    They are perfct

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