My wife’s murderer shot 5-Ten Shots(KKB)

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Someone is entering into the room which is the office for Shanaya in the Mansion and within a couple of seconds a painful cry echoes in the mansion hearing which all the lights turned on, Purab rushed towards Shanaya’s room and was shocked to see the scenario in front of him everyone came following him and were shocked too … looking all that immediately Purab took a glance of room and found that window glass was open so it was obvious that someone was escaped from there ….

And everyone there got surprised when Shanaya entered to the room yes Shanaya wasn’t there when that attack happened but someone else was there it was Bulbul who was there to check out some files but coincidentally she was trapped in this and when Purab was entered he was shocked as she was in pool of blood and looking so Shanaya’s eyes were turned red she was in full rage that immediately she called the headquarters and said

Shanaya: ??? Hello Mumbai Police Headquarters
Person on line: yes mam ??
Shanaya: senior inspector Bulbul Arora has been attacked by someone and just now the culprit is escaped just put this area under high alert whoever it was I don’t want that person escaped???
Police man:?? sure mam

Shanaya hanged up the call and then called Ambulance and immediately took her to hospital then Purab came there and said
Purab: madam I checked the place no one was there except this written message which I guess was dropped by the person who came there and that too by mistake ?
Shanaya: I know it Purab because that person was there to kill me and that is cleared by this CCTV recording which I took from that mansion and Bulbul got trapped by mistake
Purab: So what is the next order mam ?
Shanaya: gather the Mehras as now this matter had become personal matter ???
Purab: okay mam
Saying so Purab left the place and Shanaya was looking Bulbul who was lied over the bed in exhausted condition doctors had said that “her living chances were less because glass pieces were there inside the stomach may be while stabbing the glass was broken inside and hearing all that Shanaya’s blood was getting boiled, after sometime Purab came back
Purab: Mam I have gathered all the Mehras in the police station ??
Shanaya: Lets start our game now ???
Purab: sure mam ?

Shanaya and Purab moved in the direction of Police station while going Shanaya was lost in deep thoughts her expressions we clearly showing that she had noticed something for sure and suddenly the car stopped and she came out of her thoughts while entering the police station she suddenly stopped in a way and said to Purab
Shanaya: Purab what was Bulbul doing in my cabin ??
Purab: mam she brought one report and file regarding the case.
Shanaya: did anybody knew about it ???
Purab: yes mam two persons knew it clearly one was Abhishek and another person was…….(he became silent)

Shanaya: and what Purab break your silence and speak ????
Purab: mam Aliya knew it as she noticed us discussing about it and then I guess she knew it ??
Shanaya: Aliya Mehra ?? this girl is trapping herself her own let’s go and talk to them not exactly talk let’s investigate today that what the hell this Mehra family is hiding??
Both Shanaya and Purab entered the police station Mitali was the first who became curious and asked
Mitali: Why you have gathered us her and that too in midnight is it a way to behave with respected families
Shanaya: just cut the hell crap it is very well known by every one that who the hell is respected here and who is not Damn it and I haven’t gather you here to argue with you all at silly matters just the single question and I want the answer it one word too otherwise I will make your lives miserable believe me ???
Miltali gulped her words looking Shanaya’s anger ??
Shanaya continued: one of my officer is injured and it will be better to tell me whose work is this
All were silent
Shanaya: oh what am I asking sorry I must ask what’s your opinion over it who could it be who came to kill me but ended up targeting her ?
Abhi: how will we know it Shanaya I was with you only
Dadi: I was sleeping
Mitali: I was with my kids
Raj: I was with Sarla aunty

