‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L…part-6

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HEY BUDDIES…. Well, this is your Moonlight_luver back with the next part of my 2nd ff..how are you all ? Hope I’m on time.. If not please forgive.. I’m not starting with my blah-blahs.. Thank you all for the comments and likes dear ones..Hope this support will last till the end.. Let’s off to the story fellas.. kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes and errors you come across.. Enjoy the part…

— Continuous——*

Shivika stepped inside and room and threw themselves to the sofa and chair..

“ haaha… I missed this feeling.. “ Shivaay stretched his feet to get relaxed…

“ Yeah, even I did.. hey, look around.. this place is cool!.. Gabbar really is a fool… “ Anika said rounding around..
Shivaay “ let me ask you one thing, don’t you feel guilty of lying to everyone? I mean… you lied to that truck guy and now GS.. does this give you happiness like telling lies and achieves something like this..? “ Anika looked him and gave a pleasant smile..

“ Veerappan, lying is bad! And I don’t even want to lie.. but the situation makes one to lie or not.. but I never lie to anyone which causes harm.. now look, I lied to the truck guy and yeah, he doesn’t even deserve honesty… cheap fellow.. and about Gabbar, then I have no choice.. I had to act like that.. but that didn’t cause any damage to him, did that? and what we told, like husband wife thing, it’s just for your sake.. there’s nobodies harm behind it, only good..  and when all these problems are solved, I myself will say sorry to him.. few lies are meant to be said for good matters.. “ Anika finished her line and smiled at him who was lost in her words.. Anika snapped her finger in order t bring him back…

“ Uh, nothing… I never thought that you’re..you’re such a clever guy.. “ Shivaay stood up saying..

“ you don’t know anything about me.. but now onwards you’ll know..” Anika informed pulling her imaginary collars.. Shivaay looked around the room wondered..

Shivaay “ Hey Annamma, there’s only one bed.. where will you sleep? “

“ oops.. wrong question.. you should ask ‘ where will I sleep? ‘ “

“huh “

“ what? I’m gonna sleep in bed… you can sleep in floor.. No problem.. haaah I’m so sleepy..“ Anika arranged the bed and prepared to sleep..

“ Halo!.. I’m not gonna sleep down… you’re so rude..I’ll sleep in bed.. “ Shivaay complained..

Anika “ Very Sorry.. it’s already booked.. “

“ hahhaahaa…. Very funny! And don’t forget that I’m your Husband!.. “

“ whoa..ho..ho.. well, well, well.. now who’s being rude? “ Anika angled her hands to hip..

“ you are.. “

“ No you are… “

“ haa C’mon!!… “

“ where will I come ? “

“ UrrrghghHH… Look Annamma, I’m gonna sleep in bed.. do you understand me?  “ Shivaay pointed his finger..
“ holy Smurf!!.. “

“ what happened? “

“ there’s a sofa!!.. “ Anika exclaimed..

“ yeah, that was where I sat… “ Shivaay made weird face..

“ Exactly… Now problem solved.. I’ll sleep in sofa and you can sleep in bed… done? “ Anika opened her palm waiting for Shivaay’s hi-fi..

“ Ok then..uh, Done!.. “ he gave her the hand.. “ and yeah, I saw few dresses there, So I’m gonna go to that building and will come back as an employee.. ok? But till then you have to stay here.. like a good girl!.. “

“ Aye-aye captain..  “ she gave him a salute while Shivaay just smiled at her.. Shivaay turned but suddenly his eyes got the sight of the computer and printer on the table…

“ Isn’t that a compu….? “ Shivaay urgently neared it and started it.. Anika also went near him to have a clear look..

“ hey..wh..what are you doing? “ Asked Anika and neared him with the blanket in her hand… but Shivaay didn’t answer to that..

“ Haa.. God, there’s internet connection.. “ Shivaay exclaimed and swiftly typed his name in Google search… the very moment, Shivaay’s photo appeared on the screen… Anika was shocked to see him in that..

“ what?? Is this your computer? “

“ No yaar!.. this is my account.. “

Anika’s face lighted up along a smile..

“ wow.. you’re a man Veerappan!!..” she patted his shoulder happily..

