‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L…part-4

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HEY BUDDIES…. This is your Moon back with the next part!… thank you for all the love and support dears… really means a lot for me.. I know, I’m late in replying back but guys, please don’t stop commenting coz I’m not replying… Now a days, don’t know but I can’t time up everything… but never loose hope!.. Ok guys.. let’s off to the next part.. hope you’ll like… enjoy!!!!…

Recap : Shivika got down from the train in mid night…


Shivika were walking unarmed aiming the street light glowing quite far away from them… the train was vanishing after each step by the fog…the dew banging on the blades of grass made their legs wet.. the coldness was making Anika shiver but didn’t show it out.. Shivaay saw her rubbing her arms in order to make it hot…

“ Hey, Uh.. “ Shivaay got her attention but didn’t know how to start his conversation..

“ wait did you hear any sound Veerappan? “ Anika stopped walking sharpening her ears.. Shivaay looked around doubtfully..

Shivaay “No..there’s nothing.. uh, I want to say something… “

“ what happened Veerappan! Don’t say you’re hungry.. I have nothing but a piece of candy with me.. you want? “ Anika stretched her hands showing the candy..

Shivaay “ No..No… it’s not that.. Annamma, so we’ve planned to put up together right? So..so I think, you know, we should learn to communicate each other… “

“ Haww… Veerappa! You don’t know to talk? “ Anika covered her mouth in astonishment….

Shivaay “ Urrrghhh NO!!… Listen, whenever we start to talk, we end up in fighting… So I want we to talk like how normal people does.. “

“ what!! You mean that I’m abnormal!… “ Anika started her talks… Shivaay shut his eyes tight loosening his hands.. Anika bite her lips hiding her smile..

“ Ok I was just kidding Veerappan! I understand… even I thought of that… So, shall we become friends? “ she stretched her hands smiling… Shivaay reciprocated the smile and shook hand with her..

Anika “ Ok then, but tell me your name.. I know you had said it to me.. but I never noticed… “

“ yeah, I’m.. hey, did you hear a sound? “ Shivaay looked her silencing his feet..

Anika “ I had heard.. but now I didn’t.. whatever, introduce yourself!.. “

Yep, I’m Shivaay… Shivaay Singh Oberoi..! “ Shivaay replied immersing his hands inside pockets.. Anika was shocked hearing his surname…

“ you..you’re an Oberoi…!! “ An astonished Anika asked..

Shivaay “ Yes..Yes I am… even I remember you saying your name, but I didn’t notice it and you are… “

“ uh, Oh!… I’m Anika… “ she gave out a smile…

“ Anika and? “ Shivaay showed curiousness to know her surname…

“ Uh, Look… I can see road over there!!!…. “ Shivaay’s attention was distracted the moment… Anika changed the topic and moved faster or may be trying to escape from the coming questions… they both reached the road but the appearance of the road somewhat made their happiness turn back to disappointment… it seemed as if none of a vehicle has passed through this piece of tar..

“ this road looks so lonely and cloistered… I don’t think a vehicle must have passed this way for years… “ Shivaay despaired his voice kicking the stone below..

“ wait.. this is not even possible… this is the only road to reach the highest metro political land.. this road probably should be used more than it requires… but this is lonely.. “ Anika ploughed her brains thinking more…

“ you’re right! Then there have to be another road here…. “ Shivika looked each other and again they heard a sound…

Shivika “ Oh Shit!!!… “ they ran following the sound but just a moment before their arrival, the bus went buzzing it’s last horn… they screamed but the sound of horn was quite louder than that.. they were completely exhausted with the sudden run that too over muddy ad watery soil..

“ Oh c’mon!!… we were just a minute late… “ Shivaay rested his hands over his kneel benting..

“ don’t worry Veerappa! At least we found the road… see the opposite.. we’ll wait for another bus.. “ Anika sat on a wood clasping herself…

“ I don’t think there would be another bus… “ Shivaay gave out a sigh standing on the road… Anika sat hugging her legs just then she noticed a black thing next to her…

“ hey Veerappa look what I found! “ Anika exclaimed…

“ what is it Annamma? “ Shivaay arced his face to her angling his arms over his hips… She checked out the things and found that it was a parda!..