Taya ji: I was out for some work when I came back I was called here
Tai ji: I was also sleeping
Shanaya: hmm… then the only person who left is Aliya it’s again you now you tell me what is going on in your mind
Aliya being scared: I was…I was also sleeping that time woke up with that sudden sound only
Shanaya: ??? at 12:00 am you were back and then within 15 minutes you were slept so soon!!!?? Well girl cut the crap and tell me what the hell is going on in your mind you are going out escaping from everyone in midnight and then you interact with me that also with your full attitude then you saw that I was going on my cabin which was actually Bulbul you seen age for in her hand and got scared that’s why you followed her and misunderstanding that it was me you stabbed her ???
Aliya: No nothing is like that I never did that
Shanaya: ??? really!!! Is it so!!! Then tell me where was you and where we you went?
Aliya: I have already said that I was with one of my friend named Tanya she had called me to meet that’s it
Shanaya: that’s it she called you to meet her!! Really did she use to call every one in mid night only!!
Aliya: she wasn’t having time so she called me and moreover she wasn’t feeling easy so she called me in night itself
Abhi: But Aliya she must have called doctor and you must have told us before going
Aliya: I don’t need to give any explanation to a person like you
Shanaya: okay then I guess you are not ready to tell me what was happened right and where were you so let me do one thing as I have to put blame on someone as my officer was in your mansion while incident took place oh sorry she was the only and in our absence all this happened so let me to someone (she started to round around everyone) what about Mitali
Mitali: no please I was all sleeping that time I have already said
Shanaya: then what about Raj
Raj: Shanaya I have already told you that I was with Sarla aunty
Shanaya: okay then Purab do one thing arrest everyone of them and charge 3rd degree torture on them because they are too stubborn that they will never open the mouth so easily
Dadi: Shanaya beta this is not right in rage only you are taking this decision don’t do so

Shanaya: Don’t start this game of emotional blackmail and relations and all here because my habit is either a decision or action so I have you both the option but you people chosen action so I am sorry mam I can’t help you in that Purab arrest them
Tai ji: at you don’t have proof too then why are you arresting us
Shanaya: Purab don’t waste the time just drop them into the cell damn it??? (banging the fist on table hardly)
Purab took a step ahead when a voice stopped him it was Aliya
Shanaya: Now what else is left miss Mehra

Aliya: I will tell you everything but leave them all don’t arrest them please
Shanaya smirked ??: you woke up so soon ah!!! I thought I have to torture them really well when you are ready then tell me from the beginning
Aliya: okay
Shanaya gestured Purab to bring chair he did it and now Aliya was seated in mid and everyone were ready to hear the confession Shania was stood folding her arms leaned over table slightly
Shanaya: start
Aliya: Dadi arranged marriage of Bhai his interest was totally zero in that alliance but he did for the wish of her a every thing went perfectly fine too misunderstandings cleared Bhai Bhabhi were in love living their life perfectly until Tanu came in our life she became obsessed with Bhai in few meetings only and this was bothering Bhai a lot so he once yelled at her and made her understand that he only loves Bhabhi she is the only one for him and Tanu agreed too but she didn’t agreed she just pretended to be and decided to spoil this happily married life first so she started spreading her trap one day Bhai forgot his phone at home itself and Tanu was with us in my room only she said that today she has planned a worst prank with Bhabhi I didn’t mind it because according to everyone Bhabhi was so close to me but practically she was just a trump card for me
Shanaya: trump card !!
Aliya: exactly whenever I was about to get trap in something she use to help me to escape she always use to hide my every mistake so I accepted her so that none oft mistakes should get disclose in front of everyone so I just ignored whatever Tanu said that day but still I was lost in thoughts that why Tanu wants to prank with her that was the time when suddenly my door opened and Bhabhi entered in room
Aliya is seated in her bed and talking to someone so tensed to someone when Pragya enters in a rage
Pragya: I never expected this from you Aliya??, you will do this with me I thought you accepted me true heartedly ?

Aliya: why the hell are you creating scene here what I have done ??
Pragya: you hid the truth from me ?
Aliya: about which truth you are talking about ??
Pragya: the truth that Abhishek is in relationship with your so called friend Tanu ??
Aliya?? thought something for sometimes then said
Aliya: ?? But how you came to know
Pragya: From that phone call which Abhi received a while ago he wasn’t there so I answered the call and then what I heard was a shock for me ??

Saying so she sat down on the bed being broken down
Aliya smirked ?? then pretended to be sad
Aliya: ?? I am sorry bhabhi I never wanted you to get hurt so I hid it from you
Pragya: do I am looking happy now ? you are saying like that !!
Saying so she left the room and after sometime when Abhi came back to home he noticed that his room’s lights were off till now so he went to his room and there Pragya was seated on the bed leaning her head over head board and when He opened the door, he asked looking her like that
Abhi: Pragya !! What happened ! Why lights are off today ?? ??
Pragya : what can lights do when your life itself was kept in darkness ?
Abhi sitting beside her: what happened are you angry from me did I do something which I shouldn’t be ??
Pragya: what have you done !! Nothing …. Its all my mistake that I came into your life and tried to bind you in the feeling called love ?

