‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L…part-5

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HEY BUDDIES….. This is your Moon back with the next part of your amazed ff ‘ Will you be mine ‘… So, how are you friends? I was totally busy with many stuffs…. The studies have been started for a while, and I’m completely stuck with that..  But no compromise in posting the story… So here goes the next one.. Please kindly ignore and kick aside the errors you meet… Enjoy the part!…

—- Continuous——*

@ 3.00 am :

“ Whoaah… So this is Kochi!.. “ Shivaay exclaimed standing on the top of a rock looking down at the extensive city in front of him.. the lights seemed so small from the top which only added beauty to the view… the snore of the people were audible as the next day, they have to sweat their body!

“ So, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. Ready to get a job? “ Anika asked sitting on the rock.. Shivaay sat down next to her and stared at the city which was sleeping peacefully..

Anika “ hey, aren’t you sleepy? “

Shivaay “ well, I used to go to late night business meet, so No.. I’m not sleepy.. aren’t you? “

Anika “ Naah..

“ why? “ came the question…

Anika “ just leave all that.. So Shivaay, right? “

“ yep.. “

“ tell me about you.. and your family.. “ Anika was eager to know..

“ uh, huh! It’s a huge family… I, Mom, Dad, bade papa, bade maa.. Dadi, Omru, Prinku, Khanna… and lot more.. “ Shivaay answered smiling.. Anika kept looking him wishing she could also have them..

“ Not only these… My little brother, Rudhr! He has an innumerable girlfriends… they’ll also come as a family.. And Om’s sculptures, they are also members… haaah.. Such a crazy family!… “ Shivaay sighed ending..

“ do you miss them? “

Shivaay “ to be honest, yes!.. but I think, they will be missing me more… I don’t know how they are.. what they’ll be doing.. I’ve to make them a call, so that I could inform them that I’m safe.. don’t know how Omru will be!.. “

“ Omru? Uh, your brothers? “

Shivaay “ more than that, my lives.. haah, wish I could talk to them.. “

“ Well, you have a beautiful family.. it’s really a boon to have a family.. I’m sure, they’ll also miss you..  “

“ hey, now tell about your family.. “

Anika “ Oh, Uh, my family?.. well I have a joint family.. 23 little brothers, 18 little sisters, 10 uncles, 8 aunties, 5 elder brothers, 3 elder sisters, grandpa, Granny! Yeah, I’m full of fun.. “

“ whoah, that’s really a joint family… but I think, more than how much you miss them, they’ll be missing you… “ Shivaay answered smiling… Anika looked up the sky and an unknown drop dripped down from the edge of her eyes…

“ No.. they won’t miss me… people can miss when they are alive.. they-they are all gone… “ Anika said in a cracked voice making Shivaay shattered.. he looked her who was at the tip of crying..

“ They left me..all..all alone in this world… Everyone… Everyone’s gone!! “ her eyes were still fixed in the sky..

“I’m…I’m sorry “ Shivaay lowered his voice saying.. Anika shut her eyes to let out the last drop and wiped her face smiling…

“ Oh please don’t be… what did you do? it’s just my fate.. the fact is that, they are not my real family..I mean there’s no real and duplicate between families, but what I mean is that, I’m..I’m an orphan.. And, they were my Orphanage family.. from birth itself God wanted me to live alone.. that’s why he took my parents.. but I got a big family instead… So, in order to destine his wish, he took what all I had… God is so stubborn.. He always wanted  me to live alone.. But I’m not gonna fall before him.. I’ll show him what I have.. Chill Veerappan.. you don’t have to think about me.. Main thing is that, you have to reach home.. “ Anika stood up finishing the line.. Shivaay didn’t know what he was supposed to do now! He was sorry for Anika

Shivaay “ but.. what about you? Aren’t you coming? “

“ who’s there in Mumbai for me? Wherever I have to be, I’ve to stand on my leg itself.. so let it be Kerala then… “ She started to walk leaving Shivaay doubted… he stood up and walked along with her..

“ but this is an unknown land.. you don’t even know the language.. how are you gonna survive? Come along to Mumbai.. we are there.. I can take care of you.. I mean we, we can take care of you… you can come to my home.. My family will love you..and.. and I’ll set a job for you.. you don’t have to live alone when you have me!!!…. “

“ huh? What do you mean? “ she stopped walking

“ I…I mean to say…uh, you don’t have to live alone when there’s…there’s a known man..like..like me!.. “ Shivaay looked her tempered while she gave him a weird look..

“ Ok!..uh, Veerappa, can we talk about this later? I mean.. I don’t want to have a conversation on this topic..   we’re going to city, and you’ll get a job, and when the salary reaches your hand, you can fly over the sky and don’t think about me.. well,  If my mind changes in this one month, then perhaps I’ll come along but..but…but don’t show any sympathy on me OK? Just because I told my, you know, about my family don’t behave nice to me…. Be the same guy! I hate the word Sympathy! Is that an OK? “ Anika asked raising her eye-bros.. Shivaay stared at her for a moment and sighed on the next..

