Will she ever be mine? – Part 3

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I’m sorry…
I’ll make sure that i update my story everyday!!

So let’s start..

Recap-Shivaay asked who r u??to the stranger..And the stranger the same question to shivaay..

S: tell me..Who r u??
Stranger: before that u introduce yourself..
S:y should i?? It’s my house..And u want me to introduce myself??
Stranger: okay..Then..Don’t introduce..Unless u introduce yourself..Even I won’t introduce..
S: what the hell?? Don’t forget​ that u r in shivaay Singh oberoi’s house..
Stranger: my name is advay Singh raizada..
(I have chosen Neil from naamkaran..)
S: its nice that u introduced urself..
A:comon shivaay..U introduced urself first..
S: wat? Wen? Anyways that doesn’t matter now.. y did u come here? Wat relation do u have with my wife..
A: stop..stop..Shivaay..U did a mistake.. She’s no more ur wife..As u both have signed the divorce paper..So now anika Shivaay Singh oberoi will be anika Sur..
He was cut by anika..
An: y did u come here advay? U know ryt..I’m no longer gonna be yours..
A: don’t tell that baby..
S: divorce paper we have only signed..The court decided that we should stay together for 6 months..
A: oh no…It’s okay..I’m ready to wait for my anika..
An: advay please stop it..
A: i forgot to tell dadu wanna meet u..

An: wat happened to him?? From her eyes tears started coming..Tell me how is dadi??
A: the great anika Sur..He was again cut by anika..This time anika gave him a tight slap..
An: don’t u know that my name is anika..Only anika..Now it is anika Shivaay Singh oberoi..later..That’s after our divorce..It will again be anika..
Advay was about to tell something..Anika signed him not to reveal anything..
Anika just hugged advay..And told something in his ears..
A: please advay..Don’t tell my surname.. According to oberois..They believe that i don’t have a Surname..Let their belief be the same..I don’t want any consequence in my life..
A: okay Anu..U don’t worry..By the way the slap hurted me..I need something very sweet..
An: go to her room..I’ll give u there..
A: but i don’t have a room..Will u please arrange a room for me??
An: okay..I’ll ask dadi..
An: dadi..He’s my..Fr.. Fri.. Friend..
She looked at advay with teary eyes..

Dadi..Is there any problem if he stay here..Hell start here only for few days..
D: okay puttar..He can go back Wen he wants to go..I have no problem..
An: thank u dadi..
A: acha..Come with me..
An: u first go..I’ll come behind u..
S: y r u going behind him??
An: because he told me to go with him..
S: so wat?? Tell him no..I’ll go with him..
An: no shivaay..(sternly) he’s my friend..I’ll go with him..
S: that’s wat my problem is..I don’t want u to go..He said it in a low voice..
An: did u say something??
S: no..No..U go meet him..Don’t stay with him..Too much time..I need to talk to u..
An: okay shivaay..
Anika ran like a small kid..
Shivaay followed her..She entered the room and saw the room empty..She thought she’ll help him..So she unpacked all the things…And started keeping all the things in the cupboard..
Shivaay was jealous.. Because he never saw anika doing it for him..

Advay came out from the restroom..He saw anika unpacking all the things..He started admiring her..From outside shivaay was already admiring her..
Advay came out of his admiring dream….He back hugged anika and lifted her in his arms..
Anika too responded..But later realised that it was wrong..Wat she did and wat she was doing was wrong..
An: advay put me down..
A: Anu u became very calm….My anu was never like this..Tell me wat happened to u?
An: nothing advay.. Shivaay called me.. Actually he has a doubt on us..He thinks that we r lovers..I still didn’t disclose my identity..He doesn’t know u and our relationship..
Shivaay was shocked..He started moving towards his room.. Suddenly a flower vase fell down..Which made anika shock..She ran and saw no one..
An: advay I’ll meet u later..I need to talk to u alot..
A: okay Anu..
An: one small request..Don’t call me Anu in front of Shivaay..He doesn’t like it..So please..Whatever he likes..That even i like..what he doesn’t like..Even i don’t like..
A: which version of anika is this??
An: time changes me..
A: its okay Anu…U have become a typical wife..
An: wat do u mean??
A: i mean..U have submitted urself to Shivaay ryt..
An: yes advay..I’m even ready to give my life for him..Because he’s my life..
Shivaay who was hiding behind a wall was smiling..He never expected that his wife could love hi so much..
But he was even sad because she hid her identity from him..

Shivaay saw anika being comfortable with advay..He left to his room..

Precap-S: did u cheat me?
An: no shivaay..Trust me..
Shivaay gets angry and slaps anika..
She falls on the ground.. she’ll be unconscious
Advay slaps himself back..
A: how dare u slap anika Sur..
S: y do u always stop there..Tell it..I’m anika very well..U know nothing about her..I’m everything abt her..So please don’t interfere in her life..
A: how dare u.. Mr.shivaay Singh oberoi..U don’t know too wobom u r talking and u have no idea to whom u have slapped..

So much drama…
So done with the update..
Sorry for late update..

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