i will love u forever (intro)

Hi guys , i am varshini and i like krpkab very much so i decided to start a new ff similar to the current track . here dev doesnot want to go away from sonakshi but pleads her to stay with him . this intro is the continuation of 13th january’s episode
So here it is
Dev: i am sorry sonakshi , i did not know anything , i was not in my senses . pls forget everything

Sonakshi : stop it dev , u r acting to be a good man but u r not like that . i hate u to the core and shows the prenup papers
Dev : these papers r of no value sonakshi , i told vicky to throw these . pls forgive me and stay wid me , i cant live without u .
Sona : enough is enough dev , u insulted my family , and u will be mumma’s boy forever . how can i live wid u (she walks to the door )

Dev : sonakshi pls , dont leave me , i cant live without u…..
Sona: i am leaving u forever , mr.dev dixit . dont ever try to find me
Dev : sona pls dont go , i love u more than my life sonakshi , sonakshiii
it was too late……..sonakshi had left the room . dev realised that sonakshi had gone too far. he reminsces all those beautiful moments spent wid sona , their first meet , the proposal , their marriage and all the memorable moments they had spent together . he smiles seeing sonakshi’s photo

hope u liked this intro , pls tell me ur views through ur comments and suggest me an actress for playing a important role in this ff

  1. Seems interesting and a fresh start post soon dear❤??

    1. thanks a lot , will update soon

  2. Aarti32

    Super duper episode.. Luvly

    1. thanks a ton di

  3. Priya12

    Awesomeee….nice intro…interesting. .post the nxt epi soon dr..

    1. thank u dear , will update the nxt epi soon

    1. thanks

  4. Awesome episode

    1. thank u

  5. Rj12


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  6. Shruti710

    Nice ….
    Actually very nice….
    Post soon

    1. thanks a lot , will post soon

  7. V.V.harshita

    Hey Varzhini it’s really awsome intro….plzs post soon

    1. thanks a lot , will post it soon

  8. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey varshini the intro was amazing ,waiting to see what dev will do?will he find Sonakshi or not??
    post soon!!!!????

    1. thanks a lot , will post soon

  9. Awesome intro varshini…. Eagerly waiting for the next…

    1. thanks a lot maleeha di , will update next one soon

  10. Shruti710

    You know varshini di
    You are quite like me
    I mean
    I also live to read books
    Watch mythological seriels
    And love to sing
    I am a good singer

    Behen behen

    1. oh wow , superb and u know i not only like to listen to music but sing too . and dont call me di because i am just 14 . may i know how old r u ? (if u dont mind)

    2. Shruti710

      Oh not at all….
      I am going to be 16 this year
      I thought you would be elder than me

  11. Chanpreet0815

    Awesome introduction varshini. I liked it.
    Tell me one thing. I r writing ur FF after the leap or what.

    Varshini I think that Nikki should play an important role in it ff.
    And soha is also perfect.

    Post next part soon

    1. thanks a lot and nikki and soha will be there in this ff but i wanted a nice actress for playing the role of a girl who is gonna be introduced in this ff soon . will update the next one soon

  12. Niki645

    Very nice intro !!!!

    Post soon!

    Btw, may I know ur age???

    1. thanks a lot niki di , i am 14 years old . whats is ur age di ?

  13. Erina

    Quite interesting intro… Looking forward for ur epi….
    Post asap..

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