“ Thank God to Rudy.. he had posted my graduation certificate and all my zeniths in this.. So, I can take it’s print out and can show it to that business tycoon.. then they will show their respect, and I can reach home with their support… “ Shivaay said happily making Anika ‘s face dim…

“ what? You are going to show this to them? “

Shivaay “ F’course Annamma… then there will be no need to do this job!.. they theirself will help us to reach home.. Isn’t that fantastic? “ Anika took her hand back with disappointment…

“ if you call this fantastic, then I call this recondite… “ Shivaay stood up looking her..

“ wh..what do you mean? You think all these are fake? I worked hard in my whole life to achieve this name and fame.. and what do you name this? Recondite? “ Argued Shivaay..

“ Veerappa, I’m so happy for whatever you have achieved till date… and.. and I’m proud too.. but just look what your destiny gave you.. you are the ever famous business tycoon the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. but see, now you are in such a place where no one even knows you… For me this is a challenge, to win and return to my native.. but for you, it’s..it’s like giving your ticket and entering into a cinema theatre.. what the difference is that the ticket is this.. this fame of yours and the theatre is the flight, where you just sit and travel to your native which is a gift of your sir name… you are born in gold cradle.. you can get whatever you want to.. for safety, you can look at security and for food, you can glare at the servants… this is an opportunity, to work hard without the help of your identity.. prove that you are strong enough to earn money without your sir name.. Choice is yours.. either, pour sweat and return home or hid behind the pillar named ‘ An Oberoi ‘.. “ Anika completed looking at Shivaay who was in deep thoughts…

“ Kajol, you have a pizza to deliver.. come downstairs in one minute or else you’re F- I-R-E-D!!!… “ Gabbar’s voice echoed in the room through the speaker connected there… Anika placed the blanket on sofa and went out giving Shivaay a last eye.. the sound of shutting the door somewhat brought Shivaay back… Anika descended down and went near the counter, but her face wasn’t glowing as earlier…

“ Sorry Kajol, I thought to give you a day leave but the order is from the great business man, Mr. Vikram Mahrai.. you see that building over there? That’s where you have to go.. “ Gabbar pointed the building where Shivaay was preparing to go.. Anika saw Shivaay coming down stairs dressed up along with a side bag… he stood next to Anika but she didn’t pay attention…

“ Gabbar, I’m going for job.. and… Take care of Kajol.. “ Shivaay said without looking Anika.. he went out crossing the door and entered the building confidently.. Anika was staring at him till he vanished from her sight..

“ Sir, give me the pizza… I’ll deliver… “ Anika without waiting for GS’s answer, she went out without noticing the vehicles running on the road… she entered the building which made her shiver a bit due to the high air conditioning…

“ whoa.. am I in Shimla? Hohohooo… “ she rubbed her shoulder and asked the receptionist the name ‘ Vikram Mahrai ‘.. the receptionist helped her to the lift and wished her a nice day..

“ Wah.. yeh tho kamaal ki cheezh hai.. shortcut to sky!!… “ Anika got out from lift and saw the board ‘Head’.. she slowly pushed the glass door and lowered her voice to ask the permission, but the view made her eyes bulge with surprise… Mr. Mahrai was shaking his hands with Shivaay happily… Shivaay changed his eyes towards the door and a winning smile crept over his face.. Shivaay’s smile was making her mad that she didn’t even notice when Mr. Mahrai asked her to enter…

“ HELLO!! You may come in… “

“ huh? Yeah.. yeah sir.. “ Anika came in but eyes still were fixed with Shivaay’s…

“ Excuse me!! What is it? “ asked the head..

“ uh sir…. You..you ordered Pizza sir.. “ Anika stammered..

“ Ok… place it here and leave.. Receptionist will pay you.. “ He said and diverted his attention to Shivaay..

“ So Shivaay! I’m quite impressed with your certificates and graduations… you can join tomorrow onwards as my PA… “ Anika was happy more than shock… the word ‘HOW’ ruled over her mind..

“ but.. still I think I’ve seen you.. In Mumbai or somewhere for a business meet!..” Mr. Mahrai made doubtful faces… Anika looked Shivaay with ruffled eye-brows..

