Whom will Kamla support – Kalpi or Pakhi?

Kamla was very happy when she was preparing for her own daughter Kalpi’s marriage with Raghav. She was in a state of shock when she saw Raghav entering the venue with his newly wedded bride Pakhi. Pakhi regards Kamla as her mum and Kamla too loves her regarding her as daughter. Pakhi is like Kalpi for her and she does not differentiate between them. Kamla is torn between Pakhi and Kalpi. She does not how to react when Pakhi comes to her and tells her that she got married to Raghav. Pakhi seeks her blessings and hugs her saying she is going to start a new life with Raghav.

Kamla looks at Kalpi who stands far and is broken from within seeing Raghav being married to Pakhi. Kalpi’s dreams of living a married life with Raghav has been shattered. Kalpi has lost faith in relationships. Kamla blesses Pakhi and Raghav, looking at Kalpi. It was very tough for her to see Kalpi shattered and Pakhi expecting her motherly love. Pakhi leaves with Raghav.

Kamla comes home with Kalpi and offers her support and love after what disaster happened with her. She asks Kamla to move on in life forgetting Raghav. Kamla and Vitthal are much worried about Kalpi’s future. Kalpi clarifies to Kamla that she will not do anything wrong, and will always live her life no matter what difficulties come in her life. Kalpi sounds confident and positive to them, which makes them relieved being her parents. Vitthal asks Kamla to only think about Kalpi, as she is her daughter, and not about Pakhi.

Raghav takes Pakhi home and tells her that he married her only to take revenge from her father. Pakhi is shattered too. Kalpi and Pakhi both need Kamla’s support now, at this phase of their life. Both of them are hurt by the same man Raghav. Whom will Kamla support at this time.Give us your opinion by voting your choice in the poll.

  1. If raghav made a choice and chose paki over kalpi…he chose his revenge over his love…kamla would do the same and chose pakis hapiness over kalpis love…kamla may love both the girls but the real person who gives up is kalpi and no matter what the outcome is I hope kalpi finds her hapiness in the end…I hope they all realise that her love for raghav was eternal and his love for her is true as she is his life….

  2. i am mother myself i will always support & stand with my daughter 100% NO matter what/
    BUT KAMLA is not normal mother,She always cared ,run after PAKHI without any good reason
    So like an idiot she will support PAKHI …so disappointig……..TOO BAD…..

  3. I also agree…kamala portrays the worst mom from all series…Indian moms are portrayed as they would do anything for their sons n daughters but writer makes kamala do the very opposite….I thought she would change when she gave speech about money was not important for kalpi but her mothers love n time is all Kalpi needed but now 1st chance she gets…wants to run to Paki….very disappointing….kalpi needs love…hope they don’t drag raki….we need Ragna 🙂

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