‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L… Part-7

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HEY BUDDIES!!!….. This is luver of Moonlight back with the next part! Thank you all for all the love and support fellas!… It really means a lot!… I never expected that you all would love the story line! But Glad it happened!..  Ok Let’s off to the part.. kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes and errors you come across…. Enjoy the part fellas!!!…


—- Continuous——*

Anika was very happy knowing that her words having started showing it’s effect on Shivaay… She ran happily and jumped into the counter suddenly she clashed with a girl and all the boxes she had fell down..

“ Oh My God! I’m…I’m sorry… I’m sorry! Are you ok? “ Anika helped the girl to stand up while the girl was busy in picking the boxes..

“ it’s ok..it’s ok.. I’m fine.. enikku kozhappilla… ( I’m fine ).. “ she stood up with the loads of boxes which literally hid her face behind..

“ ok, let me help you with that.. “ Anika took few of the boxes but the girl stopped her..

“ venda… kozhappilla.. njan eduthollam!.. ( No..it’s ok.. I’ll handle it.. )..

“ I don’t understand what you’re saying but let me help you… c’mon give.. “ Anika didn’t wait for her reply and took the boxes till which it covered the girl’s face!…

“ Hoh.. Thank you… “

“ koi baath nehi.. “ Anika said handling the boxes…

“ wait.. you talk hindi!!!… “ exclaimed the girl..

“ yeah!.. “

“ hei Bhagwaan.. mai tho besabr dhi ek dosth milne ke liye jise hindi patha ho.. “ the girl was on cloud nine..

Anika “ what?  Are you from north? “

“ yeah!!.. “ came the reply..

“ that’s great!… even I wanted a friend who can communicate with me in my language.. Hai, I’m Anika..”

“ OK! I’m Mallika…  sorry I can’t give you my hands to shake with.. “

“ well, neither can I.. hey, our name ends in Ka-ka.. “ Anika was surprised…

“ Yeah, I noticed.. but don’t say ka-ka too much.. that means crow in this language.. “ Mallika whispered..

“ Oh.. OK… hey, you have worn the restaurant April.. you work here? “ pointed Anika looking her dress…

“ well, yeah! I’m the delivery girl.. you know giving what the order says…. but I hate that job.. I like repairing…  I’m the secret maintenance girl, whom the manager don’t know.. “ she lowered her voice.. “ well, who are you ? “

“ Oh, I’m the new delivery girl!.. “ Answered Anika..

“ wait, you are that Kajol? Whom everyone were talking about? “ Amused Mallika

“ yeah, somewhat of.. “

“ Great!!.. now you are the new delivery girl, then I can concentrate on my Maintenance job.. “ Screamed Mallika..

“ Oh No Mallika.. you cannot enter the work area, till I’m alive! “ came Gabbar’s voice from the speaker loudly..

“ Oh C’mon! why is he always listens to my convo!… “ said a disappointed Mallika..

“ Naah, it’s Ok!.. I’ll make sure that Gabbar won’t see you working.. “ Supported Anika..

“ Really ? “

Anika “ Yeah, then what are friends for? “

“ that’s brilliant…it’s your first day right? These boxes are for delivering.. So come along! I’ll show you the city and tomorrow onwards you’ll have to go alone… “ they both neared the scooter but seeing it’s condition they both looked each other with weird faces.. just then Anika noticed a bullet inside an old shed behind the restaurant..

“ hey, isn’t that bullet? “ Anika neared it and took out the cover making the dust to fly over..

“ look, and the keys are also here.. “ added Mallika.. they both looked each other and smiled… Anika sat front and kicked the kicker with full on effort!.. bullet started with the banger sound ever..

“ So, ready to BOOM! “ Anika asked increasing the accelerator..

“ Oh, you bet.. “ Mallika hopped on with the bunch boxes..

“ uh, Mallika, I don’t have license.. “

“ Don’t worry Anika, this bullet don’t even have license.. “ they smiled and moved on the first round of wheel slowly and the second started with the speed ever!..

“ Whaaaaoooohhoo!!!….. “

“ hey..hey..hey… Mallika… Kajol!!.. Oh you girls are so busted…!!.. “ cursed Gabbar from back..

— Meanwhile——-*

“ well, these glass works are great! I must say about this to Om.. he would love this.. “ Shivaay stood there describing the glass works in his office…

“ hey, you must be Shivaay.. “  the girly voice made Shivaay to look back.. there stood a girl of 24 in her red short skirt and white shirt with hair locked in bun and eyes black caved..  the dark red lipstick added more arrestment to her view.. the first few buttons were opened which showed out her unofficial parts..

“ yeah, I’m Shivaay.. “

“ Great, I’m Ragni.. Mr. Mahrai’s favorite employee.. “ Introduced Ragni..

“ Hi.. Nice meeting you.. “ Smiled Shivaay..

