will u be my……………..?(swalak) OS

The story starts with swara being busy with her laptop in a coffee shop,

Swara’s pov,
Wow …..working in this place is jst awesome, I hate those boring office cabins…I wonder what made me choose that job…..i think that was the biggest mistake of my life but now there is no going back and this coffee shop is definitely better than my cabin………
She took a sip of coffee and continued her work….she sat in a table at the corner of the café where no one could see her nor disturb her .

She spent hours working on her project and time just flew like rocket ,she saw her watch it was 7 pm …..oh my god I am getting late, today surely dida will kill me she told herself. She took her bag, her laptop and all other belongings and before leaving she thanked each and every person working in the coffee shop. Her thank u brought a big smile on everyone’s exhausted faces( don’t worry she had already paid the bill) .

Swara’s house was at a walkable distance from the coffee shop so she did not bring her bike and so she started walking……. but soon she realized that someone was following her …..she started to panic , she turned to see if anyone was there but in vain, there was no one …..she thought that she was hallucinating bcoz she was scared of dark and is not used to travel alone in nights, but she wasn’t …………someone was really following her, but who?

Swara again turned back but still couldn’t find anyone but she didn’t give up bcoz her heart was repeatedly telling that someone is behind her. To confirm it she turned back once again but this time she saw a person, a man trying to hide from her, on seeing that her heartbeat started to raise, without having any second thoughts she started running …………..she was running with a speed of 150km/hr (jst kidding) and finally reached home …..she was relieved, she turned to see if anyone was there but to her surprise there was no one….strange! she thought
She removed the tension from her face and entered her house, and as usual dida started shouting at her, but she didn’t listen to her ….she ran to her room and slept peacefully.

Next morning(it is a Sunday),
She went to the same coffee shop but this time she took her bike…..she parked it and was about to go inside but a man stopped her by putting his hand infront of her
Swara: hello mr. move away
Man: laksh
Swara: what?
Laksh: my name is laksh
Swara: ok so? Anyways I don’t have time for all this ……saying this she tries to go inside but he again stops her
Swara: what do u want?
Laksh: I want to ask u something? Will u give me?
Swara: I am not a fool and by the way who are u to me and why should I listen to?
Laksh: u owe me
Swara: owe u? for what?
laksh : for dropping u safely at ur home
swara: my home? Wait a min u were following me yesterday weren’t u ? how dare u? I thought I am hallucinating bcoz…..

laksh: bcoz u were scared of dark?
Swara: no…………….how do u know that?
Laksh: ada is also scared of dark
Swara: who is ada..oh sry why do I care and plz give me way …..I hav to go inside my frappiecccino is waiting for me………
Laksh: not until u accept my request
Swara: oh god what is ur problem? Ok fine tell me
Laksh: will u be my………….
Swara: hello? I am not that type of girl…………(and she starts her nonsense)
Laksh: hello madam? Will u listen to me?
Swara: what?
Laksh: will u be my sister?

Swara: what?!!!!????
Laksh: yes
Swara: but why?
Laksh: I had a sister named ada but she died in a car accident a few years back and u……….
Swara: I look like her
Laksh: yes (and he shows ada’s foto and she looks similar to swara but not exactly like her)
Laksh: tell me will u be my sister?

Swara’s pov,
What should I do now? Is he telling the truth? Should I believe him? What if he tries to harm me ? but wait if he wanted to harm me he could hav done that yesterday when I was alone but no he didn’t that means he is good…

(thoughts were running in swara’s mind, while laksh was desperately waiting for an answer)
After a long battle of swara’s mind and heart ………her heart finally won
Swara: yes I accept u as my brother
Laksh was extremely happy and from that day on they became very close to each and each day their bond grew strong………..

Sometimes the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in.
The Ones that sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you have ever had.

Dedicated to all the brothers and sisters.
Hope u all liked it……….thank u.

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  1. Gr8….i too have one and he’s d bstttt

    1. Thank u so much………yes brothers are the best

  2. Ooommmmgggg….. It is sooooo good. The BEST os i have ever read.

    1. Thank u Nupur…….

  3. It’s awsm I hv also 2 bro but they are over possessive about me I don’t know why but my best frnd bf is my world best bro he really love my we don’t hv any blood relations but he lv me like a cute little sis….
    I wish my brother’s should be like him….
    They only used to shout at me for doing any mischief….????
    i use talk with him at ni8 by hiding myself from everyone I also want my brother’s love…..
    But I love my world best bro very much…..????

    Sorry 4 telling u but my heart says that I should share this with u all…..☺☺☺☺

    It’s awsm yarrr

    1. Wow……thank u for telling me ur story.
      And brothers do shout at u but at the same time they also care

  4. Asheeyana…awesum one shot.. different and d last thought is just awesum…thank u for such a present <3

    1. Ur welcome bisha…….I felt good that u liked it

  5. Awesome.. best os..I too have the most caring brothers who take care me as their own..

    1. Thank u sara……..

  6. I too have ny own brother who take care of me but never shows up i dont know but my mom always says that my brother loves me more than i love him….
    And i had a friend too he have a little sis too, we studied together i know well about him he is so caring but his sister dont know it…..then i felt like every brother will be caring but some expresses it some doesn’t.

    1. U r right akshi

  7. Thank u for reading and commenting

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