Who will find the truth of Purab and Bulbul’s love relation first?

Many delusions in Abhi’s mind about Pragya being Purab’s love interest. Abhi does not know that Purab loves Bulbul. Abhi thinks Pragya and Purab were in love but she dumped Purab to marry him for her greed seeing his richness and property. Abhi plans to take revenge from Pragya and regards himself to be her biggest enemy. Aaliya is the one who is fueling Abhi’s anger. Aaliya is just having a strong will to get Purab, its just acquiring which she regards as love.Abhi had taken a promise from Purab last year to marry Aaliya once she returns from Australia finishing her studies, now that she is back, Abhi reminds this promise to Purab. Purab is tensed as he is unable to tell Abhi the truth that he loves Bulbul and not Aaliya.

Purab did not had anyone in his life when he promised to marry Aaliya, but after meeting Bulbul, he really fell for her and now wishes to marry only her. Knowing that Purab loves Pragya, as told to him by Aaliya, as she has seen Purab and Pragya talking about marriage, not knowing they were talking about Bulbul. They are unaware of the truth. Abhi married Pragya just to clear Aaliya’s way to marry Purab. Abhi informs Purab that he did not marry Tanu, as she was not ready to marry, being focused on her career, so he got married a girl by his Dadi’s choice. Purab asks who is she, but Abhi wants him to come personally and meet her in the reception party. While Abhi is waiting to see Purab’s face, everyone will be wishing to see Abhi’s face when Purab meets Pragya and calls her Pragya Di. That moment will be really good to see.

Bulbul too is in the party and blows out seeing Suresh, while he is happy seeing Pragya and Abhi happy together and leaves. Abhi takes Pragya on the dance floor and takes out his grudge, by insulting her making her fall on the ground and being rough towards her. He even taunts her on her specs. Tanu takes advantage of this and goes ahead to dance with Abhi. They burn the dance floor by their sensuous dance on the song Ang laga de re………… Tanu gives some dirty show off expressions to Pragya to show her stand in Abhi’s life till now. Purab calls up Pragya and tells her to explain Bulbul how much he loves her. Pragya understands as she knows everything. Purab is puzzled and asks how. Pragya asks him to just come over. Even Purab will be shocked to see Abhi got married to Pragya, unable to digest that Abhi can do an arranged marriage. He will ask Pragya the reason to say yes to this marriage.

Aaliya and Abhi’s illusion is soon going to break, as Purab is on the way to the party, but is stuck in traffic jams, and will be reaching in few hours. Aaliya eagerly waits for the main scene. But after Purab meets Pragya, one thing is sure that he will not fall in Abhi’s eyes and will be clean. With Abhi being foolish to think Purab loves Pragya, he has to keep up his marriage with her. But whom do you think, will find about Purab and Bulbul’s love first? Purab confides in Abhi and hope he breaks the truth to Abhi first, and we wish Abhi understands him. Abhi should not regard Purab as betrayer now. Let’s see what the show brings next.

  1. I think abhi will find first

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