“ same here.. so you’re Sir’s PA.. his choice isn’t bad.. you are good looking!.. Ok.. Come along! I’ll show your cabin and your daily routine works.. but before that, you must answer my one question.. “ she stood before him with her sharp nails dancing…

“ Ok..Ok go on.. “

“ Are you married? “ this made Shivaay bit confused..

“ what do you think? “ asked Shivaay.. Ragni looked him from top to toe with crazy eyes…

Ragni “ I think, you are not.. are you? “

“ well, now as you’ve made the answer, let it be.. “ Shivaay answered and walked ahead leaving her behind which made her angry…

‘ this is strange.. till date, everyone was dying to have a talk with me, but today when I myself started a talk, he just went leaving me behind… not good!.. uh, may be this is good!.. it’s been long since I’ve played game… this will be fun.. ‘ thought Ragni and walked behind Shivaay.. the day went rough and tough.. Shivaay was studying about all the connections the company had and everything which Mr. Mahrai wanted.. he had to follow all the rules and regulations.. he was to be there at sharp 8 and will leave when work ends.. Shivaay couldn’t meet the other staffs as the time didn’t allow him to do so.. he collected all the files and arranged his cabin which was right below Manager’s… the whole day Ragni had either of her eyes behind Shivaay.. and this didn’t go unnoticed by him… At 10, he took his step out fully tired.. he crossed the road and stood in front looking his office..

“ God, I must give you an award Khanna… “ Shivaay sighed and entered the restaurant opening the door, and the very moment he heard the scream of GS..

“ Shaaaaaaaaahh Ruuuukkhhh…!!!!!.. “

All the files he had fell down with the sudden loudness… Gabbar stood in front of him with the angriest face ever…

“ whoa, someone’s looking hot!!… “  exclaimed Shivaay!..

“ Not hot… Angry! Do you have any idea what your wife has done? “

“ wife??  Oh.. Anik.. I mean Kajol! Yeah Kajol… “ Stammered Shivaay!

“ yes.. That Kajol!.. she took my bullet and she still hasn’t returned with it.. “ Shivaay was completely shocked with this..

“ what? An…Kajol is not here?  Where is she? You must have looked after her!.. “ complained Shivaay..

“ Really? Am I sitting here to watch over my staffs? You have the responsibility of your wife! You must tell her to sit by, not to roam all… and that stupid Mallika is also with her.. “ Gabbar was loosing his senses..

“ what? Who’s Mallika? “ the moment Shivaay asked Anika & Mallika reached there joyfully… but seeing Ghabbar there firing, their laughter went down… Mallika got down and stood next to Anika looking down… Shivaay glared Anika who gave him a lite smile..

Shivaay “ where were you Kajol? “

“ huh? Kajol?? “ doubted Mallika.. Anika stepped on her feet not to tell anything..

“ voh.. we went for delivering.. and look we’re back! “ Anika managed to wore a smile..

“ but why did you take my bullet? It was my precious.. I had stored it for my special days.. “ Gabbar angered his voice.. “ And you!!… “ he pointed Mallika..  “ you’ll have to pay for this young lady!.. “

“ SIIIRRRRRRR!!!!!….. “ Anika started again!!… “ how could you say this? You really are Gabbar Singh.. you know just bcoz of Mallika that I could deliver all the orders on time.. and you know what did the costumers say? “

Mallika “ what did they say? “

“ hehee.. she forgot it… they said that we are the one and only responsible restaurant in the city! You have no idea how much fame we achieved in this one day! Oh MAN!.. If we hadn’t took the bullet, then we wouldn’t have reached there on time.. you should have appreciated us, but instead what you did.. you..you insulted us.. !! “ Anika closed her mouth acting as if crying… Shivaay was witnessing the drama queen on history!..

GS “ Ok..Ok don’t cry.. “ Anika opened her eyes..  “ but be back on time… I can’t sit here waiting for you girls.. “ GS completed his words and went out with bag inside his shoulders…

“ And.. Mallika..

“ Yes sir.. “

“ you…you can be the maintenance girl… “

“ REALLY??? “

“ but…but..but Don’t do anything stupid like the previous time… Thank to God that the stove you fixed last week didn’t blast out!… “ GS blabbered and went…

“ hehee… he’s a funny guy!.. So, Kajol uh? “ Mallika looked Anika with weird faces…

“ what? Don’t look like that! At that time, that was the only name came in my mouth.. well, meet my Shar Rukh Kh….. “ she changed her eyes and saw Shivaay with folded arms looking her like a sharp knife…

“ what? Ok! I shouldn’t have done that! But you can’t even imagine how much we enjoyed… “ but Shivaay didn’t change his face a bit..

Shivaay “ Anika for your kind information, this is our one and only shed! OK? If you keep doing your pranks over here then don’t look me when GS kicks us out.. “

“ Anika, who actually is he? “ Mallika asked.. Anika looked Shivaay who was already looking her..