Abhi: what are you blabbering Pragya can’t you talk straight kindly come to the point
Pragya: so you want me to say it directly right !!!
Abhi: yes
Pragya: I am talking about coming in mid of you and that super model Tanu I came in mid of you both, you both were in relationship and still..
Abhi got angry hearing that: ??? have you gone mad damn it what the hell you are blabbering do you have any idea !! You are doubting over me ??

Pragya: I was saying the truth only that’s why you are not at home from past few days as you were with her and that’s the only reason I guess you don’t have time for me ???
Abhi was so hyper over all that, that he was about to raise hand over Pragya and shouted “Pragya ?”

Flashback ended
That was the time I thought she did prank unknowing that she did it intentionally until Bhai raised hand to slap her Tanu was also with me when we were looking that scenario and when beside slapping her Bhai ended up hugging her to just calm her and himself down Tami’s face was turned totally red that was the time when she told me everything that for this only she was keeping Bhai busy for days I was not so selfish that let my brother’s life get spoilt because of her I confronted her saying this is wrong that time she agreed and asked sorry but who knows that she was pretending her obsession towards Bhai was so high that she even tried to kill their child when Bhabhi was pregnant

Shanaya: what nonsense no one informed me about this
Aliya: bacause those days were like a black chapter of bhabhi’s life Tanu tried every possible way to kill Their child and Bhai always treated it as bhabhi’s carelessness and this wasn’t tolerable by her Tanu wanted that he should feel that Bhabhi is willingly trying to kill that unborn child she did every possible thing which she can but when she wasn’t able to do so she played her worst trick that cost bhabhi’s life almost it was the day of bhabhi’s delivery date like every woman she was also going to be mother of someone but who knew that it was going to turn a miserable day for her and her loved husband she gave birth to a baby girl that day
Abhi with eyes filled with years stood up: it wasn’t a girl it was a boy Aliya and don’t try to open his topic in mid of all this ??

Aliya: ??? No Bhai it wasn’t a boy it was a girl Tanu hidingly changed that baby girl to the baby who was bright the as someone left him to die on road he was fired because of cold and doctors were taking about that only which she heard and then played her card at night she quietly stolen that body of baby and changed with your daughter without information of doctor and bribed the senior doctor too who was busy in treating your daughter first rather than informing you that it was a girl as your daughter was suffering from some breathing problem Tanu took her from there and all this I came to know when she was returning from an orphanage I asked her why she use to go their often she told me everything and asked me to accompany her in her doings if I want to know about his daughter then I have to accompany her I agreed because I was wishing to see Bhai and bhabhi happy as it was a long time they were in trauma of losing their kid but to my fate everything Every time gotten worst I am still working for her but still unaware about your daughter I am sorry Bhai

Abhi was taken aback by her words his expressions were lost that time he wasn’t thinking about his daughter who was alive but about the betrayal which he got he wasn’t in his senses he was all lost of expressions Shanaya who heard all her confession wasn’t satisfied still so she ordered Aliya to be in remand with Purab until the investigation with Tanu gets over

To be continued ….
Did Aliya spoke truth this time or it was again a face of a lie just wait and watch sorry read ????

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  2. Reshma_Pradeep

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  3. Saranya24

    Omg hw many twists wicked witch tanu i jst hate her anyway loved it a lot didi love u loads??????

  4. Brilliantly Amazing????? It’s really getting interesting day by day! Bhai I loved it to the core❤️❤️ By the way u write i can visualise every scene as if it is just happening in front of me!????? seriously u r the best?. Waiting for the next one! Love you!??

  5. Nice episode di so sad for Abhi hope he gets his daughter and evils punished can’t wait for next episode

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    Last part was emotional ? ?. .eagerly waiting for nxt part di. .please update nxt part soon. .

  7. Brilliant! Fantabolus! Unexpected and…. ??????? Episode was bookmark for me, I like Shanaya’s attitude, especially the line: my habit is either a decision or action, damn! And she chose Action!! ??? Truly best in every way, and yes it’s hard for a person to write differently and innovatively but you carried it out so perfectly! Well aliya is badi dhakan ? yet you have made her character too much intresting , not only of hers but every character is too much intresting! And bulbul ? maar hee dita ?? that was best scene! Keep writing hatss off

  8. B_Ani

    i dont know what aaliya said is true or lie. waiting to know.

  9. Prathi

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