“ Ok.. sure! You’re the same Annamma and I’m a same..

“ Veerappan!..

“ yeah, that thing.. “

Anika “ Okay then.. let’s off to the city and search a job..” she jumped along the rocks and rushed like a mad.. Shivaay stood there like a statue looking her path..

‘ she’s.. she’s brave… I mean, how can somebody be happy after all what happened with her? How am I gonna help her? Why do I feel so sad for her? Why is she so nice? I’m a stranger for her, but yet she is helping me for nothing.. how will I thank her instead? ‘

—- Meanwhile——-*

“ Gauri, don’t worry… She will be fine!.. “ Om tried his maximum to pacify her but she wasn’t stopping her cry..

“ It’s all my fault.. I was supposed to be with her, but..but I asked her to leave!.. how rude I am.. “ Gauri tightened her grip on him..

“ Gauri, whatever you did was for her sake… She will be happy.. I’m sure.. “ Om reciprocated the hug with equal care.. Gauri slowly loosed the hug and looked Om helplessly..

“ Omkara ji, wasn’t I a good friend? “

“ No gauri what are you saying? You were the best friend ever.. and I’m absolutely sure that wherever she will be today, she will be safe.. “ Om tucked her hair back cupping her face..

“ But I lied to her.. Don’t know where she is! Instead of forcing her to leave, I should have supported her and given her the love for which she always craved… I cannot forgive myself! “ Gauri cried more hugging Om tightly..

‘ This isn’t the right time to tell her about Shivaay.. She’s already broken losing her friend.. I cannot hurt her more.. May be I’ll tell her everything later.. ‘ Om washed off his thought caressing her hair..

“ Gauri, listen.. We all know how Anika was.. She was the blasting human being I’ve ever seen.. Although she hasn’t seen me, but I know how her personality is! Whoever she meets, will become her friends.. And I’m pretty sure, No one in this world can break her.. Chill down.. but more for her, I’m cared for the people she’s gonna meet!.. “ Om completed making Gauri broke into smile..

“ Yeah, that’s make you more beautiful!.. “ Om adulated Gauri and both shared a passionate hug!!!…

@ 8.00 am..

“ Whoah.. so, you’re gonna work in this institute?? “ Anika looked high up in the sky so as to look the top of the building..

“ Well, I heard that this job will give almost 50,000 a month… So I’ve to raise myself to this job… “ Shivaay answered placing hands over his hips…Anika looked inside through the glass to watch the employees running here and there..

“ this seems so tough Veerappa.. will you get this job? “ Anika came up with this..

“ I’ve been to many interviews with the employees.. I know through which all words the boss will be impressed! Just chill Annamma..” Shivaay said confidently..

“ Ok then.. All the very best.. now go!.. “ Anika wished him luck and pushed him forward…

“ Oh hello.. have you seen my look? If I go inside in this costume, then it will take no time to shut me out.. First, I have to change and fresh up.. and for that, we must rent a house… “ Shivaay looked around saying.. just then Anika saw a Rest house above a Restaurant naming ‘ NORTH INDIAN FOOD!! ‘.. she took a clear look and saw the manager running between the customers and scolding the staffs…she  smiled looking at it as a kidkithod idea hit her mind..

“ Come Veerappa!.. I know what to do.. “ Anika pulled Shivaay but he stopped…

Shivaay “ Wait.. where are you going? “

“ just come along… “ Anika pulled him behind her and ran to the restaurant.. She stood at the door and said Shivaay to stay there… she made her hair perfect and cleared her throat.. she saw the manager sitting on the counter facing the wall behind..

“ Ok Anika… time for action!… “

“ what is this girl doing ? “ thought Shivaay

“ SIIIRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!…… “ Anika entered the restaurant screaming this… Shivaay was shocked with this sudden behavior.. Everyone in the restaurant looked her including the staffs… the manager got scared and turned front..

“ what is it? What is it? Is there any fire? FIRE!!!!….. “ the manager screamed hearing Anika’s shout…

“ No sir… there’s no fire.. it’s just me.. “ Anika stood before him..

“ Oh Thank God!! It’s just you… wait! Who are you?? “  asked the manager…

“ hawwwwww…. SIR!!!… you don’t know me? How can you forget me sir? “ Anika opened her mouth in a perfect O shape..

“ you don’t know me and I don’t know you! That’s why I’m asking you who are you? “ the manager stood up,,

“Ub, sir, you remember your staff Kiran? I’m her sister.. “ Anika informed.. Shivaay made many faces with this answer..

“ who is this Kiran? I don’t know any Kiran.. and I don’t know you either.. “  Manager scratched his head doubtfully..