“Look! It’s a parda..!! “ Anika showed him the dress but Shivaay gave her a ‘ what’ wala face..

“ wow!!… but let me remind you, that parda won’t take us to Kochi.. “ Shivaay smiled irritatingly..

“ one second! Why are you so angry? We’ll reach there.. don’t pessimist yourself!… “ Anika sat there looking around but suddenly she felt a bit pain over her arms… she looked Shivaay who was busy reaching around, and utilizing the time, she mover her sleeve and noticed that it had become red… her muscles and flush were coming farther… she tore a small piece of the parda next to her and tied it around biting the pain…Tears grew in her eyes but controlled it from coming out… Anika was quite far from the road that Shivaay couldn’t see her face clearly with the light of street light, which was their only source of light!

“ Hey, what are you doing over there? “ Shivaay asked loudening his voice… Anika wiped her eyes perfectly so that Shivaay couldn’t even get a hint..

“ N..Nothing…. I’m getting so sleepy Veerappa!… What to do? “ Anika comforted her seat complaining.. just then the voice of a truck stroke their ears… Anika’s eyes widened out with the sound… she started her legs to run while Shivaay stood in the mid to stop the vehicle..

“Hey…Stop!!…Stop… lift!!… hey.. “  Shivaay tried to stop the truck but unfortunately, it didn’t stop and passed crossing Shivaay!… Anika’s smile turned off and again she sat down giving weight to her legs…

“ Hey C’mon!!… “ Shivaay cursed the truck placing his hands over head…

“ Kya Veerappan, couldn’t you just stop a vehicle? Such a shame.. “ Anika mocked him nodding negatively…

Shivaay “ Hello, this isn’t any easy job to do!.. Atleast I’m trying not like you, sitting and watching all the fun… “

Anika“ What???? This job is tough for you? To catch a lift? Oh God, don’t what will happen when he’ll get a real job!..this is the simplest job a person could ever have… “ she raised her eye-bro teasing..

“ F’course… Everything is easy for girls… “ Shivaay added.. Suddenly another truck too crossed him…

“ huh? Wh..where did this come from? “ Shivaay looked behind and saw one last truck coming the way… Shivaay wiped his hands each other making it hot but thought of the previous experiences… he looked Anika who smiled at him understanding that he needed her help…

“ well, I’ve an idea..! “ Anika gave him a cute sa smile…

There were three men in truck smoking with random talks… Suddenly the driver saw a girl, showing a hand for lift.. they looked each other showing a tricky smile… they stopped near by her giving her a full watt smile..

“ uh, Oh God what will I say in Malayalam for a lift?… uh, chetta can we get a lift? To kochi.. near place… kochi..you know go straight and the place kochi… we want lift, you know lift..L-I-F-T lift! “ they checked Anika and one of them answered..

“ kerikko.. (hop on).. “

“ Uh, chetta.. not just me…. My sister also! “ she signaled to the darkness where no one were seen… they looked the darkness and finally saw a black dressed woman with a bright cat eyes.. those men smiled to each other and signed to get in… two of them sat along with the loads while the driver sat front.. Shivaay looked Anika angrily while she gazed the sky ignoring… driver gave Shivaay a hand to hop in thinking that he is a woman… the whole time Anika was hardly controlling her laugh biting her lower lips… the driver sat on right with Shivaay left and Anika on his left…. Anika looked out the window and laughed silently.. Driver was stealing glances from Shivaay each moment which was so intolerable for him..

The truck was started and moved speedily from slow.. almost 5 km were passed with no prob… Shivaay was feeling so sick inside that dark dress… Anika noticed his insecurities but chose to keep quite… driver made the gear into 2nd and placed his hands over Shivaay’s leg.. that was the biggest shock all over his life… he sensed his (driver’s ) hand moving towards his buttocks.!!!… Shivaay looked him awfully and hissed Anika..

“hey..hey Annamma..  “

“ what’s it? “ Anika searched..