“ No sir.. you haven’t seen me.. I’m a middle class guy!.. it’s the first time I’m entering into such a big building.. it’s a pleasure sir.. “ Shivaay finished looking at Anika who was shocked as well surprised…

“ Ok then.. tomorrow onwards you can start job and yes, today you have to be here as Ragni will tell you about all the duties you must perform… “ just then he noticed Anika still there staring at Shivaay…

“ why are you still here? Hello!.. “

“ huh? Yes sir? “

“ why are you still here? I already said GO…”

“ yeah sir..yep.. “ Anika couldn’t control her excitement and happiness well more than that, her stammer… she went out giving Shivaay a last smile.. she entered the lift silently and screamed loudly the moment she got in…

“ Veerappan took my words… Oh My Mahadev… AAAaaaRrraaaaARAarrR…… “


LLLo Folks… did you all like it? I tried to post this earlier but couldn’t as I’m a bit busy in completing my first ff…. Ok friends gotta ga.. thank you all for so much love and support.. Can I expect this till end?

Next one will post soon…

Till then this is Moon bidding a lighted farewell..

Stay safe and be happy..


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  1. Really i luv this plot n urs first one also… waiting fr next one

  2. Hai ML,
    glad that you have updated the next part,I was waiting for it.Anyways thanks & take care of ur self
    Back 2 ur ff Oh! so the great Shivaay Singh Obroei is going to work under someone else…….that would be nice.It will be intrstng and may be fun also
    one more thing,is there any chance that vikram maharai will findout who he is ???

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Sukeer… Thank you so much for commenting dear.. Glad you loved the part… even I’m eager to post the coming parts…. keep loving!!!..
      Hello Sree…. how are you! so did you like it? Yeah! our SSO is gonna work under someone… happy to know you’re excited.. well, I can’t say what will happen next! you’ll have to wait for it… thank you so much for liking buddy! keep reading

  3. Heyyy moon! Just a suggestion: please provide a working link of the previous chapter in each new chapter, like if we have missed ,we can check it out. Many people don’t know how to change the url, that’s why a link would be better, as even I miss these updates many times :p the story is going super amazing! Just wanna ask, that if he has an internet connection, he can gk back very very easily, why is he playing this charade then?

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Haiii Nandu!!!…. uh, Yaaar I don’t know how to do that.. even I had thought of it, but I don’t know how to.. if you know, then will you please tell me.. that would be great then!!… that’s what I’ve written in this part! He can go easily, but listening to Anika’s words about hardwork and all those, he thought to make his own self identity… he is know as an Oberoi, so hearing Anika, a thought of making own stand ruled his mind.. just that’s it.. hope I could clear you… your overwhelming support is really helpful buddy… thank you so much for commenting buddy.. I know, I couldn’t reply you always but trust me, I’m so happy reading your words… Take care friend! love ya…

  4. Amazing update loved it totally
    Waiting for next one

  5. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update dear..loved it

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Chaithu…. how are you buddy!.. long time.. Thank you soo much for reading the part!!.. next one will soon hit the page.. Do read that ok.. take care!!…
      LLO Nirihaaa…. really thanks for loving the part… Keep liking friend! THANK YOU again!!!..

  6. ItsmePrabha

    I am More excited for Billu…I mean The man Born with Golden Spoon is going to become someone’s PA.. Isn’t it a Shocking thing….Loved Anudi’s Explanation to Billu about Taking a job and The concern of billu for Anudi, before leaving to the interview is So cute.. Will be waiting for the next… Till then Take care Buddy…

  7. Wowww really nice ,,your this part is also fantastic ,,,

  8. Awesome ff, it is different from other ffs
    Plzzz update soon , eagerly waiting for your next update

  9. Moon you moon you are amazingly lovable n brightable through your light in the sky as like moon my friend moon is also shining n becoming bright n more bright one FF to another this FF too n showering your cool Ness n happiness to us.many many lots of thankeeees chunk n keep on writing like so many n many more.i wish to have this type of many ideas n thoughts to you

  10. It is lovely

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