My wife is my life (Part-2)

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Thank you so much for the comments..If u want any changes u can tell it openly..

Recap: shivaay slaps anika

A small change..I mentioned that shivaay slapped anika because she didn’t respond to
I’ll change it like.. Shivaay slapped anika because she signed the divorce paper and some other papers..

Now let’s start the story:

S: (without looking at anika..He turns the other side): what is your problem?? Wat made u sign the papers?? Just because i didn’t inform u where i went ah? Don’t act smart..Ik u very well..He turns and doesn’t see her..(he doesn’t know that she fell down..And currently she’s unconscious)so you stopped listening to me..I’m not gonna leave u..Just wait and watch..He goes and changes and doesn’t notice her..He goes out and ask abt anika to each and everyone..But none of them saw her..
This made him made more hyper..He called khanna and asked to trace anika’s phone..Telling this he went to his office..

Later on rudra came in search​of his super woman..He came to their room and saw her lying down..He even saw blood from her mouth..Instead of calling everyone..He himself fainted because he’s afraid of blood..After some time Om came and saw these two..He called all the members..He called even doctor… Everyone was worried because anika was lying on the floor unconscious from the morning till noon.. Doctor told everyone to wait outside..He did the checkup and came outside..

Doctor: can anyone me explain what happened to her?
Rudra: doctor..We called u to do checkup and u urself asking us wat happened to her?? He did his logic wala sign..
Om: shut up rudra

Doctor..Even we don’t know wat happened to her..Wen we came in search of her we found her lying on the floor unconsciously..
Doctor: she didn’t eat properly from last one week..And her cheeks are so red..It’s like someone slapped really very hard..That’s y even blood started coming her mouth..
Every one was shocked..
The men were not there..only Omru was there

Doctor: she needs rest…I think u need to meet even one more doctor.. i mean she’s supposed to meet a cardiologist..
Saying this doctor leaves..
Every one was shocked to hear it..They thought anika would have gained conscious..But in vain..
They thought to inform shivaay..But he didn’t pick the call..
In the room jhanvi and and pinky were next to anika..

Suddenly she started coughing continuesly..She didn’t even stop..They called the doctor and he asked them to come to hospital..They reached and she was kept under observation.. Everyone was praying for her..
Shivaay reached home and found no one..He called Omru and found that anika was in hospital..
He thought it was her play..So he didn’t give much importance…
He reached the hospital and gave wierd look at his family members because they are acting as if anika is very serious and she’s in ICU..

He walked towards them..Omru told the. Everything..He was shocked..Tears started coming..
Then he realised that few day before she came to the same hospital for a checkup..And she hid the reports Wen he asked her to show..

Shivaay went back to om and went through all the reports..He was shocked because anika was having a block in her heart..
He took the reports and went to the hospital and hand it over to the best cardiologist..
He went through the reports and told that this operation can be risky..
Shivaay didn’t allow the doctor to speak further..He asked the doctor to start the operation..
He warned the doctor not to bring bad news Wen he come out of the OT..
Doctor was nervous..

Operation started…And ended within 3-4 hours..

Those three four hrs was enough for shivaay to loose his life..
He remained calm..Deep inside his heart he was very tensed and scared..
Doctor came and told him that it was successful..
Doctor informed the family members to meet anika..As she gained conscious..

Shivaay went in and saw her..His eyes was wet..
He went near her..

S: so this was ur plan ryt..U did it purposely..How can u do like that?? How could u even think going away from me??
A: please go away from me..(she crying in her heart..But she made sure that her she doesn’t show her tears to shivaay) who r u to me?? U informed the world that I’m ur wife..But u never wanted me to be ur child’s mother..I hate u shivaay..It was better i die in that operation itself..She couldn’t control her tears anymore..
Shivaay raised hand on her to slap again..Then he understood that she need rest..

S: stop thinking nonsense..U r my wife and I’m ur husband..Do u get that?? If u still didn’t understand then..I can even show it to u physically..

Anika forgot all her worries and started blushing..She knew that she should start her tadi..So that shivaay will maintain distance..

Before she could speak further..Nurse entered and informed Shivaay that she’s discharged and can be taken home..She needs complete rest..

Shivaay was happy..
They reached home..Shivaay picked her in his arms and walked straight to their room…She was taking complete rest..She found those divorce papers and other property papers and burnt them..Shivaay who brought food for her saw this was really very happy..He thought that without her how could his life be so simple and beautiful..

Ranveer: any information about the girl who fainted..ik who she is..I’m asking any birth mark or something related to anu? ( His lost sis) he was on cloud nine..Because after 25 years he atlast found his any..Wen anu was lost..Ranveer was only 5 years old…..

Next day anika was sitting in the hall with her lady love and others.. Ranveer came inside and went straight to anika and slapped her really hard..
Shivaay slapped Ranveer back..Anika saw this got up and slapped shivaay lightly..

A: how dare u slap my bro?
R and S: wat??
R: how did u know ??
S: how can he be??
R: tell me the truth how did u know??
S: stop irritating her..I’ll ask them u ask..
A: stop it..Stop behaving like kids..
I’ll answer ur questions..One condition..One by one..It will be question answer question..
R and S: okay done
S: how can he be ur bro?
A: because he’s my bro..I can identify him..easily..
R: Wen did u know??
A: today!!

A: after u slapped me..I understood that u r my bro veer
R: ( had tears in his eyes) anu how can u leave and go like that??
A:I’m sorry veer..
S:hold on..Wats happening??
Every one together: r u blind?? Can’t u see it??
S: anika tell me everything clearly..
A: I’m veer’s sis..And veer is my younger brother..U always asked my surname ryt..My name is Anika Singh Rana!!
Shivaay was shocked..

All others knew it..
A: u never wanted me in ur life ryt..But i wanted u to be in my life..
I love u alot..Don’t u dare go away from me..
S: u r my wife and I’m ur husband.. Understand..
R: di..Come home..Papa is waiting for u..
A:veer I’ll come home..Only after shivika and ansh come..
All were shocked to hear these two names.. Because​they didn’t know who these two were..
S: now who r these two??
A: humare bacche!! Only after they come to this world..I’ll come to Papa..
R:as u wish..But u need to come…

A: I’ll definitely come..
S: we should start the preparation ryt..
All were confused..
A: i understood.. Shivaay ik u very well..Only after i completely get well ur dreams will start..
Shivaay with sad face agreed..
R: okay di..I’m leaving..Take care..Bye..While saying TC he looked at someone else also..She blushed..

Ranveer went and all other family members left to their rooms..
Shivaay and anila were left..
S: if u want..Today itself I’ll start the preparation..
A: bagad billa..Stop it..Nothing like that will happen..
Ik that I’m ur life..

So done with the update..
Okay bye people..Thanks for lovingy ff
Love u lots..I’ll come again with a new story..stauly tune..And keep watching me..

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