“ uh, you do know sir.. it’s just you have forgotten.. Kiran was my one and only brother.. unfortunately he died in an accident recently…. But before his death, he was talking about you only… how honest you are… how good you are.. your handsomeness.. your coolness.. everything… “ Every time Anika adulated him, the manager’s face lighted with proud and shy..

“ Oh..now I remember.. kiran right? How can I forget him? He was the best employee I ever had.. “ Manager adjusted his face with a smile.. Anika hid her smile while Shivaay stood outside biting his lips in order to control his laugh..

“ yes sir Arjun..Uh, I mean K..Kiran.. yeah that’s my brother.. Sir, I’m his one and only sister… I have a mother in my home wholly paralyzed.. as brother ‘s gone, now it’s up to me to handle my mother.. so I came here seeking a job.. Sir, Kiran told me that you’re such a nice and kind hearted man.. I’ve no one except you whom I can trust sir.. help me sir.. “ Anika watered her eyes blinking..

“ but what job will you do? “

“ SIR? What question is this? I’ll be your pizza girl… but sir, my home is far away.. so can you give me the room above for rent? Instead, you don’t have to pay me salary.. let me stay in room, and you’ll get a pizza girl free!! Free!! Free!!.. how’s this offer? “ Anika smiled bulging out her eyes ..

“ Ok! That sounds great.. done.. you can stay.. but be on time, I hate waiting for staffs.. do you get me? “

“ F’course sir… but one more thing sir.. I’m not alone.. I’ve one more guy with me.. “ Anika hesitated to say just then Shivaay entered and stood next to Anika…

“ Oh no..no..no.. this is not allowed… sorry Arjun’s sister..

“ sir, it’s Kiran… “ Anika helped..

“ yes, Kiran’s sister.. you can’t stay along a man.. ‘ Manager ordered… Shivaay looked Anika who was loosing her hope..

Anika “ but sir, he’s just not a man.. he’s…

“ HER HUSBAND…. “ completed Shivaay.. Anika’s eyes widened with shock… Manager raised his eye-bros surprisingly..

“I’m..I’m her husband… “ Shivaay rounded his arms around her shoulder looking directly into her eyes… she oscillated her eyes with his with shock…

“ Oh is it? “ asked Manager..

Shivaay “ Yes sir… we are recently married couple… now I hope there isn’t any problem for staying.. “

“ Is this right? ” the Manager asked to Anika who was lost in Shivaay’s blue orbs..

“Y..yes.. ” Anika said with eyes still fixed with his..

” Ok then. now there’s no problem at all.. wait let me get the key.. where did I placed it? Where? “ the Manager got busy in searching the key but Anika was still staring at Shivaay…

“ why are looking at me like that? You are not alone in this war.. I’m there with you..Partner!!!… “ Shivaay smiled winking at her and soon she reciprocated the smile..

“ here you go… the keys..! “ the Manager gave Anika the keys..

Anika “ Thank you so much sir… btw what’s you name? “

“ the name is Ghabbar.. Enemies call me Ghabbar Singh !!!…. “ Manager pulled his imaginary collars..Shivika looked each other amazed listening this..

“ whaaho…ho.. Fantastic name sir.. kya naam rakha hai.. whah.. “ Anika boasted him highly…

“ and yours my lady? “ Ghabbar lowered his voice asking romantically.. Shivaay looked the man weirdly..

“ Awww… sweet! The name goes Kajol.. “ Anika said blinking her eyes..

“ Greetings Kajol!.. Welcome to my world.. “ GS ( Ghabbar Singh ) smiled at her lovingly..

“ Ghabbar!! You naughty boy.. well, you’re not that old my man, aren’t you? “ Anika said winking a him..

“ C’mon… I’m just 55… “ GS answered arranging his air… GS held Anika’s hand romantically while Anika smiled at him blushing… Shivaay, who was watching all these, untied Anika’s hands with GS’s and connected his hands instead..

“ well then Ghabbar Singh, meet Kajol’s husband, Shah Rukh Khan… “ Shivaay shook his hands giving GS a hard smile..

“ Greetings Shah Rukh Khan… it’s a privilege to have you both over here… Ok now.. Kajol!!! Be here at sharp 8 o’ clock.. no laziness.. Be kind to the customers and go to delivery on time… do you understand Kajol? “ GS sharpened his voice angrily looking at Anika..

“ Yes sir… “ she replied bit scarily..

“ Ok then.. have a great day.. your job starts tomorrow onwards… you may go.. “ GS answered and went out taking his bag… Shivika looked each other and bursted into laughter.. they ran through the stairs laughingly…


So guys.. how was the part? I’m not talking much.. have lot many things to do… see you friends ..

And don’t forget to bang on the like button.. dislikes are also welcome as well as chamelis…

Next one will be posted soon..

