Will you watch Ishqbaaz without Surbhi Chandna?

Ishqbaaz is one of the shows which has captured most of our heart, as the title justifies! It is the story of three brothers -Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra played by Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo.

Despite of the dysfunctional family members, the brothers continue to be together. Each brother is completely different from others, but they are united by the love they have for each other. Due to circumstances, they get married to Anika, Gauri and Bhavya, played by Surbhi Chandna, Shrenu Parikh and Mansi Srivastava.

But as the news circulate around, the redux part is going to end and it is said that the show will have a generation leap. As per the recent news, we heard that Surbhi Chandna is exiting ishqbaaz.

Surbhi had put her signature in all the roles she played, which includes an independent girl who have only her brother to take care off and meeting both ends, then a girl who stick to her policies, her role as Kalawati Thakur where she has been playing as Anika who had been acting as having a memory loss, then Kumari Rosie Rani, then a girl who fights for her self – dignity, a sweet and funny one with weird behaviour but sticks to her characteristics and redux – where she is completely opposite of the other Anika.

What is your opinion in this?

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I stopped watching and reading updates after bua arrest in may or june i.e. before redux as for me show ended that time only… Its only repeatative story and going to be same, better to end show before trp fall more…

  2. stopped watching the show before the redux started , when the show began it was quite unique and was kind of relief from other shows but soon it also had a lot of boring stuff , redux again had similar forced marriage of shivika and no importance was given for the other leads , so if the new story is good would definitely watch it

  3. Lokesh

    I haven’t watched after bua arrested, I even don’t know what redux means, if anybody is here to explain me, what redux in a serial means.?

    1. Riana

      @lokesh.. Redux means recreating the show from the beginning

      1. Lokesh

        Oooooo, from beginning so they introduced all characters again. Thanx for telling Raina, finally I got the answer, so recreation make it boring.

  4. Mere liye ye show usi waqt se koi mayne nahi rakhta hai jab se rumya ko khatam kar ruvya ko show mein banaya gaya …… bahut logo nein gul pe bahut baar believe kiya ki wo jo bhi karegi wo show ke liye acha hoga ……. ishakara ko destroy kiya sab ne gul pe bharosa kiya , ye uska show hai wo jo karegi show ke liye acha hoga so ishkara destroyed and rikara mila with no screen space similarly rumya ke saath bhi aisa hi hua almost ek saal rumya ke story ke liye wait karne ke baad rumya ko destroy kar ruvya diya gaya … is baar bhi bahuto ne gul pe believe kiya ki wo jo karegi show ke liye acha hi hoga ….. par baat jab shivika ko destroy karne ki aayi toh gul galat ho gayi i want to know why …. ye show ab bhi usi ka hai aur wo jo karegi show ke liye acha hi hoga accept it jaise rikara aur ruvya ko kiya waise hi shivika ke liye bhi karo……. vrushika gayi toh koi protest nahi neha gayi toh bhi koi protest nahi toh phir surbhi ke liye protest kyu?????? Ab ye mat kahna ki shivika ne hi ye show banaya trp dilaya and so on …..kyuki shivika ko jitna screen space diya jata raha hai uska 1/4 bhi rikara aur ruvya ko nahi diya jata ….. aur maine kisi tweeter ke tweet mein dekha tha ki shivika iss show ki heart hai toh shivomru iss show ke soul hai phir protest mein sirf surbhi hi kyu highlighted ki jaa rahi hai sabhi ko show mein heart chaiye soul rahe na rahe …. last mein itna hi kahna hai ki mujhe bhi surbhi pasand hai par jo baat sahi hai wo ashi hai …… agar aap mein se kisi ke paas mere in sawalo ka answer hai toh pls decent words mein answer dena i don’t want to fight …… lastly i didn’t mean to cause you any offence

    1. Rajvi_shah

      I totally agree with you. In the starting of this serial I liked shivika and rumya but I loved ishkara. People didn’t protest when vrushika and neha left the show. Shivika is heart of ishqbaaz but shiomru are heart beat of ishqbaaz and there is no heart without heart beat.

      1. Agree with you both….. I like shivika, ishkara, rumya very much…… When Vrushika left, no one protest like this….. Ok fine, she was not there for long time….. But what pissed me off is no one protest when Soumya kicked by Bhavya on her face…. Some were against it but not like this….. Then, they forgot about it and concentrate on their favourite shivika….. Now, when Surbhi is leaving, all started to create trend for that…….

  5. Will definitely watch if Surbhi is not there or anyone else if the story is good….. I don’t care if Nakul is still there in the show or what….. He is an actor and can act with anyone….. It doesn’t mean he has to act with Surbhi only till forever…. I want to see him with different pair too….

  6. I’m don’t watching ishqbaaz without Surbhi I also watch Surbhi and Nakul jodi

  7. Nikita_jai29

    I stopped watching when news for leap come out

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    Better to end show, same story is unbearable, though for me show ended before redux…

    1. Riana

      Same here… Redux is like an ff for me although its written by the makers themselves not a fan wrote… Else it would be good !

  9. Riana

    It was better to end the crap… It was a jewel at the beginning but redux destroyed the whole plot… After leap they will show the same drama… Maybe they will copy Mahabharat story this time lol after modern ramayana.. This writer harneet doesnt have that power to write a sensible and mature story… And gul herself is a shop of ego ! 😂

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