Who will be eliminated this week???

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Hlo my bigg boss fans.so I think all r eager to know the first person who is going 2 b eliminated this weak??
Aren’t u.
See I m very much cause pehle hafte ki pehli nomination dekhni toh bnti hai.
We know that the nominated ones r
Priyanka jaggu(jagga dhaku)?
Manoj Punjabi(mano)?
Gaurav(intelligent 1 )?
Mona Lisa(dancer)?
So my jagga dhaku and mano r commoners and gaurav and the dancer r celebrity.
According to me this time might celebrity will be eliminated.
But both the celebrities have fan following..
Mona is popular in Bihar .
Gaurav is popular in hearts.
But than also I think mona will be the first to be eliminated..

Talking about commoners-
Manu-personally I didn’t felt that he is going coz he is doing task fights and making us laugh beech beech me.from my side manu is totally saved but I don’t know who voted him.
Now priyanka the drama queen she isn’t like by me much and I don’t think she will stay long.priyanka is just fighting .I don’t feel she gained fan following but who knows???.
I feel gaurav is saved and mano also but plz don’t believe me cause I m not bigg boss.
I wanted to know from u whom u have saved or whom u think is saved
Mera parvachan khatam.
But I think I will post it every weak this segment.

Guys pls tell ur view.

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  1. Maithlii Sinha

    Gaurav has much fan following (including me….I even voted for him) I don’t think he will be eliminated this week……Manoj and Priyanka I don’t think will be eliminated by bigg boss bcz they help the show gain trp…..MonaLisa is quite and calm….I like her a lot n I don’t want her to be eliminated but I think (heart says no but mind says yes) that she will be eliminated…..that’s my view……

  2. hrithik ka Fan

    Hi prettypreeti. ..good article and good initiative. ..keep writing the article every week and we will discuss. ..

    …coming to elimination. …..monalisa is definitely going home as I m also dongi baba…?????….haha…….and it’s not always abt voting because if u go by the voting I don’t think anybody will vote for priyanka because everywhere I read bad comments abt her…
    ….but at the same time bb can’t eliminate these type of contestants because they are giving masala and trps. …so she might will not win but stay longer ………what u say guys…

  3. hrithik ka Fan

    sorry correction. ..not monalisa but that bi….priyanka jagga aka jagga daku is eliminated. …..hurray. ..

  4. Big boss is a very controversial show which gains popularity on people like Priyanka , on baba who create them I don’t think Priyanka will be eliminated , Manu is also a strong contender, grurav and akansha romance will be shown in coming days as big boss needs masala like upen and Karishma , Arman and Tanisha of last seasons so high probability that Mona may be removed

  5. mona lisa is going home

  6. hrithik ka Fan

    not manolisa …priyanka jagga is going home …I bet. ….

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh wow Pri i loved ur idea
    Well according to me :
    1) Gaurav:
    He will be saved because he is calm and many people are liking him. He also doing tasks well. He is a lot like Keith in season 9. And also have fan following from before I even saw his shows when i was a kid.
    2) Manu:
    He will also be safe. He is the one doing the speaking and the only one who gave a valid reason for nominations among the commoner. Mostly he is logical. And have done a reality show before. But his problem is he is noisy and fight at times he gets footage for that.
    3) Priyanka:
    I really don’t want her to be safe at all. I don’t like her. But she is doing what a typical bb constant does. Fight. She fights for no reason and gets a lot of footage i think 60% of epi is only Priyanka sometimes bb10 should be named jagga daku ? Most watch bb for fights so she have high chances of getting saved
    4) Monalisa
    She is Dancer , actor , Bihar actress from Kolkata. She is famous in morning only for dancing and that’s it. Varna most of the time she is not even seen. Best Dancer of bb10 ?. She have the highest chance of getting evicted as she did almost nothing but still a little ray of hope to be save due to the some footage she got in jail with baba and her fight with baba and Priyanka ?

    So my answer is Mona Lisa. But i will be happier if Priyanka gets evicted because she is just too much you do task okay fine but fighting for petty issues is too much and crying uff but it’s almost impossible for her to get evicted even Manu have higher chances of getting evicted than her

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      priyanka is going. ..likh ke Le lo….

  8. i just hate that priyanka…i used to think that celebrities will be the one to behave rude…but that priest…priyanka god!i lose my temper seeing them..

  9. Priyanka jagga is out

  10. Prettypreeti

    So all of us thinks.
    Whether Mona and bhai is saying jagga dhaku.
    I saw in one page gaurav will be out.
    I was shocked.
    Pta nhi what’s going on??????

    1. Maithlii Sinha

      Wat the hell !!!!!! Where did u read it ???

      1. Prettypreeti

        I can send u link wait if I get

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      trust ur bhai….jagga daku will be eliminated. ..

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      What Gaurav ???
      If this is true then BB10 ???
      And i will doubt if show is fixed if Gaurav gets evicted???
      If Priyanka gets more vote than Gaurav not surprising because people love Jabra types people but it’s almost impossible that Mona Lisa gets more vote than gaurav because she is barely seen
      If this happens i think some people must have misunderstood Mona Lisa as the real painting ???

    4. Prettypreeti

      I trust u bhai.
      Jo me also think gaurav is save 100 percent thinm positive.

    5. Prettypreeti

      I trust u bhai.itni badhi baat ksh di I hope jagga out
      Jo me also think gaurav is save 100 percent thinm positive.

  11. hey di, Neeti here. I think Priyanka will get eliminate cs every1 is disliking hr uk. mujhe pehle sei pata tha sab use napasand karenge kiuki uske baccho ne v ahi kaha tha. so she might get eliminate, baki lets wait nd watch. luv u, bye- Neeti

    1. Prettypreeti

      Nets u here wonderful.
      We all want jagga to eliminate

  12. I think monalisa will be eliminated because she is calm and quiet.she is put in jail and will remain before weeknand.she is not involved in bb game.she does not do anything to take footage.she will not be able to make contribution for rising trp.priyanka is drama queen.she does everything for footage.she is fake.mano is okay.gurav has fan following.so if monalisa is eliminated it will not affect the show.

  13. Lila

    Jagga daku need to go. Hate her

  14. Prettypreeti

    Guys I m here cause update hone mei abhi time lagega.
    I luv salman khan.he always make bigg boss more interesting.
    I knes ki elimination kl hogi.
    Kl ka precap dekha I m laughing .baba kya kya karega.
    Manu saved we all knew.
    Jagga dhaku khalnayak.
    Waiting for 2morrow

  15. Evn i want priyanka to get eliminated shes jst cnt tolerate.jst hate the wy she behave

  16. yo! so priyanka is out.. again proved by bigboss that people makinglot of noises and and fighting over groundless issues are also not safe! just like in bb8 deepshika was eliminated inspite of creating a whole lot of drama. priyanka was too loud and i didn’t like the way she reacted on bidi wala puzzle!

  17. Sarayumane

    that idiot priyanka should be out but sad colors people will not let her go because she helps them by making the trp’s increase and may be monalisa or gaurav will leave,

  18. Prettypreeti

    Really jaaga dhaku gone.
    His team members crying.
    Seriously JJ bhai u were right.
    I think woh vapis aa skti hai.
    So this weak jaaga dhaku eliminated.

    1. jagga daku gayi kya, actually na in our cntry they dont give latest epi so I just watched yesterdays epi so who got evicted???

  19. Prettypreeti

    Yup nets woh gyi

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