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Episode 13

Theme:Dying for each other.

Scene 1:Hospital.

Neil opens his eyes and finds himself lying on the ground of the hospital room ,he stands up and finds

that  is not on the bed then he sees Ali lying unconcious near the door.


The lights of the hospital goes off,a thin layer of smoke with a choking smell spreads in the whole hospital and everybody gets unconciuos .A girl wearing a hoddie enters the room in which Avni was kept and takes Avni away and keeps a letter on the bed.

Neil finds a letter on the bed he reads it:

Dear Mr. Khanna,

I know that you dont know me so let me tell you my name is Mishti Nishant.R the wife of Nishant.R and i am going to kill your wife so if you want to save her then meet me at this adress,Crescent hill road no.6 after the dead end.

Your wellwisher oops sorry your illwisher,


Scene 2:Near a cliff.

Neil runs towards his car and rushes to the location .He finds Mishti pointing a gun towards Avni a she pulls the trigger Neil pushes Avni and gets shot .


A lone tear escapes through Neil’s eyes and he dies in Avni’s arms . And at the same moment Mishti shoots Avni and Avni also dies holding Neil’s hand .At the same moment Ali,Reha,Mowgli.DD,Sunehri and Nella reach there as when Ali regained his conciousnees he read the letter.But before DD could areest Mishti she jumps from the cliff.

Sorry for the late update guys ,i was not able to post due to my exams and sorry that i had to end this FF as it was getting boring but i will start the next one soon.And please tell me what do you all think about the current nammkarann track.Please comment.





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  1. Very fake part…sorry to say but plzz write it w in a interesting way…

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