You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-4

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You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-4
How can this happen? Sharma himself made sure that SANSKAR MAHESHWARI suffers the worst in jail but he was released! Released the very next day even after he warned the police to not leave him? Strange! Sharma gulped his shot in anger. How was this possible? This young man came to Mumbai before two years and has been taking revenge for his father continuously by taking all his contracts, he was definitely talented but there was someone…..someone who is helping him, otherwise it would not be so easy for sanskar to defeat him….defeat the great sharma…..there was someone. But who was it?…
Sanskar hugged LAKSH on the railway station. “thank you so much laksh. Without you this would not be possible”. Sanskar said, truthfulness and gratitude clearly visible in his eyes. The man in front of him was not related to him in any way but the son of the one who killed his father…..laksh sharma, but still he helped him in his every step of destroying his own father. “why are you going sanskar? We need to do a lot. Don’t you want to punish him for sending you to jail when you did nothing?” sanskar just smiled at his furious question. “if I start to punish him for all his deeds, I will have to punish him my whole life. My work will be nothing but to punish him, then how will I fulfill my promise?” he said looking at his ring lovingly, “I just wanted to punish him for killing my dad. For the contract which he killed my dad is in my hands now”. Laksh smiled cunningly listening this, he never liked his dad. He knew that he was heartless and a ruthless business man, but never in his dreams he thought that his dad can even kill someone for money. It was he who helped sanskar when he lost everything, when he didn’t even had a penny. He himself thought to punish his dad and came forward to help sanskar but never thought that this mission of his will give him a best friend sanskar. His thoughts broke when sanskar said, “ok now! Bye laksh, I will wait here, you go. Its already late”. Laksh nodded a big no, “I am not going anywhere”. “but why?” sanskar asked confused, laksh smiled, “you didn’t complete your love story yet, what happened after you gave the maangtika to her?” sanskar sighed, “long story laksh!” laksh frowned, he rarely tells about his love story to him, he often gave the same answer that it was a long story. “why don’t you just tell it?” laksh asked irritated to sanskar who was admiring his engagement ring. “I am not so good in narrating stories!” sanskar said. Laksh gave him a deathly glare while he was still staring at his ring, ‘I AM NOT GOING TO REMOVE THIS RING. OUR MARRIAGE IS STILL NOT BROKEN’. Her words were ringing in his ears. It took so many days for him to win the contract, it took so many days for him to settle well…a whole two years! First her marriage broke, she was in that trauma for two years, after that he went in her life and he was successful in his mission by finally bringing her out of the trauma she was facing but he again left her….her marriage broke again, her heart broke again, her dreams were shattered again. Everything happened AGAIN in her life, for which she feared the most, that was the reason that she didn’t keep many expectations with him but he gave it to her. He gave the guarantee to her to never leave her but he did it. The flashes of how swara pleaded to him falling on her knees came in front of his eyes. He could feel the guilt occupying him, but what was his fault too? Did he ever knew that all the business of their family would be closed?…..their marriage will be broken when there are barely three weeks left for it? How on the earth would he knew that his father…..”you are crying sanskar?” laksh’s concern voice brought him back to reality. Sanskar realized it and wiped his lone tear smilingly, “no laksh…its just…umm leave it”. “please don’t hide anything from me” laksh pleaded while sanskar sighed, “I remembered dad”. Laksh immediately hugged him. “is your bromance over?” sanskar asked teasingly, laksh giggled and broke the hug but then asked seriously, “sanskar, I am asking you for the last time. Please be here. You struggled so much and got proofs against him, we submitted it to media. It will soon be telecasted, see it and then go na. he has sent you to jail, don’t you want to see him going to jail!” sanskar sighed in relief as he saw the train coming. “no one can understand my impatience to see her laksh! Its already too much, I can’t wait more and I am sure that she would also be waiting for me eagerly, I am sure that he can’t escape now and that’s the reason I am going. I don’t want to waste even a single minute”. He said while laksh smiled and said, “you were with me for two years but you didn’t tell your story”. Sanskar said picking up his luggage, “I said it! You liar!” laksh tried to say innocently, “not briefly na? you said it shortly and when I asked you to tell briefly, you told till only that you gave a maangtika to her”. Laksh helped sanskar in taking his bags and kept it on his seat in the train. Laksh bid a bye to him and was about to go when sanskar stopped him, “I will definitely tell you someday. Bye for now and thank you so much”. “uff! You are too emotional. Bye sanskar”. After this he went from there. Sanskar sighed and sat near the window. Its been two years, he was finally going to meet her. His heart dancing with joy, “your prince is coming swara”……..
