Will He Fall For Me? – (Episode 11)

Feeling Ignored

In the Evening
Riddhima’s temperature got reduced and now she is better than before. After having her breakfast she took rest and her brother Kabir and Ishani bought her lunch and after that she took rest and now she thought to do something because she is bored taking rest the wholeday so took her mobile and watch the photos and videos which she took yesterday with her friends . While watching the videos and photos she came across a photo seeing which her smile dropped . It was a photo of her with her friends in the front row with Aryan and vansh in the back row . She zoomed the photo and saw him smiling happily.
Riddhima: Maybe he would know that Ahana would propose him yesterday . I am a fool to build an imaginary dream with him which wouldn’t happen .
A lonely tear escaped from her left eye when she remembered him.The scene of Ahana and vansh flashed before her making her tears to flow continuously from her eye but she didn’t cry . Even though her Mind knows the fact that vansh isn’t her’s her heart isn’t accepting it . She knows that she needs to be strong so she wiped her tears and went to washroom took a hotbath and came out wearing a knee length top and was shocked to find vansh starting near her mirror adjusting his hairstyle . She she was about to touch him he disappeared. She thought that was her imagination and decided to read some book to distract herself . After few minutes she came and thought to meet her brothers and Ishani afterall they would be worried about her health . She came out to see vansh strolling his phone and Aryan playing game in his phonewhile Ishani and Kabir were discussing about some project. When she saw vansh she wasn’t shocked because she thought that was her imagination like before and went to Kabir and Ishani.
Ishani and Kabir asked her to take rest but she refused and said that she is fine and she was bored to sit alone. Once vansh heard riddhima’s Voice his attention turned towards riddhima .His heart calmed after a long time seeing his angel talking with his sister and future brother in law . After seeing his angel having fever vansh was very sad and didn’t beat properly . So to distract him he decided to stroll Instagram .
Riddhima after talking with Ishani and Kabir decided to play games with her brother so that she can forget the thoughts about vansh . She doesn’t want to cry for the whole day and fall in the trap of depression which would affect her studies and future . She went to Aryan and both started to play random games in his phone.
But here vansh felt ignored when Riddhima didn’t talk to him . His heart ached but he didn’t say anything thing and masked his face plastered with a smile and continued strolling his phone .
After few minutes
Aryan : Vansh how long will you scroll would phone . Come and join us
Riddhima :(thought) what ? It means vansh is really here . OMG Now she might think that I ignored him. But why should I care afterall I should stay away from him .
Vansh : No Aryan I am not in a mood .
Riddhima : Bhai I will take some rest bye .
Riddhima went to her after saying to Aryan with even looking back.Here vansh feels even sad thinking that she is ignoring him purposely .
In riddhima’s room
Riddhima : Riddhu don’t worry you shouldn’t after all he is not yours . So now make yourself busy . What can I do ? What can I ? Haan I will see some webseries so that I could make myself busy .
She started watching some webseries . Here Ishani and Vansh decided to leave as Ishani is having some work .

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