Whom will Shlok choose between Niranjan and Astha?

Niranjan has been noticing changes in his house. Like his waking up late for the puja one day, which made Anjali do the puja, breaking the long years rituals made by him. Niranjan got allergic to potatoes, which was again done by Astha. Astha celebrated Anjali’s birthday in his absence, and when he entered the house, he was shocked seeing it. As he did not give permission to anyone to celebrate women’ birthdays. Niranjan have witnessed more changes too, like Shlok asking him to give permission for Astha to join him in office, for which he makes Anjali understand to make Astha burdened with household works.

Niranjan also saw the shoe rack breaking off and Astha making two separate ones for gents and ladies. Astha convinced Shlok to take Niranjan’s permission to do Jyoti’s Godh bharai function. He thinks how Astha went against him and called the police to send Abhay to jail. He analyzes all the issues that popped up at his home, all of a sudden and in strange way. He goes to Kavya’s school as chief guest and is shocked to see Kavya performing in fancy dress competition, which is again against his house rules. Kavya breaks his stick at the end of the act and he is shocked to see his stick which with he beats Anjali. He gets angry and comes home.

He asks Kavya about the whole matter and she tells him that Astha made her do this drama and gave her his stick. Niranjan is shocked and decides to do something about Astha, as she has brought many changes till now, fooling him around, but now that he knows that Astha is the master mind behind this, he thinks to teach her a lesson. Niranjan fakes an accident and calls a pandit to know about his well being. The pandit tells Shlok to keep Astha away from his family, as she is inauspicious for Niranjan’s health. Shlok is shocked when he is asked to choose between his father and wife. Anjali knows its all Niranjan’s game and tries to help Astha. What do you think Shlok will do? Give your opinion.

  1. Yh he’s gonna choose niranjan

  2. I think he will choose niranjan

  3. I think shlok might choose niranjan but if he finds out the truth before hand then he will choose astha!

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