Will sibling bond bring parents together (few shots) yuvani epi 2

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Let’s begin

Next morning sayyam got up with a hangover and saw a glass kept on his side table with a note written drink it you will feel better
Sayyam:who kept it here anyways I’ll drink it
Sayyam drank the lemon juice
Yuvan was seeing all this and smiled and went to yuvani room and saw that she has also drunk the lemon juice
So it’s clear that yuvan kept the lemon juice
Sayyam remembered what happen last night how he saved yuvani and called her his sister is and got tensed
Sayyam:no I can’t soften she is none to me
But hai heart knew that he loves his sister alot
On the other side yuvani also remember about last night
Yuvani:sayyam isn’t that bad
And she smiled

All came down for breakfast
Yuvan yuvani and sayyam were only left for breakfast bcoz they got up late
All the others had their breakfast
Suhani:yuvani yuvan sayyam come I’ll serve you breakfast
Sayyam:no need I can help my self
Saying this he went to the kitchen and started making bread butter but he was not getting butter
Yuvani saw this and went and gave him butter
Yuvani:it’s OK
They had their breakfast while having breakfast yuvan started to cough so yuvani and sayyam both gave him water
Suhani and everyone were shocked seeing sayyam like Thai
Yuvan drank from sayyam and yuvani both glasses
They had their breakfast

After sometime suhani told
Suhani:children we want to tell you something
Yuvani:what that you want to go away from here
Yuvani:what haan don’t try to become my dad
Suhani:we’ve decided to get married
Yuvan gets happy while yuvani and sayyam get angry
Sayyam:why are you telling me as if you need my consent I’m ashamed to have such a mother who left her child and trying to marry her husband murderer
Yuvraj:enough sayam you do t know what happened that time so you better do t speak in between
Yuvani:so tell us what happen
Yuvraj and suhani get silent
Yuvani:see you don’t have any answers
Yuvani and sayyam go to their rooms while yuvan consoled suhani

After sometime sayyam was crossing yuvani rooms when he heard yuvani and yuvan talking
Yuvan:yuvani sayyam should not know that sambhav uncle ra*ed maa he loves him alot and that’s why he is taking revenge from Papa but if he comes to know this then he’ll feel guilty
Yuvani:yeah I know that papa murdered sambhav uncle only bcoz he ra*ed mumma it’s better we forget what we heard
Yuan:yes when mumma papa were talking we heard them and came to know about this but make sure sayyam doesn’t know about this otherwise he’ll feel very bad
Yuvani nods and hugs yuvam
Yuvan:what happen yuvani
Yuvami:I don’t know yuvan but I feel lucky that I have brother like you
Yuvan:I’m also lucky to have a sister like you
Sayyam heard everything and went to his room in anger and started punching the punching bag hard tears made their way fro. His eyes

Yuvani and yuvam talk was echoing in his mind and their care for him
While punching his hand started bleeding so he stopped
He opened his room door and called baby but she wasn’t at home so he tried to do his first-aid on hai own but couldn’t
Yuvani who was passing by saw this and rushed to him
Yuvani:sayyam what happen how it is bleeding
She did his first aid
Yuvan came that way and saw sayyam hand with bandage
Yuvan:yuvani what happened
Yuvani nods a I do t know
Sayyam:but I know that my father oops my animal like father ra*ed my mother and that’s why mr birla killed him
Yuvan and yuvani were shocked
Sayyam:I heard your talks I feel so ashamed without knowing the reason I blamed mr birla and hit my mother
He cries inconsolably so yuan and yuvani hug him to console him they were also teary eyed

Guys plz comment if you want me to continue

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  1. Ruksy

    This is so cute

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      Thanks ruksy

  2. Ohh this wat we really expect thank u summaya fo Amazing

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  3. i did’nt words to describe this epi.its awsome i like it so much

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  4. A.Tejaswi

    Just amazing.The way you write impressed me a lot.Loved it.Waiting for the next episode.

    1. Summaya

      Thanks tejaswiatmuri

  5. Aqsxxh

    The writers should learn from you! this is amazing x

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  6. awesome pl continue i like to read such a bonding bw sis and bro

    1. Summaya

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    See! This is how you do it ssel writers!!! What the he** do they think they are doing! This was so sweet and perfect, thank you for the brilliance di xxx

    1. Summaya

      Thanks fanficwriter

  8. Superb…continue writing

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