You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-5 -PROMISE FULFILLED

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You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-5 (PROMISE FULFILLED)
Sanskar(whispered): for what you gave me permission?
Swara(smiled): TO CALL ME PRINCESS
‘swara! I don’t know whether I can call you princess, but I will be yours, I will be your prince, you take your own time and tell me when you will become my princess but never forget that I will always be your prince’. Sanskar remembered his words and smiled at her with teary eyes. “that means”, his voice choked. Swara smiled and said, “till now, only you were mine but now I’m also yours… prince!” he felt so happy hearing the word ‘PRINCE’. He twirled her around happily as she tightened her grip around his shoulder and looked up and closed her eyes tightly. Both of them laughed heartily and their laughter echoed in the lifeless walls of maheshwari mansion. Swara joined her forehead with him. Sanskar stopped spinning her and put her down gently while their foreheads were still joined and their eyes still closed feeling their closeness and a curvy smile on their face as their wait was finally over. After sometime when they finally got away from each other,

Swara: ok! I will leave now
Sanskar: stay with me for some more time
Swara: anyways you will come tomorrow evening na?
Sanskar: what is tomorrow evening?
Swara chuckled, poor guy! He doesn’t even know that tomorrow was his marriage!
Sanskar: why are you smiling now swara? Tell me what is tomorrow?

Swara hugged him and whispered in his ears, “from tomorrow onwards you have to bear me your whole life”. She breaks their hug and cupped his face as he looked at her confused. She looked at him lovingly and said, “its our MARRIAGE tomorrow!” sanskar looked at her with mixed emotions of shock and extreme happiness. “sujata mom has officially asked my hands for you from my parents and they have even agreed, now everyone is in my home preparing for our marriage for tomorrow!” sanskar hugged her tightly as he cried more and more. “I can’t believe this swara! We are getting married!” swara hugged him back, “haan sanskar! We are going to be married. I am so much proud of you that you proved your papa’s innocence”. Sanskar cries more hearing this, “he will be seeing me now na swara? But I am not able to see him, why did he leave me swara?” his voice broke and he broke down in her arms, swara tightened the hug and caressed his hairs and after sometime when sanskar stops crying a little, swara jerks and broke their hug. Sanskar gets shocked, “swara! What happened?” swara says innocently, “sanskar! You said na, papa is watching us. What will he think of us sanskar! How can I hug you in front of him, it will be so embarrassing na?” sanskar laughs a little hearing this, swara gets happy seeing him laughing. Sanskar pulls her by waist and asks, “didn’t you feel embarrassed when you asked me to say welcome because you said me thank you?” swara smiles as she remembered that and asks him teasingly, “didn’t you feel embarrassed when I suddenly said ‘hi’ to you when you were actually staring at my pic”.

Sanskar widened his eyes hearing that, “you saw me staring at your pic?” swara nodded her head and giggles and then wiped his tears which were still on his face, “never cry. Ok?” sanskar nodded his head and kept his hands on her hands which were on his cheeks cupping his face. “swara! please say those three words again for me”. Swara gets tears hearing this, she releases her hands from his grip and wiped her tears, “do something sanskar!” sanskar looked at her confused while she says teasingly, “do something special so that I say it!” she winked at him and started leaving from there. Sanskar just smiles at her craziness, he turns and saw her going towards the entrance, “bye PRINCESS!” he shouted. Swara stopped hearing this, she couldn’t control her tears, he has called her ‘princess’ for the very first time. Her happiness knew no bounds, she turns and looks at him emotionally, she remembers how they were separated. All those thoughts suddenly came rushing to her mind making her cry, she looks at him lovingly and says, “call me again like that”. She said and she was filled with enthusiasm to hear the word ‘princess’ again. It really meant so much to her. Sanskar saw her tears, it hurt him so much but when she said him to call her again like that, he couldn’t control his smile. Even he was in the same state when she first time called him ‘prince’. It gave him an indescribable happiness, he was about to call her but stops. He thinks something and says teasingly, “then tell me those three words”. Swara smiles and wipes her tears. “no, I will not say”. “then I will also not say!”

Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: swara!
Swara gets angry and starts leaving but stops at the exact entrance and turns to him, “I will make you say princess by tomorrow”. “I will also make you say those three words by tomorrow”. Swara stamps her foot in anger and goes from there. Sanskar smiles at her childishness and looks at her retreating figure. He felt bad as she was leaving, but no worries, he will bring her tomorrow anyways! And will never let her go away from him! Never, Ever……

Swara woke up, she was about to rub her eyes, but stopped on seeing her dry mehandi. She smiled seeing it and went to remove it. After removing it, she saw that it was in the darkest shade of red, she remembers her mother’s words when she was applying mehandi to her last night. “shona! The colour of the mehandi determines how much her husband loves her. If it is dark na, then people say that it means her would be husband loves her so much”. Swara smiled as she saw her mehandi, it was indeed dark! And the letter ‘S’ in her mehandi made her more happy. Her thoughts broke when she heard her mother’s shout, “arey! You should not keep it there. Keep it in the hall”. Swara smiled, the workers are gone today! She let out a sigh, today was her marriage. The happiness was exploding for her. She remembered how sanskar called her princess. She smiles, “I want you to call me like that again”. “to whom you are talking didi!” ragini asked lazily as she pulled her comforter and covered herself completely. Swara smiled, “just thinking how to make your jiju call me like that again”………

“uttara! Stop right there!” sujata laughed seeing her son chasing his sister. She had teased him so much, to such an extent, that his face itself became red. But no idea, whether his face is red because he is angry or maybe because he is blushing! Sujata looked towards ram’s photo, she could feel tears brimming in her eyes. She wiped them and went near the photo and caressed the photo. It would be very nice if he will be here today. She closed her tightly controlling her tears and then turned and looked at her children who had stopped their fight long back looking at their mom’s tears. They both went to her and hugged her, “mom! You don’t worry. Papa is always with us and he will always be watching us”. Uttara said on the verge of crying. Sanskar wiped sujata’s tears but suddenly uttara’s words stuck in his mind. ‘he will always be watching us’. He remembers how swara refused to hug him because his dad will always be watching them and it will be so embarrassing if he sees them hugging. A smile appears on his face remembering her childishness. “why are you smiling bhai! Remembered swara bhabhi na?” uttara asked teasing trying to light up the mood. Sujata smiled hearing this while sanskar scratched his head hearing this, “indeed his sister was true! His princess was the reason for his smile”…….

Swara descended the stairs carrying her heavy lehenga, she was looking down. She remembered her engagement with sanskar, when she was doing the same, staring at the floor. But that time she did it because of fear and sadness. But today she was doing it because of happiness and shyness. She looked up a little and saw her prince sitting on the beautifully decorated mandap following the instructions said by the panditji. A slight smile appeared on her face. She could feel the shyness and happiness overflowing. She went near him and they exchanged the garlands while the people presented there showered them blessings through their flowers. They both were instructed to take pheras. They took the seven vows holding each other’s hands and vowing to never leave each other’s hand and to love each other till their last breathe and never leave each other. They both sat and sanskar was given a thin black and gold mangalsutra. He looked at swara, though her face was covered with veil, he could see her eyes which was filled with tears of happiness, he went close to her and decorated her neck with the beautiful mangalsutra. While wearing it to her, he whispered in her ears, “YOUR PRINCE HAVE FULFILLED HIS PROMISE!” swara smiles hearing this. The priest forwaded him the box with vermillon. He took it and then lifted swara’s veil. He was surprised seeing her wearing the same maangtika he gave to her. He smiled and took it off a little and then filled her hairline with vermillon and she closes her eyes in happiness. “the marriage is completed”, the priest announced, swara opened her eyes which was filled with tears. She looked at sanskar who just gave a smile to her and wiped her tears. Finally….they were married,her prince have fulfilled his promise.

They took everyone’s blessings and many of them came and handed gifts to them blessing and congratulating them. “hey sanskar! Congrats” a girl comes and hugs sanskar. She also hugs Swara who gets confused, “I am sorry, I don’t know you!” swara said for which the girl laughed. Swara looked at her weirdly, what was there to laugh in it? “I am actually sanskar’s friend shreya. How will you know me swara? You could have asked me, ‘who are you’ but why are you saying you don’t know me. I know you don’t know me”. Saying this she again starts laughing. God! Swara sighed, this was her marriage! Not mental hospital! Why was she laughing like this without any reason? She was continuously speaking and laughing and was hugging sanskar each and every second. “shreya! We have to meet other guests, will catch you in sometime”. Swara said, shreya agreed and went from there. Sanskar let out a relief while swara glared at him, “who is she?” “my college mate, swara! You don’t have any idea how much mad she is?” sanskar replied, “I can understand how much mad she is” swara replied sarcastically and then said angrily, “she was hugging you every second as if she was my sautan!” sanskar chuckled, “you are jealous swara!” swara just glared at him which made sanskar shut up…..
“sanskar! Where are you taking me without even informing everyone?” swara asked irritated, while sanskar paid no attention to her and was simply driving the car. Swara frowned at him, he had picked her up and brought her to car without anyone’s notice. They both were going somewhere without informing anyone, still in the marriage dress. “sanskar!” “swara! Why are you asking again and again. You yourself see where I am taking you”. Swara sighed and rested on the seat, ‘where was he taking her?’……

