Will you miss watching your favorite D3?

Dil Dosti Dance premiered on 11 April 2011 and is ending this January. Many viewers just feel its wrapping only to be back with a brand new season. The show has been doing great since its start and brought a fresh concept of collaborating dance in the story line. This show is based on the youth and their ambitions, while they struggle to achieve their goals. It traces the journey of a group of young college students and their passion for dance. Along the journey, the characters face several other emotions, including friendship and love. The four young college friends… Reyansh Singhania, Kriya Ghai, Swayam Shekhawat and Sharon Rai Prakash share a special bond and common interest of dance. Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, Shakti Mohan, Vrushika Mehta and Shantanu Maheshwari became household names by this show, and it was instantly hit among the teens. Channel V started with serials with D3 being one of the beginning successful show.

Impressed with the team’s performance, the sponsor presents them with a cheque for Rs. 15 lakh. Rey cherishes the victory with the team members and motivates them to continue doing well. Later, Rey and Sarah spend some quality time together. Swayam and Sharon’s animosity persists and the two look forward to going on dates with new people. However, their dates are disasters. Rey is tense as his affair with Sarah is revealed. Sharon is shocked to learn that Sarah is misleading Rey to win his love. Depression disrupts Sarah’s normal life and she finds it hard to clear her misunderstandings about Rey. Meanwhile, Huma is sad when she thinks about her relationship with Karma. On the sponsor’s insistence, Rey agrees to teach dance to Nisha. Rey breaks his relationship with Sarah for misleading him. Kriya informs Swayam about her well-being as he is worried about Kriya’s relationship with Rey. Karma and Huma spend some time together. Sarah fails to reconcile with Rey. The D3 team performs at an event organised by the sponsor. However, the sponsor cancels the sponsorship for the team after Kavita accuses Swayam of misbehaving with her. Rey sets out to find another sponsor. Will you miss the show and wish to see the next season? Let us know in this poll and leave in comments section what the show meant for you.

  1. i luv this show n will always miss this show

  2. amazing show….specially when rey n kriya & sharon n swayam r together

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  4. Wht abt raghav an ishita?

  5. Luv this show… <3 ♥♡♥

  6. will miss it like hell!!!

  7. definetly will miss dis show :\..
    it shud definetly cm wid nw season along rey#kriya#swym#sheren 🙂 and rest

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