“ look, this guy is touching me… and it’s…it’s so uncomfortable and.. and in disgusting way… “ Shivaay controlled his anger.. Anika saw driver’s hands over Shivaay… she closed her mouth shocked and suddenly turned into laugh…

“ what? Are..are you laughing? “ Shivaay whispered..

“ if I was in your case, then I would have banged on his cheek.. but we can’t do anything now… just bare for 5 mins.. we’ll reach soon.. “ She hid her smile calming him down…

Shivaay “ what? Are you nuts? I can’t bare this long… “

Driver’s hand was almost nearing his private areas..

Anika “ so now do you understand that everything is not so easy for girls… just few more minutes…we’ll reach! “

Shivaay couldn’t handle this touch…. He closed his eyes tight and finally held his hand tight and twisted it badly.. the driver screamed aloud wincing in pain stepping on the break… Anika was shocked by this sudden reaction…

“ AaahHAhaAHHHAAAaaaa….  My hand!!…. hand! Hand! Hand!!!!… “

Shivaay pulled out his head cover showing his face…

“ don’t you EVER touch a woman like that!… don’t you have mother or sis?? Annamma run!!..go…go..go….!!! “Shivaay prompted Anika to run leaving the driver shocked.. Shivika descended from the truck and ran with their full power… the two men behind the truck, got down and chased Shivika panting…

“ Oh God!!… what was… was fun!!!.. “ Anika loudened her voice running…Shivaay too laughed seeing Anika joyful.. Shivaay held Anika’s hand and made her ran with her…

“ nilkku… nikkaana paranje… nikkado!.. ( stop!!.. Stop I said… stop ) those men screamed behind panting.. Shivika ran enjoying their moment… they both hid behind tree but Anika wasn’t stopping her laugh… Shivaay placed his hands over her mouth signaling not to laugh… they saw those men passing them searching… they looked everywhere for Shivika but returned back with disappointment… Shivaay rested his forehead over Anika smiling thinking of the incident…both closed their eyes resting on each other’s forehead… their breaths hit on each other’s face as it were so close… Anika slowly opened her eyes to witness Shivaay smiling at her panting….

“ Come Annamma, they are gone… we must also leave now.. “ Shivaay took a step back and looked up the sky recalling the incident.. Anika stared at his smile like a mad!..

‘ No Anika! Don’t think anything stupid… Shivaay is only a temporary guest in your life… he has gotten into your umbrella as it’s heavily raining… today or tomorrow he has to get off from your shade… don’t mould any dreams.. ‘ Anika composed herself and returned back to her bang mood…

“ Whoa Veerappan! Super dialogue…. I think you must get the best dialoguer award!… “ Anika smiled patting his back..

“ great! You made me do all these and now you’re laughing!… ok then.. but definitely you must get the best director award!… now don’t you ever make me do such things… “ Shivaay said annoyingly removing the parda from his shirt..

“ Well, I can’t bet you that!.. you’ve to spend one month with me… so be habituated… there’s lot more waiting for you… “ Anika danced on the road along jumping…Shivaay looked her strangely spreading a smile on his face..

‘ Something is attracting me towards her…. She..she is weird and… and strange… I’ve never been so much companied with any other girls… But under this smiling face, there’s a horrible past… I saw that fleshy wound on her arm… for the first time, I saw her eyes becoming watery.. I know she’s hiding something from me, and I ‘ve to find out what it is!.. ‘ Shivaay brushed off his thought and walked along with Anika…


Hey fellas! I know I’m too very late… and I really wish to ask forgiveness for that… I was really busy with many things…

Soooo Sooo Soo So sorry for not replying back buddies… I read all your comments and I feel immense pleasure reading those… but I couldn’t reply to much of you… please do forgive me for that.. I will try.. I am trying… but….hah!…

So how was this one? Quite boring might be, but the coming parts will have too many things to laugh about.. and Anika’s past is yet to be revealed… and Shivaay’s circumstances also makes a big change in the upcoming parts… what I only have to say is just to wait…

Till then this is Moonlight_luver ( M_L ) bidding a happy farewell..

