Will she ever be mine? – Part 2

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I’m sorry people..I was very busy…

Let’s start..
Recap- shivika’s nok -jhok..

Anika went from the room..She found someone waiting outside the door..She opened the door..And saw ayyan standing there..She slapped him lightly because he was waiting for her to open the door and that was the main reason y he didn’t ring the bell..She asked him to come inside..She found him hiding something from her..She asked him to give it..But he refused..
A:ayan just show me wat u r hiding from me..Ayan again didn’t give any response..Because he knew that if anika didi sees it..Then it will affect her to the core..
Ay: arye..Didi..It’s mine..U need not interfere..He talked to her very rudely..(in mind he was cursing himself for talking very rude to his Didi)..
A: ayan wat happened to u..U never talked to me like this..Tell me wat happened..dont worry I won’t tell this to anyone..
Ay: (furiously) stop behaving like my mother..U better understand that..
Anika started crying..Because of his talk the whole Om members came down to see wat actually happened..
A: ayan..Please don’t tell like this..It hurts me to the core..
None of family members didn’t tell anything to anika and to ayan..Because they knew that it was between bro-sis and they’ll know how to solve it..
Ay: I’ll stop talking to u..Wen u again ask abt wat I’m hiding..
A: okay ayan..I won’t…Promise me that..U won’t talk to ur sis like this..
Ay: I’m sorry Didi..Pakka promise..I’ll never talk to u so badly .
A: that’s my boy..
An: that’s my Didi..
And they both started laughing and talking unrelevant stuff..

Anika asked about Malika to ayan..He was blushing to the core..
During that blushing..He received her call and he made a excuse and ran from there..He forgot to take his ‘hidden” gift..
Anika noticed it..But ignored because ayan asked her not to talk abt it..
Every one left to their rooms..Anika was waiting for ayan to comeback..
After waiting for so much time..Anika was heading to her room..
Shivaay noticed that ayan was hiding something..And he came to the lawn and saw a gift wrapped very nicely..In the wrapper..It was written ” for my future wife anika..Love u to the core meri jaan..Urs always advay..”shivaay called anika in top of his voice..Anika came out and saw shivaay..
A: wat happened shivaay?
S: just reply me yes or no..Okay??
A: okay..
S: do u know any advay??

Anika was shocked to hear his name..She nodded her head negatively..
S: the prank which u played with me…Sometime before..Is it real or is it just a prank??
A: of course shivaay it is prank..Can u ever think of going away from me??
S:okay I’ll trust u..But u need to tell me the truth..
A: wat truth shivaay??
S: Who is advay???? He stressed on the word advay..So that she’ll tell him every thing..
Anika wanted to tell the truth..But was very scared..
S: Answer me anika..
Anika couldn’t face him..She started.moving backwards Wen someone came running to her and told in his top of his voice..anika jaane

Anika saw him and was about to run..But it was too late..He caught her wrist and turned her with full force..Because of that force she just hit him on his chest..He moved his hand from her wrist and touched her waist..(she was wearing a black saree)she felt happy seeing him after a long time..But Wen he touched her waist..She just pushed him and stood next to shivaay..
Shivaay couldn’t see all these..Because as he knows his wife..No one dared to touch her and he touched her hand and then her waist and then hugged her..How dare he do that..
S: who are u??
Stranger: before that..U tell me who r u??

Precap- S:how dare u do this to me?? Anika and ayan are shocked..Someone slaps someone..
Anika in a dilemma..

Okay people..Done
I’m sorry for the late update..I was very busy..
Stay tune for more drama and love..

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