Recap: shocks given by devil to lagori and they came face to face
Wow my my EPI 15….feeling very happy..
Epi begins with lagori gang reaching home

Next day:
They got ready and made their way to bhalla house with aamma and appa

In car:
Zoya: how can he be the raman’s bro…no no he cant be
Sona: zoyu what r u murmuring
Zoya: wooh…I m thinking abt……no one
Pragya(I teasing manner): thinking abt whom zoya
Zoya: I said na nothing
Ishu: guyz…I m not getting interest to go to raman’s house
Thapki: sooo can we do something….
Zoya: what can we do…nothing is left
Sona: ishu…why wont you punishment to raman for his deeds
Zoya: yaaa…wow punishment………I want to also give
Pragya”: you have already given punishment to someone from that gang…
Thapki: and I m sure that he will take revenge from you
Zoya: let him take…I m zoya Sharma….and no one can take revenge from me…
Sona: lets see what happen
They reach raman’s house

Mrs.bhalla welcomes them
Ishu: zoya..mujhe karela(bitter guard) ka smell aa raha hai
Sona: jahan karele jaise log rehte hai waha karela ka smell aana toh batana hai
Dev from backside
Dev: did you say anything miss.whatever
Sona widens her eyes and mouth both
Dev: first close you mouth and then speak miss.whatever..ohh sorryyy sonakshi bose
Sona: abase matlab mein kuch bhi bolu…aapko kya karna hai uska
Dev: aise kaise….aapko toh batana hi padega
Sona: aaj ka mera din hi kharab hai….why from morning I m seeing bad people
Dev: what did you say again
Sona: you idiot keep quite..
And by saying this she leaves from there…and dev also follows her..
Zoya: now real movie will start…..lets follow them
Ishu: no..zoya…..
Amma: ishu…come here
Ishu goes to aamma
Pragya: zoya…now only we three remaining…what to do
Thapki: lets follw them to see real film
Zoya: so..lets go
PZT follow devakshi
Zoya was infront of both..pragya was in middle and thapki was at last…..
PZT were going without making noise……
While going someone takes thapki aside…
Now only pragya and zoya remain..

Again after going some distance…someone takes pragya aside…..
Now only bechari zoya….hahahehehe……
Zoya: thapki, pragya were did sona went….i cant get way..i think they wil be on terrace… come lets go on terrace…and there we will see some action, romantic movie….
Zoya: aree thapki, pragya…talk something I m only speaking from time ago
Then she turns back to find PT…..but was shocked to see asad….
Zoya talks by stammering: y..ouu…..h…e..r..e
Asad: what happen…mujhe dekte he bolti band…wow asad..good job
Zoya: w.o..h no..th.ing is l..i…k..e th..at
Asad: so..why are you stammering……
Zoya with fake simling face…..: I thought that it was PT but it was you..so I bcome scared
Asad: soo..what are you doing here…and which movie you are going to see
Zoya: wohh…nothing
Asad: are..plzz tell now…akele dekhne maza nhi aayega….so I will come with you
Zoya: sachhi..
Asad: yes..
Zoya: wowowowow…in much excitement she hugs asad
Mitwa plays in bg
Asad: miss.hunter what r u doing..why are you hugging me
Zoya: I m sorry….in excitement…..sorry ha
Asad?: its okk…but which movie
Zoya: dev aur sona ki movie
Asad: what???????
Zoya: yes
Asad: how…
Zoya: dev has been following sona ….and now sona is in much anger…now there will be movie of dev and sona
Asad: soo..lets follow

On the other side
In one room:
Thapki: how dare you to bring me here
Bihaan: bcz I love you
Thapki: then……..
Thapki realized what bihaan said…and bcomes shy
Bihaan: wohh…sorry ka letter kisne bheja tha
Thapki:………………..(no words)
Bihaan: aree……thapki bolo na
Thapki: me and my frnd…now let me go
Bihaan: no…..you will not go..i want to spend time with you
Thapki: no….someone will come
Bihaan: look here no one comes usually …so don’t be afraid
Thapki:” okk…then only five min…I will leave after that
Bihaan: okk…but mera ans toh deke jao
Thapki: which ans
Bihaan: wahi
Thapki: which?????
Bihaan: I love you ka
Thapki: what do you think my ans will be
Bihaan: your ans will be +ve
Thapki: so you want +ve ans
Bihaan: yes
Thapki:than wait for some more days…bcz I don’t know you more
Bihaan:okkk I will wait
Thapki: and you have to also impress me
Bihaan: done….but cant we be frnds also
Thapki: okk…only frnds…..
And they both shake their hands
Bihaan holds thapki’s hand
Thapki: bihaan leave my hand
Bihaan was lost in thapki’s eyes
Thapki waves her hands infront of bihaan’s eyes…then also no respond
Then she pinches on bihaan’s hand…and then he came to senses……

And on the other side………
Pragya: suniye…what r u doing
Abhi:I want to spend time with my mogambo
Pragya holds his neck
Pragya: how dare you to call me mogambo
Abhi: when did I call you
Pragya: now only
Abhi: wohh kya…..but I didn’t say this to you….
Pragya: then
Abhi: I said it to my crush
Pragya: but I m your crush na
Abhi: who said that……you are not
Pragya bcomes sad
Pragya: then hwo??
Abhi: I will not tell
Pragya: okk…don’t tell…I will go
Abhi: goo
Pragya decided to go
Pragya tries to open the door….but didn’t
Pragya: why this door is not opening
Abhi was laughing in teasing manner………
(their next scene will be releaved in next ep)
Outside in hall:
Pandit ji came
Mrs.bhalla: pandit ji we want to fix their marriage
Pandit ji sees their kundli
Pandit ji: their kundlis are matching
Amma: wowow…means there is no trouble in marriage na
Pandit ji: yes…you can do marriage…..i will tell dates
Mrs.bhalla: jaldi batao intzaar nhi ho raha
Pandit ji: there are two dates…one is after month nd second is tomorrow
Ishu: so…when we can do marriage
Raman: woowww….my marriage will be tomorrow only
Ishu: jayda dreams mat dekho….ye kya ekta kapoor ki serial nhi hai…jahan ek din mein shadi ho sakti hai
Raman makes pout face
Pandit ji: soo when do you want to make marriage
Raman: pandit ji tom……..
Just then ishu pinches him hard
Raman: I mean after one month we can do
(yeh jaruri nhi ki har kisiki shadi two days after or one week after ho…..one month baad bhi ho sakti hai…hehe)

Precap: film of dev and sona and also asya

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