Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP? (PART 13)

Surprise guyz………I was supposed to post 2morrow bt posted it today


Guyz guyz extremely sorry…yesterday’s epi was 12 not 2 …by mistake it was written as 2..and sorry I could not cmnt some back

Recap: PSZ spy on raman where they reached at some unknown place….and by following some address IT reached at same place…dev, abhi and bihaan’s entry


Epi 13 begin with…

Ishu: I am not getting anything what they are talking abt!

Thapki: I m also not getting anything what they are talking abt..but I think I have heard this voice somewhere…..

Ishu: yeah..mee too…I have also heard all voices coming from inside…maybe I think one voice is of abhi

Thapki: but why will abhi come here

Ishu: we will hear it again carefully

Ishu and thapki were outside the soo cant see anything they can only listen….and on other side PSZ came to know that they were PADB as they have seen them

Sona: what the hell that dev dixit doing here…he is some relative to raman…if yes then it will be a big problem

Pragya: lets watch more..

Zoya: but I am not getting anything..what they are talking abt

Pragya: wait for more time….

(guyz are u ready for convo b/t boys….so lets peep into that scene)

Inside the hut:

Raman: whats the name of girl on which you had crush

Dev: I will not tell you so easily

Bihaan: acchaa…then okk we will also not tell name of my crush

Abhi: yes I will also not tell…

Dev: btw abhi why do you cancelled that concert that day…(in teasing manner) and on other side pragya’s face turned into full red colour after listening abt concert

Abhi: shall I really tell

Bihaan: yess tell na

Abhi: becoz…

Dev: tell fast now cant wait

Abhi: bcz my crush has told me to cancel the concert….

Uff…by listening to this…pragya’s face turned more n more red…….

And also lagori was shocked to listen that…bcz they know that pragya had asked him not to do concert

Zoya: what???

Sona: what????

Pragya: what????

Zoya: what you have listen now

Sona: that abhi has crush on pragya

Pragya: noooooooo (in filmy manner)

Sona: why you only???why not me

pragyA: I don’t know we will ask him now…lets go inside

zoya: wait wait we will go inside

Ishu: I will call pragya…and then we will see real fun

Thapki: hahaha..pragya will be more n more angry….(but there pragya was really happy in heart but didn’t show it off)

Ishu: yes..i will do her call…just then they hear some sound from inside again

Abhi:now bihaan its your turn

Dev: yess bihaan…tell her name…..and ha if you don’t tell name…we already knew it!!

Bihaan: abhi first say ur crush’s name

Abhi: her name is miss.mogamboo

Raman: what???who is she now…….

Dev: but acc. to me ur crush name was pragya na

(pragya blused even more)

Abhi: noo…yaar….she is not pragya she is mogamboo…

.pragya: how dare he to call me miss.mogambo

Zoya: kahi wohh ladki dusri toh nhi na

Pragya: accha hoga fhir…..

Again they started to listen their convo..

Raman: bihaan abhi tumhari bari….(now its ur turn)

Dev: haan ryt

Bihaan: don’t be happy soo much..ur turn will also come

Abhi: now tell ur crush name fast..dont waste time

Bihaan: wahi chuk chuk gadi….

Now thapki was hell shock..bcz not only she but also lagori know that bihaan called thapki as chuk chuk gadi

Abhi: ohh wow now it will very easy to spend time them….

Raman: yeah

On the other side lagori gang was hell shock….

And very shocking zoya fainted…….

Zoya falls on ground but someone holds her

Precap: lagori gang came face to face with devil gang (RABDA)

Any guess guyz…who have holded zoya……..

Yeh toh sirf trailer that asli shock toh abhi baki hai thoda intzaar karo..what would be next shock???

Guyz what do you think abt raman’s past…….what would be it???????

Lets see who guessed it ryt

…hope you enjoyed this part

  1. ??? loved it

  2. ??? loved it

  3. No words literally no words yaar u r Awesomeeeeeeeeee just Awesomeeeeeeeeee plz post the next part asap and of course a sad will hold Zoya

  4. Its obvious asad cane from behind and held zoya……and epi was nice dont know about the shock but my previous comment was right they both said the same thing about pragya and thapki

  5. Arshi

    Exciting…post t soooòooooon

  6. RiyaDcruz

    Obviously asad came am i r8 aditi ??????????????

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  10. Bhoomi

    Hehe… Its amezing.. lovely…. only asad can hold zoya?….

  11. Bhoomi

    Hehe… Its amezing.. lovely…. only asad can hold zoya?…. devil gang ki to shamat aane wali hai?…. when r u posting next part?

  12. Its awesome yaar !!!!!!!!!!!


    SUPERB SUPERB SUPERB episode……. 😉 😉

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow i enjoyed this episode a lot also pragya and thapki’s reaction when they know abhi and bihaan respectively have crush on them was lol, and the funniest one was when zoya fainted poor zoya got no crush 😛 n tht part was funny when sona was like why pragya and why not me and mogambo and chug chug gari lol hahah keep writing snehu loved ur ff to the core hehe

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