Whom will Ayesha fall in love with in PKDH?

Ayesha is rocking in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai these days. Her new look is warmly accepted by everyone. Even her love interests have increased. Aditya, Arif and Ghalib are competing to get her love. Let’s give you a brief info about them.

Aditya is a genuine hearted man, who have always respected and loved his wife Pankhudi. He went in high depression when he came to know about Pankhudi’s death. He did not get her dead body and started believing that Pankhudi is alive, somewhere waiting for him. He started finding her everywhere being mad to get her. He was obsessed thinking he will get Pankhudi back. Harish saw Pankhudi’s look alike Ayesha in Lucknow and brought her back in Adi’s life to help him come out of depression. Adi got really happy seeing his wife back. But Ayesha did not feel connected to him. Slowly with time, Ayesha started feeling that Adi is a nice guy and felt bad for him as she is going to give him a shock by showing him Pankhudi’s death. She prays for him to get that strength to bear this and really starts developing feelings of concern for him.

Arif is Ayesha’s fashion designer trainer. She designs a dress working as his intern. He submits the designs made by her and wins an award. Ayesha was feeling Arif is very talented and wanted to stick to him, but after seeing that Arif took all her credit to himself and ditched her, she got his right image in mind now. Adi too went with her in the party and stops Arif to speak up. Adi tells everyone that the real credit goes to Ayesha who worked on the dress whole night single handed. Ayesha gets pleased by Adi and annoyed with Arif. Right now, the track shows Arif trying to win Ayesha back.

Ghalib is Ayesha’s Lucknow’s lover, who has always wanted to marry her. He followed her to Mumbai and saw her living as Adi’s wife. He attacked Adi but Ayesha saved him. Ghalib wants to get Ayesha, no matter she loves him or not. He never tried to make her fall in love with him, and just wanted to force himself on her. Ghalib is now heading to Kullu to know about Ayesha and Pankhudi’s connection. He wants to meet Govardhan Mama and find out some clues that can help him find the past of Ayesha. Ghalib aims to win Ayesha’s love some day, by proofing it to her how much he loves her. Let’s see which guy bags Ayesha’s love.

  1. Surely with adi

  2. Ofcourse Adi is the best for her

  3. No matter who gets whom turn ayesha into pankhudi dats wat viewers r expecting..!!

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