Tears rolled down her eyes when she saw the news, the man because of whom everything was turned upside down was finally being punished. If he has been punished then….she sucked a sharp breathe. The moment was finally going to be here…HER PRINCE was going to come soon to her…very soon…..
Shock would be a small word for ragini when she saw SUJATA aunty at the doorsteps of the gadodia mansion. She came out of her frozen position when she heard an old yet sweet voice, “can I come inside beta?” ragini’s face fell in guilt and embarrassment for not inviting her guest. “ye…yes” she stammered and moved aside as sujata came inside letting ragini pray to god, ‘I hope everything becomes fine today’. “where is your mom and dad ragini?” ragini gulped hearing this question. Don’t know how her father was going to react. “i….i will call them aunty. You take a seat”. Saying this she went upstairs to call her parents. God! What was going to happen?
There was deadly silence in the hall as shekhar, sharmishta and sujata stood crossing their arms on chest, while ragini was holding her sister’s hand tightly who was looking down, just looking down without saying anything. The conversation was surprisingly started by a guilty shekhar, “I am sorry sujataji”. Swara looked at him shocked. “already my daughter marriage was broken and that time when you all were proved wrong, I….i am sorry I should have believed you”. He said looking down with shame, what was even happening here? Swara was clueless and was just staring at her father. It was he who hated them but suddenly he was seeking forgiveness and was believing them? Shocking… “so that means you saw the news”. Sujata said with proud, it was then when swara realized it. Such a fool she was, how could she forget about the news. “I am very proud that my son proved our innocence, but I am not angry on you shekharji. Yes! You could have believed us but you were scared for your daughter because of her first…..” sujata stopped as she saw swara getting teary eyed, she went near her and caressed her hair lovingly, “how are you swara?” “how are you mom?” swara asked keeping her hands on sujata’s hand. “feeling so happy and proud of my son”. Sujata said the truth, she said what she exactly felt to HER FUTURE DAUGHTER IN LAW. Tears started to flow from her eyes, she badly needed to cry…NOW…. Her voice choked but still she managed to bring out her words with great difficulty which actually came like a whisper, “where is he mom?”………
Swara paced on the empty maheshwari mansion which was more like an haunted house now. Of course! What she can expect from a house that was locked for two years. She remembered how sujata mom said that they got back everything and she and uttara came before sanskar. She said that sanskar will directly reach the mansion and then they were planning to meet the gadodias. She also added that she couldn’t wait and she came there to talk with her parents and sanskar had no idea that his mom was at gadodia house now. She gave swara the keys and she came here running not looking at her mother or father before coming here. Swara sighed, don’t know what must be happening there. She just can’t wait to see sanskar, so she came here but what must be happening in her house? Her thoughts broke as she heard her phone ringing flashing the name ‘RAGINI’. She could feel her hands trembling, her sister was going to tell her what happened there.
Swara: haa ragini
Ragini: didi! Didi! Didi! Didi! I can’t tell you my happiness.
Swara: is everything fine?
Ragini: didi! Everything is perfectly fine. Papa and sujata aunty are planning your marriage tomorrow itself!….. Mom is calling me, maybe there is some work after all its your marriage tomorrow. Bye didi and congrats!
Swara felt her breathe stopped at her throat because of happiness and when she finally breathed out, she let out a gasp and few tears escaped her eyes. Everything was perfect…..EVERYTHING WAS INDEED PERFECT.