They both got down the car, the strong breeze passing over them, they both were standing on the top pf the hill. Swara folded her arms and enjoyed the fresh air, “my wife once said that she loved sceneries” sanskar said and swara looked at him and remembered how she said it to him when they met near the lake. “I have heard that sunset looks perfect from here. I have never seen it, but now I am going to see it for the first time with my first wife!” sanskar said coming near her, swara looked at him shocked and asked angrily, “what do you mean by first wife?” “it was you who called shreya as your sautan!” sanskar says teasingly, swara turns her face in anger. Sanskar smiles and goes and back hugs her. “don’t you trust me swara?” he whispered near her ears, swara doesn’t reply. Sanskar gets sad, she was really angry with him, he turned her to him and cupped her face, “what should I do to get your forgiveness?” “promise me that I will be your princess forever and no one else, because I know you never break promises”. Sanskar smiles and goes more close to her, “YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRINCESS AND THIS IS THE PROMISE OF YOUR PRINCE!” swara smiled at him winningly, sanskar looked at her confused while she came near his ears and whispered, “didn’t you realize that you called me princess!” sanskar widened his eyes. God! That was a trap. “swara, no no. I didn’t call you, I just said it!” “no sanskar, accept your defeat! Ok! Even if you just said it, don’t you remember my challenge? I challenged that ‘I will make you say princess’, so I won!” sanskar frowned, “that’s cheating!” “no its not!” swara said. Sanskar sighed, “ok! I loose”. He pulled her by waist and continued, “now please say those words swara!

You don’t know how much I have yearned to hear them from you. Yesterday when you said it, I was so happy. I want to hear them again and again from you. Please!” swara looks at him lovingly and wrapped her arms around his shoulder, “do you know about a man who confessed his love to me in the park in an unexpected way”. Sanskar smiles, he remembers how he said those words to her suddenly and she looked at him shocked. “that man gave a maangtika to me, you know sanskar! It was so much beautiful and he thought me that dreaming is not in our hands, he made me realize that my first was broken, but there was not my fault in it”. Sanskar saw the tears forming in her eyes, “swara!” he whispered, “I am fine sanskar, listen to me”, she said and continued, “then he became my prince! But unfortunately we had to be separated, but he promised me that I WILL BE HIS BRIDE, you know sanskar? He kissed me two times on my forehead when he promised me.

Sanskar that kiss!” she stops as tears flowed from both of their eyes. “that kiss really meant so much to me, I really felt so much blissful, that kiss and his promise was the reason I breathed in the past two years, can you kiss me like that again sanskar?” she asks innocently in a broken voice as tears continuously flowed from her eyes, sanskar looked at her teary eyed as the flashes of their separation came in front of his eyes. He took his one hand from waist while his other hand was still holding her waist tightly. He cupped her face and kissed on her forehead. Swara closed her eyes and smiled happily feeling his soft and tender kiss. He looked at her while she placed her head on his chest and continued, “I didn’t realize my love for him until he left me”. Swara took her head from his chest and said, “now the time for you to win and me to loose!” she cups his face and says lovingly, “I LOVE YOU SANSKAR”. Sanskar looks at her smilingly while tears still flowed from his eyes, “tell it again” he whispered while swara smiled and said, “you call me princess again”. “first you tell” sanskar asks.

Swara: I love you prince
Sanskar: I love you too princess
They both joined their foreheads still crying. Sanskar got a little away from her and wiped her tears. He leaned towards her and swara closed her eyes. And finally this newly wedded couple kissed each tenderly and softly pouring out all their love on the top of the hill when the sun started setting giving a beautiful view which they cared the least now. The cold breeze tickled them and the entire atmosphere was filled with their unending and immense love for each other……

i completed my ss! i am so so so so happy. thank you so much to all those who supported me. it really means a lot. thank you sooooo much. bye for now! love you all

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      love you more chote!!!! aww! i missed you so much *tight hug*. am glad you loved my stories, no need to apolize for not commenting, i know you had your exams. you too take care and keep smiling.
      thank you

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        you know what??? buy a new box of tissues… next chapter is sadder!!! more sadder!

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      what? oh no!

      1. MAHIRA

        sorry in advance :p

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