I will be there for you (Episode 4)

Episode 4

Neil regains his consciousness and finds himself one top of Avni.He thinks that she is not breathing and is going to give her a CPR but she wakes up and punches him.

Neil:Are you mad.

Avni:You were trying to kiss me and now you are saying that I am mad.

Neil: Why will I try to kiss you when I hate women except my mom,Bebe ,sister and best friend.And I was only going to give you a CPR.

Avni:Even i Hate men except my brother and best friend   but that doesn’t mean that I will push them from a bridge like you.

Neil: It was an accident but do you also hate your dad.

Avni:I don’t have one to hate ,u know what Mister you are just like Vidhyut as you are hurting me.

Neil:Don’t take his name in front of me u know that because of him Juhi died.

Avni:Neil ,see you don’t know that they both died because of Vidhyuts mom who committed a sucide that day as she only wanted to kill Juhi,I am trying to tell you this from 4years but you don’t listen.

Neil:(gets shocked)I am sorry that I didn’t let you tell me this thing but now I think that I should stop hating women and you should stop hating men since now we both are free from our burden so(extends his hand towards her) now Friends.

Scene 2:park

Karan is talking to Sayesha that now they should tell everyone there secret.


  1. This is Episode 2

  2. And I have changed the title from stand by me forever a love story begains with a Hate story to I will be there for you

  3. Nic episode but did you like Saesha Kk love story

  4. Nice episode

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