My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 8)

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Abhigya went home,now pragya was sleeping when they were travelling in auto. Abhi gave money n carried pragya in his arms to home.abhis mom who saw this said hey what happened to this chori why she’s not wearing veil n ur carrying her.abhi said maa in confused tone.abhis mom said beta what happened to my bahu I’m worried.abhi said nothing maa she was sleeping so I carried her n went to his room.

Pragya woke up when she reached room,she was looking in hazel eyes of abhi n her time stopped

In vizhigalil vizhuntha natkalil
NAL karainthathu adhuve podhume
Ver edhuvum vendame Anbe….

Pragya broke eyelock n gestured abhi to make her stand.abhi made her stand n holded her hand n pulled her.

She hit his chest.tinkering sensations passed through her.abhi made his grip stronger on her waist n said if my dear wifey gives me a kiss I’ll let her go.pragya said no no,ill stay like this itself.abhi said so ms abhi wants to be in her husbands embrace how naughty na.pragyas cheeks flushed red n she pushed him n ran.abhi was acting like his heart was aching,while pragya gave him a flying kiss ,he caught it n put it near his heart.

Pragya changed n came,she sat on table combing her hair,when she saw abhi oogling at her through mirror, she blinked her eye at him.

Unnale plays.

Message beeped on abhis phone it was an party in his office ,he told pragya to get ready n come .pragya said how I’ll come there,abhi said I’m there na n holded her hand.pragya felt some kind of support in his touch.

Pragya said so abhi do u know I was in ur class only that too at ur back bench ,from there only my love story started.abhi said whatttttt???pragya said yes I saw in assembly reading thought for day.that day I was mesmerised n fell in love with was indeed love at first sight.but u never noticed me as u were busy with ur gf Nikita.

Abhi gasped in shock ,how she knew Nikita. Pragya said don’t stare in shock I know all about you. Abhi said but I want to know more about you na ,so how about a date????pragya asked when???

Abhi said next week will u be my date?? N kneeled down with a paper folded in his hand as rose.pragya smiled n said for that u have to impress me dear boy n messed his hair n ran??abhi smiled n said nautakani,but my pyari nautakani.

Pragya ran n went to dadis room,dadi said pragya what’s this I told you not to remove veil until I tell.dadi abhi proposed me n said everything except lovely moments.dadi said I’m the most happiest Dr,god bless you both so when ull give me my grandchildren.abhi said dadi anytime if ur bahu cooperates. Dadi smiled while pragya glared abhi.this was witnessed by someone….

Precap: abhigya to attend party,DG to get anger seeing them,pragya uncomfortable.

Guys hope like this if so comment.thanks for reading this boring ff n me. It’s okk pls tell me ur views.

Flash news: princess to write a new story on gangster erza scarler the legends love, just give me ur views….its abhigya only

Its ur princess signing off see u all with another epi till then tata bye

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