“ Um… he.. he’s my.. uh, you know.. he’s.. you know.. “

Mallika “ No, I don’t know that’s why am asking.. “

Shivaay “ she..she’s my.. uh, well, wife may be… “

“ WHAT?? Wife… you both…. “

Shivika “ but fake!!!… “ they looked each other….

“ what? What do you mean by fake? Oh… like your fake name, this is your fake relation! Right? “

“ yeah, probably…. But Mallika, we had to do this.. otherwise GS wouldn’t have given the room for rent!.. “ Anika explained….

“ Ok..Ok.. that’s far enough justification.. well, hi! I’m Mallika… “ she stretched her hands

“ hey.. Myself Shivaay!… nice meeting you.. “ he shook with them…

“ same goes here…. “ Mallika noticed how Anika maintained distance between Shivaay but her eyes weren’t stopping from looking him.. and even Shivaay was stealing her glances after seconds… they both caught each other’s eyes at same time and turned the opposite to hide their smile…

‘ wow! This love story is gonna be strange… ‘ thought Mallika….


Hey fellas… so sorry for the late buddies.. my studies have been started and it’s really a war to save time.. So, did you all like it? THANK YOU to every silent readers who refreshes my mind with hope and lots of love to my commenters…

 Next part will take a bit more time as I’m now gonna concentrate in my another ff….


Hai my friends.. I’ve an information to spread wide.. I’m a citizen of Kerala, and my land is being brutally effected by a virus called ‘ Nipah ‘.. Many lives have said bye and it’s mainly seen in Northern side of Kerala.. this Virus doesn’t have any medicines, what precaution we can take is just to be careful… till reports, it’s said that this Virus is spread by birds and especially bats… At any moment this can spread widely all over India.. this was found in outlands firstly and then to various places… now India is it’s target.. I want to aware my friends that don’t eat any fruits which was already eaten by any birds or bats… this is the only way to get unaffected.. it’s first symptom is fever, high fever… then off to death.. I’m not threatening you my friends, but requesting to pray…. Please pray for everyone.. one nurse who was taking care of a virus effected patient died while working… I’ve heard, when young ones pray, it’ll definitely reach God’s ears.. it’s request buddies! Please pray!! Who knows whether your prayer have a power to save people’s lives…

Ok fellas this is Moonlight_luver bidding a safe farewell…

Stay safe and take good care…


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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Wohoo Mallika and Annika become friends..ab toh aur masti hone wala hai… Loved the epi.. Uff Hate that Nagini..Will be waiting for the Next… and about that Nipah Virus.. Ya i got to know about it from my Cousin and Shekhar bhai from TU.. Not only Bats but Pigs also Buddy.. and Not only fruits bitten by Birds especially bats but They are saying not to consume Date palm sap…and it is Contagious too..and Till now no Cure found.. Take care Buddy…Stay safe.. and ya Lets Pray …
    P.S. In previous Comment section you asked me How’s my Amma doing? right.. Sorry couldn’t reply over there, stuck with works.. Ya, She is doing great now..Convey my regards to your Amma and Appa..

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Haiii Prabhaa… how are you my friend? Glad you loved the part!.. Thank you so much for commenting dear… means a lot…And about the virus, yeah it spreads from pigs too.. and bats are the main source of evolution of this virus.. this virus is a part of bats, but surprisingly it doesn’t cause any problem to bats, as they both are Co-Evolutioned like how flowers are meant for bees and bees are meant for flowers… and I must say, you already know many things buddy!.. well, convey mt ‘ Haii’ to your cousins and Shekhar bhayya.. Naaaah, don’t say sorry and all.. look how much late I am in replying!… happy to know she’s good!…I have told my mother about you.. she always includes you in her pray.. Take care buddy.. And I hope you are not that Shy prabha!.. I want you to be bold and strong and from Prabha, become Prabhas! Yaaah, our Bahubali…. Hhaahaa… just kidding… bye buddy… love ya!

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear..
    I am already tensed and prying that this virus cure is found…

  3. Niriha

    Awesome update dear..
    I’ll definitely pray.. don’t worry dear soon some solution will be found for this virus..
    Take care and stay safe dear

  4. Your update was nice no words to explain & the bullet scene again remind me of UH when DQ starts d van.
    we will pray & hope cure for napha will find soon
    take care

  5. Soo sweet n cute update.now interested to watch how will be the shivika relationship stays.how will Anikas reaction when Mallika or Ragini closes to shivaay.how will shivika comes to know something is there between them.you moon awesome n super o super.and regarding that virus I pray n wish God will surely rescue people n eliminate the virus from their lives n give sufficient energy

  6. Wowoow moon! This was super good! And this srk-kajol thing ❤❤❤

    Yeah, I totally forgot that you’re from kerala. Stay safe my dear!

  7. Wowoow moon! This was super good! And this srk-kajol thing ❤❤❤
    Mallikas entry was fab!
    Yeah, I totally forgot that you’re from kerala. Stay safe my dear!

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