Hi guys thanx for your support guys..atually friends I am writing a new ff to on sadda haq and kaise yeh yarriyan..plz read it and comment on it also guys…it will be little different cz there sandhir+manan will be there….its name is SOMETIMES FRIENDS BECOME TOO GOOD TO SHARE [SADDA HAQ+KAISE YEH YAARRIYAN}…And thnx again for reading friends..

The cute tall girl enters sanyu’s room.
Looking at the romm shethinks what a ghatiya place this is!!
Sanyu saw her..
Sanyu-hello dear.i am sanyukta aggrawal.you
Girl-I am shanaya singhaniya..by the way are you the only tenant or is anyone else here?
Sanyu-no thatbed near widowside is of vidushi.she is gone for somewrok.by the way welcome shanya..
Shanaya-oh ya…anywz so I have no choice but to select that cheap rotten bed..
Sanyu thinks[oh god maa yaha to ekek namuna hai…doctor banana ke liye etne nakhre]
Shanaya-[claps hands]hey where are you?i was talking to you…
Sanyu-oh sory…ya what ?
Shanya-help me in unpacking..

Sanyu-yes afcoure[getsup from bed]
Shanaya-[looking scard]ohh goshh my valet!!!!!!oh fool where is it?shit!
Sanyu-hey dear chil..we will find i…..
Shanaya-shutup now..let me think..[she remembers the coffee scene..]holyy crap!iwhen I was fighting with that psycho it fall..
She runs from the room..she comes at that place..theres no one..no valet!!!!
Shanaya thinks what the hell yar!!cz of that mad pschyopath I have lost my valet..
Suddenly Aryan comes there..
Aryan-hii miss..your valet..
Aryan-if I had been a CHOR I had not given you this.
Shanya-[slightly embarrassed]kk don’t be oversmart.and ya thanx[she takes it from him]
Aryan-no problem.by the way I am arya…..
She left
Shanya thinks that guy..he is cute…but not my type..laughs..
Aryan thinks she is not that bad…but not my type..laughs..
Sanyukta is bored in her room…she thinks..llets get ot of this room..
She comes in campus.. parth is sitting there reading a book..she sits beside him
Sanyu-helo excuse me..i am sanyukta..actualy the book you are reading,I wanted it from years can you plz show me it once.
Parth-ya sure..
he gives her the book]she copis its name and author.
Sanyu-thankyou somuch[gives it back]

Parth-your welcome..by the way you are also 1st year mbbs student?
Sanyu-oh yes…you too?thats great..
Parth-ya[smiles]we can be good friends…
Sanyu-afcorse yar..you know I also like reading books in free time..
Parth-you are like me.y theway do you know about the test that proffeser vardhan has set?
Sanyu-what ?i dnt knew yar!!!!and who is professor vardhan?
Parth-[laughs]hey sanyukta haven’t you read the notice?[sanyu looked terrified]chill dear..actually professor vardhan teaches anatomy to us….but he is known as the best and most strict professor ..
Sanyu-[impatiently]okok.but whats the test parth?
Parth-sanyu somuch tension is not good for health[grins]

Sanyu-oh parth stop pulling my leg[she too laughs]
Parth-[lgrinning]bythe way sanyu no one knows what the test is..its a surprise test..but vardhan had said that students who are not affected by surprises shocks are strong by mind can only come for the test..
Sanyu-[looking aghast]ohh this is wiered..but I m gonna do it…
Parth-yes me too..
Sanyukta-we will decide some strategies then…like I think it must be related to some sort of practical things..so…
Parth-arey sanyu chil..thers still 4 days for college to start..
Sanyu-no parth..this is imp..i must go to the library..see u soon…bye..[smiles]
Randhir is sitting in library thinking about what might be the test….
Randhir thinks[whatever it may be..i will defiantly pass..but I should follow some strategies…I must read some basics and need to visit a nearby hospital to get general idea……..
Aryan sits besides randhir..
Aryan-hii randhir.

Randhir-[time wasting prat]hi
Aryan-I am being allotted your room…room 84…
Randhir-great[oh gosh that’s the worst thing…why this guy is so chipku?ladki jaisa[sniggers]
Aryan-so working about vardhans test?
Randhir-no just siting..[what other work I have in library then?nonsense]
Aryan-[your looks tell me what you are thinking]…haha ok…see you soon
Randhir-ya bye [I wish I never see you]
Sanyukta enters library..aryan was lost in thoughts as always….sanyu was reading book…they both collide..sanyu is about to fall.randhir sitting nearby..
Randhir-[to Aryan]oy andhe!!!
He runs and catch sanyu …sanyu closes eyes…..
Randhir looks at sanyu…sanyu screaming..
Randhir-oye why are you screaming…[everyone is looking]
Sanyu opens yes..both look at each other…
Sanyu-I…I was frightened…
Both looks at each other…aryan looks at them….

Precap-shanaya is listening songs…door opens..vidushi enters followed by another girl..

So guys this is for today..do read and comment..thnx for ur support friends..takecare see you soon with next epi..till then byebye…have good days ahead..

    1. hey friend this FF is on sadda haq.my another ff SOMETIMES FRIENDS BECOME TOO CLOSE TO SHARE is of kyy and sh dear…plz read that one..n sorry for misunderstanding.

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