Stay blessed and take good care of yourselves…


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  1. Really luvely could u please post it daily…. plssssssssssssssssss

  2. Hai ML,
    I really enjoyed the truck scene just like the film nd eagerly waiting for the past of anika.

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Sukeer… Thank you soooo much for commenting dear!.. I’m so sorry, I can’t post regularly.. My studies have been started so I can’t my friend.. and I don’t wan to make promises which I cannot keep… But yes, I will try!.. that’s a word.. thank you friend for loving the part
      Hey Sree, you know something, I love the name Sreya so that everyone could call me Sree… Thank you buddy for the words.. even I’m equally eagered to post the next one… keep loving!!

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Nikki!!… I thought that you wouldn’t be reading this story.. So good to see your comment.. keep reading buddy!

  4. Hai ML,
    I really enjoyed the truck scene just like the movie nd waiting for the past life of Anika

  5. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update dear….loved it

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Nirihaaa… Thank you for all the words you gave me.. I’m so happy that you are still reading my stories… thank you for all the love dear!..stay blessed

  6. Awesome ,fantastic just lovely ,,

  7. Ita so intrsting and awesome dear waiting for nxt one yaar ????????→_→→_→

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hello Tania.. Good to hear a new name in the commenting list.. THANK YOU for all the lines my friend!.. keep showering you love and take care of yourself!
      Hai Diya… I have a friend in my school named Diya… she was best buddy till the 4th std.. later she she shifted the school.. Nah, I really miss her! you name really made me remember her! Thank you buddy… Next part will soo hit the page.. wait a little mre

  8. Really I’m too much attracting again to this new version of yours after that first shivaayanika to now shivaayanika. You writings are mean to laugh as well as feel to fetch another love story between shivaayanika. So sweet of you this new shivaayanika. Eager to read further n take care. N I got 1000 volt smile in reading their nok-jokh between them, their conversation n ones feelings to other is soooo beautiful. Keep on writing . When you will write I will definitely read n enjoy the moments

  9. It’s raji yours friend

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Well…Well…Well…. who I have here? hey Chunk! how are you? good to see your comment dear.. Happy to know that you love the part!.. tell me the truth, you really loved or just boasting me up?? I wish your house could be near to mine, so that my parents could hear what you say!.. Thank you buddy.. but don’t excellent me, otherwise it’ll make me to feel that I’m complete… but I have to learn a lot more about everything.. HaaaA so you smiled reading the story! that means I succeeded in the story… THANKS a lot chunk.. it’s really a privilege to have a friend like you… but do say if there’s any missings… I know there has to be some mistakes… one again Thanks buddy!
      take care you.. Love ya

  10. Heyyy moon! How are you my dear? Long time, no see! Well, I’ve been enjoying these episodes a lot so far. All the best for your studies!
    And hey, if you don’t mind, whenever we use very or too, we don’t use the other one. Either very or too ❤

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Nandu!!… I’m all fine dear.. tell me how are you? yeah, it’s been long time.. Thank you for the comment buddy… happy to see your comment.. Thank you for the wish friend.. Whoa, that’s a new KL for me.. thank you for the correction dear.. Sure, I’ll keep it.. keep reading friend!

  11. ItsmePrabha

    Hahaha Buddy… i am imagining billuji in the Parda and also in that position…Hahaha..i can’t stop my augh..ok i got to stop warna meri amma mujhe pakka mental asylum mein daal degi…Awesome Chappy Buddy…Will be waiting for the next..Till then take care..

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Prabhaa… Good to see your comment.. Even I used to imagine while writing them..Ok! don’t get much laughed, I still want you to in TU

  12. Moonlight_luver

    Hey Prabhaa… Good to see your comment.. Even I used to imagine the scene while writing them..Ok! don’t get much laughed, I still want you in TU..If your mother takes you to MA, then who’s gonna read my stories? waise, even if you don’t laugh still you can go to MA… Hahaha… just kidding.. Thank you for reading the part fellow.. you too take care and stay blessed!!!

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