Sujata: shekharji! Lets just forget everything, I want my sanskar’s happiness only. I want their marriage to happen. Didn’t you see how much swara loves sanskar?
Shekhar just looked down, his daughter was too much broken for the past two years, two years before he only thought about sanskar’s family, whatever accustations were made on them, he believed it like a common man but failed to think from the point of view of his daughter. He failed to think what sanskar meant to his daughter. He sighed and looked towards his wife. Sharmishta just nodded to him. He looked towards sujata, “I apologize from my heart sujataji, I really regret for the decision that I took before two years and for the marriage…..” everyone looked towards him in eager. “its an….”
“woah!” the elders turned to the source of voice and were surprised seeing ragini standing almost on the sofa. “thank you so much dad” she said and got down and ran to take her phone to inform her sister. “so when is the marriage?” sharmishta broke the shocked silence that happened because of ragini’s craziness. Sujata looked at her and smiled before answering, “TOMORROW”…….
Sanskar had tears in his eyes as he saw his home. He opened the gate which made a loud noise and as he stepped in, even this unclean house gave him pleasant smell. Someone rightly said, ‘East or West, home is the best’. His legs became heavy as he took his each steps very slowly reminsing all those memories, he, his mom, uttara, HIS DAD. It was such a perfect family. He came till the doorstep and was surprised, he was expecting his mother to stand there with an aarthi plate. But… she was not there. Really surprising. He thought as he went inside, he stopped making his way as he could see the hall coming in his view. Someone was standing, a girl was standing facing her back to him, her hands on her waist, maybe she was frustrated for something. A perfect yellow salwar, her silky hair which was flying in air and a slight change in her movement as she slowly took her hands from her waist, maybe she sensed him being here….finally being here… her left hand, on her ring finger something too much tiny which shined….ring…engagement ring. And she was “SWARA!” he says startled. Tears formed in her eyes hearing the voice for which she was yearning for….two years? Na. she doesn’t accept this fact, it would not be just two years, surely not. It would be more than that, a century she suppose. And when finally her nerves sent the message to her brain that sanskar called her. She turned to him and saw him. He was here. He was really here. Finally! And at the very next moment she was in his embrace….he has already ran to her and have took her in a bone crushing hug. She hugged him back tightly. As they both lost themselves in the hug, swara remembered her very first hug with him in the park, she smiles remembering it. They both closed their eyes as the symbol of sadness flowed through their eyes uncontrollably.
Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: hmm!
Swara: we are hugging for the past five minutes!
Sanskar broke the hug
Sanskar: really?
Swara nodded her head.
Sanskar: why time is going very fast now when it went very slow in these two years
Swara: even I thought the same. I missed you so much
Sanskar: no! I missed you more
Swara: no! I missed you more
Sanskar: no! it was me who missed you more
Swara: yes!
Sanskar gets amused to see her accepting so easily while she says teary eyed, “I had the maangtika you gave me and also this ring. I had so many things to remember you, but I gave you nothing. So you would have missed me more”. “SWARA!” sanskar was shocked to see her crying, “swara listen to me” he said as he cupped her face while she was continuously blabbering her nonsense
Sanskar: swara! Stop crying! You missed me more
Swara: no! you missed me more
Sanskar: no you
Sanskar: no! wha……what?
Swara chuckled at his reaction. “what did you say?” sanskar asked still shocked. “I didn’t say anything. I just gave you permission”. Saying this she pounce on his arms, her legs no more on the ground and his hands on her waist. She was a little height than him now because he was lifting her. She joined their foreheads and rubbed her nose with him.
Sanskar(whispering): for what you gave me permission?
Swara(smiled): TO CALL ME PRINCESS.

hey guys! this shot was a little short. sorry for that and sorry for previous shot when i asked whether you all don’t like the story etc. i got fever na maybe thats why i became so…umm leave it. big thanks to all those who wished me a speedy recovery. my fever actually reduced from 103 to 99! so guys. i hope you liked this part. bye for now! love you all.

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