Will you miss Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV?

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Pavitra Rishta which started in year 2009 and is in its fifth year now, has failed to garner the viewership after the time slot got changed. The show is ending on 24th October 2014 and will get a happy ending. The show talks about the strong emotional bond that every daughter shares with her mother. This interesting saga brings in the flavor of the mother-daughter relationship and a mother’s search for a desirable match for her daughter. This show has been shot in a modest environment sans any glamour and grandeur. It essays a middle-class household’s routine and lifestyle. Simultaneously, runs the story of Manav, a garage owner, who gets besotted by Archana at first sight.Destiny and circumstances make his marriage proposal reach Archana but to be accepted he has to lie about his credentials, which because of unavoidable situations he does. The marriage takes place but the moment Archana comes to know about the lie she refuses to go with Manav. The story proceeds from here – finally bringing the made for each other couple together. Manav and Archana get separated due to misunderstandings. After 18-years, Manav and Archana reunite. Their grown-up children and their love stories are depicted.

Lets share the current track of the show if you missed the recent episodes…. Naren’s mother suddenly loses her temper when all seated there try to talk about the similarities between Ashi and Ankita. She shouts and tells everybody that Ashi is not Ankita’s daughter and asks them to stop comparing the two of them. Later at night, Ankita suddenly slips in the kitchen but Naren catches her and just then Pari enters. Pari sees the two of them and begins to argue with Ankita. She suddenly ends up blurting out that Ashi is not her own daughter and says that she can never give birth to a child. Ankita hears this and is surprised. Later, Naren is confused when he develops feelings for Ankita but tells himself that he only loves Pari. Naren investigates the matter as he glimpse about Ankita in his disturbed sleep. He gets Ankita’s letters and learns the truth. The show will end with the union of Naren and Ankita. Will you miss the show and its cast? Let us know.

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  1. I must admit the show used to drag, which use to drive me crazy!!! However since news of the show’s ending it did pick up pace, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will miss it when it comes off air. Can anybody tell me when exactly the show is ending?

  2. Ok I now saw it said the 24th Oct….*hides face* lol

  3. I rili wil miss dis show….its ma favourite show. Ankita u are extremely beautiful

  4. I will sure miss this show. There are times when I got annoyed with all the crying and dragging but ankita has made it interesting once more. I wish that the writter/s, producer/s and director/s can narrate another interesting serial after pavita rishta

  5. Bakwas serial

  6. Guess its tht time again,Hwever ,iwish it ws doli armaanon ki sying goodbye,jst fed up of samrats attitude,alwys disgusting.

  7. I just love Pavitra Rishta because Archana and Manav but with Anikita Naren and Aashi they bring the best of the episode at times buy like every thing else they will have ups and down, but you should give us some episodes with Naren Anikita and Aashi . Nalini girl when are you going to say something.

  8. Yes Yes Yes I Doo Do.

  9. I am really gonna miss ankita…she s juz awesome…and i hope to see her on screen again.

  10. Will miss the show

  11. harshitha reddy

    nt at all…..i juzz used 2 watch d show fr ashvik…..i hate ankitha lokhande……it was soo borng since d ashvik track ended….but i’m gonna watch d last epi…..since ashvik will b shown in it….xcitd juzz 2 watch ashvik…..oder dan dat i juzz cant bleive how can purvizz daughtr b soo selfish…..

    1. I was always amused at this serial and I felt proud of the length of time that it ran for. However, knowing that it’s gonna end I’m super disappointed and I think this should be rethought!! What it needs a twist to it and I’m sure it can the narrators can create same with their expertise. Please don’t let it come to an end!

  12. I was always amused at this serial and I felt proud of the length of time that it ran for. However, knowing that it’s gonna end I’m super disappointed and I think this should be rethought!! What it needs a twist to it and I’m sure it can the narrators can create same with their expertise. Please don’t let it come to an end!

  13. areebah hafsa

    Yes you are right harsh it ha even I wanna see ashvik back on the scene….I love that couple

    1. harshitha reddy

      yeah….hyfy…..letzz njoyzz d last epi wid ashvik………. 🙂 🙂 😉

  14. Got boring needs to end

    1. it is nt borin to me

  15. harshitha reddy

    in d final episode…..manav nd archu will b shown dead…..nd in dat epi sushant zz gonna again portray d role of manav….nd hiten zz gonna make a early exit….2 make way fr d final epi fr sushant…..nd ashvik will b bac

  16. yy yyyyy is the show ending i waz jus tellin my sisters dat dis is the best show i av eva seen i will surely missssssssss pavitra rishta i love each and every characters byeee i am gon miss u

  17. i will miss it so badly

  18. Plz wen will 2day’ update b uploaded

  19. Will tellyupdates give us wrirten updates till 24 th october ?

  20. Pavithra Rishta will be missed by a lot of Indian Fans but some parts of the show had similar plots like Ovi and Purvi with Arjun and Pari and Ankita with Naren and then Ovi and Purvi sharing Pari and then 20 years later Ankita and Pari sharing Ashi which is so not cool.

  21. Really gona miss the show!

  22. i love this show ankita ,arjun poorvi my fav i dont want this show to end please stop this i request

  23. please don’t take it off air I really love this show ,please im begging please this is my favourite show out of all the other shows that are out ,please im requesting please don’t take it off the air

  24. omg naren will get to know that ashi is his and ankita daughter ,super epi don’t take this show off the air please take this request please

  25. I am so happy that ankita will get to find out that aashi is her daughter

  26. where is the oct. 6th update?

  27. love u all & miss my ashvik waiting for last epi to see them

  28. i will miss this show sooo very much love ashi she is soo cute and brave

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