Lets steal a look into part 14 without wasting time..
Recap: two shocks to lagori gang by devil gang….today next shock..hehe
Listening after bihaan loved thapki zoya fainted down and some holds her……..
Guess it whooo have hold zoya…..
.(guyz you only said that na my ff is unique…so see uniqueness now.. )
Some holds zoya…it was realeved to be sona……yesss guyz sona had hold zoya…
(how many of you had thought that it will asad..raise your hands)
Sona: zoya be careful…..
Zoya: yeah I will be
Pragya: how many shocks they are giving…hope that they will not give further shocks

Ishu: thapki..what I am listening
Thapki: have you heard the same which I heard
Ishu: yeah I heard the same
Thapki: how can he love me…no no
Ishu: but thapki..he only said na now…
Raman: now their will be a real fun in our love story…..
Abhi: what abt lagori..what will be their reaction when they will came to know abt our love
Dev: yeh toh kuch nhi….what they will do….when they will come to know that we are following lagori since 1 year
All your five girls were double shock..
Now also zoya done an acting of falling on………..ahaha here not sona hold her…but someone else hold her……zoya was shocked to see him
Zoya: you
Guy: yeahhhhh me….and you here….what r u doing here
Zoya: aapse matlab
Guy: ohhkkk…don’t tell
Zoya: now leave….sharm nhi aati ek ladki ko eise baho mein rakhne ki
Guy: ohh…hello.miss.hunter..its me asad….and I don’t feel anything…understood na
And asad makes her stand straight
Before she cont. further asad keeps his hands on her mouth… to stop her….
And here they have an eyelock……
Mitwa plays……..
Their eyelock was broken my..
Pragya:zoya..listen further what they are talking abt
Asad: it means that you all have came here for
Zoya: yes we have came here to spy on that raman…our ishu’s to be husband
Asad: ohh…so is ur spying finish
Zoya: btw…what r u doing here
Asad: you know what…what I m doing here….
Zoya: I don’t know
Asad: I m here to meet my gang….devil gang..understood na
Sona: who is now devil gang
Asad: u don’t know who is devil gang
Pragya: yess I also don’t know who is devil gang
Asad: soo will you come with me somewhere
Zoya: yeah we will come
Sona: zoya..but we have came for spying na..
Zoya: we will spy later…first let me see devil gang
Asad: okk so let us come
Asad and PSZ started walking asad was directing them and pSZ were walking front of asad…
Asad made them walk around that hut only….which was thoda big
When they came near door…..they again surprise to see ishu and thapki there
Sona pat them from back
When ishu screamed loudly
By listening her sound devil gang got alerted
And raman recognize ishu’s voice
Raman: have you heard some voice
Dev: yeah I have heard it
Raman: I think its of ishu
Abhi: but how she will be here
Bihaan: lets check

Devil gang goes outside……….and they were double triple shock ………
Raman: i…sss..hh
Ishu: you keep quite….just shut up..how dare you to follow us from 1 year…and you know what ..your so called this frndz were also supporting you..ahaha not they bt you were also helping them..how shamless you are……….bak bak bak bak bak…she was continuously giving her lecture to which devil gang was tried
Dev: ishita bhabhi plzz stop it now….
No guyz she didn’t stop here
Ishu: I will not spare you all……….just then raman came forward and kissed ishu on her cheeks ..ishu feels shy
Other closed their eyes
Zoya: raman don’t start here itself
Pragya: nd that infront of us
Abhi: so can we go at other place..and let them spend time alone
Pragya was again shocked…bcz she didn’t have any idea abt abhi having crush on her
Sona: no…no one will move from here…we have came here for some work
Bihaan: what work
Thapki: 2 works
Zoya: noo three works
Ishu: which??
Zoya: first we came to spy on raman..second you came to know abt raman’s past..and third we three came here to find who is devil gang
Dev: ohh….so devil gang is we only
Sona, zoya & pragya: what??????
Asad: yess…..
Raman: it means you came here to spy on us
Pragya: yes we three came here to spy on you
Bihaan: so have you listen what were you talking abt
Asad: yes…they listen each and everything..abt us
Raman: asad..cant you make us alert
Asad: bhai..i came now only
Zoya: why r u saying him bhai
Dev: bcz they are brothers
Zoya again shocked
Zoya widens her mouth..asad ask her to close her mouth
Raman: btw ishu why you have came here
Ishu; I came her to know your past
Raman: heheheheh…hahahha
Thapki: why are you laughing
Raman: what past???and which past
Ishu: that only ki how you could say yes to this marriage
Raman: so what
Ishu: I thought that someone was forcing you to do this marriage…but here I m finding some thing opposite only
Raman: listen ishu..i don’t have any past and no one is forcing me…..nd you had listen our talks so..no need to explain anything
(guyz yah jaruri nhi ki har kisike life mein koi na koi past ho..there are some people without any bitter past…. in most of ff I have seen that there is some past…so here there will be no bitter past of raman….so enjoy his life with full of fun)(hope you don’t mind bcz I have not shown any raman’s past)
Ishu’s phone rang by that time
Ishu: hello appa….
Appa: ishu beta where are you…its been 11’o clock..and you have not came here till…come fast…then we have to go to raman’s house for fixing your marriage date
Ishu: yeah..appa I will come…..but cant you go alone to that duffers house
Raman understand’s that they are coming to their house
Ishu: PSZT will need to go home
Zoya: yes..come lets go
sonA: waise bhi we have waste this much time on this devils
dev: sahi kaha…..we are devils only
sona: soo what??who is saying that you are not devil
dev: oh hello miss.whatever…we didn’t told you that you shld come here to spy on us
sona: why I m wasting my time with you idiots
pragya: chal sona..we will go
IPSTZ turned their faces to opposite side and went
And from back our devil gang went with sad face
While lagori was going
Abhi plays some ringtone..which was little scary ang with MOGAMBO words filled in it
Pragya bcm angry at his way

Precap: marriage date fixed
Hope you guyz have enjoyed this shocking and rocking epi
It seems that they are having a long day….but don’t worry in next epi this day will end

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