Till then this is Moon bidding safe farewell…

Stay blessed and be cool…


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  1. Wowwww ,,i loved this it was so much fun ,,very nice ,,what an line “meet kajol’s husband shah rukh khan ????good job yrr,,waiting for next part

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Thank you Ramya… Glad you loved it.. keep reading fellow..
      Hey Tania.. whasssup? Thank you so much Tania.. so happy to hear that you loved the line.. I thought that will it be good to write SRK’s name as KJ’s hus…. she’s mrs of ADG right? but this is just a fictional story.. hope it will be fine!.. Thank you for commenting dear!.. keep loving!

  2. Awesome yaar.. love your ff so much..pls pls post next epi asap

  3. Niriha

    Fabulous amazing update dear…loved it to the core waiting for next part

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Alia… or should I call you Alia Bhatt?? haha just kidding.. Thank you for commenting dear… Next one will take a little more time as I’m concentrating on my other ff now.. But no prob.. I will finish it soon and will post this one..
      Hey Nirihaaa… how are you buddy? Thank you for the comment dear.. Glad you loved it… next one will be posted soon.. THANK YOU buddy..

  4. Lovely update dear
    Natunki annika loved it

  5. Shanaya_rajput

    amazing episode…
    shivaay anika as srk n kajol…haha
    post nxt episode asap…

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Chaithu…long time buddy.. So how was that natunki Anika? hope you loved it… Thank you commenting buddy…. keep loving!
      Hello Shaanu… hope I can call you that, can I? Thank you sooo much for commenting dear!.. glad to hear you loved it… next one will be posted soon friend!… till then take care..

      1. Shanaya_rajput

        of course u can call me dear chand (*wink)

      2. Moonlight_luver

        Thank you buddy… so we’re friends right?

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and amazing dear

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Nikkiiii….. how are you my friend? Thank you for reading buddy.. hope you liked it.. keep reading friend..

  7. It’s very pleasure n pleasant in reading this new journey of shivika.u just smashing I liked this FF too n connected quickly to this.its so cool n happy to witness the relation n coordination between them in every obstacle. You are describing their journey so sweet n beautiful.u rocks always.n shivaays jealousy with GS towards anika is absolutely fabulous n fantastic.if Anika is kajol then shivaay is sharukh.100percent it’s correct n what is shivaay is upto n his feeling towards his kajol.one point I didn’t get how Gauri is related to Anika n om knows shivaay is with anika.plz clarify quickly n update soon when you are free.n you are making us to awaits eagerly for next n take care

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Raji… Whassssup Chunk? Happy to hear that you loved the story..My God Raji, I must say, your english is improving… to whom the credit goes?? say it ok? Can’t you just start your own ff? I’ll be super happy if you start writing! your wish…. THANK YOU for all the words buddy.. No..no.. Om doesn’t know that Shivaay is with Anika.. Om wanted to tell gauri that Shivaay isn’t home and he has been missing for the past few days, but when he come across Gauri’s pain of loosing Anika, he thought to say later.. that’s it.. I hope It’s cleared now.. well, I can’t tell you how Gauri’s connected to Anika! you must wait for the revelation dear.. Thank you for the comment buddy..
      you too Take care…

  8. Hai ML,
    pleasure to know that you like the name ‘sree’.I too like this as my frnds call me sree.BTW nice epi I like it very much.

  9. Keralathil evideya???

  10. ItsmePrabha

    Wohoo..Khidkithod Epi…. all the emotions are on point..SRK, Kajol and Gabbar… Kya Scene hai??.. Loved anudi’d presence of mind there.. and Billu’s ‘Her Husband’ is something else …. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then Take care Buddy…

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Sree… Wow, you read my reply!.. Glad to know you liked the part friend.. ente veed Irinjalakuda enna sthalatha… for more clearing, Thrissur!!… thaan evidenna? thrissur aanengil, nammal ayalkkaraatto!!!… waiting for the reply…!
      Haii Prabhaaa….. how are you friend? you’ve commented on all my ffs, but I haven’t replied to you yaar… but I’m not gonna say sorry for that! kyunki, friendship mei NO sorry and NO thank you… but let me say one thank you.. that’s for reading and supporting my ffs… Really thanks yaar… so glad to read that you loved the last scenes.. you too take care buddy, and convey my regards to your family, and say my belated HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to your mother… well, I don’t know her but every mother deserves this line… stay safe friend..

      1. Sorry friend I’m from kollam….

      2. ItsmePrabha

        I am going good Buddy.. How about you?? Well good FFs need to be encouraged and thats what i do buddy.. And Awww so sweet of you Buddy for wishing my amma .. She said ‘God bless you’ .. And it is so true, every Mother deserves that line… Convey my regards to your Family and say my Belated Happy Mothers day to your Amma too.. Take care Buddy..

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