Why me? Chapter 10

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Chapter 10
So back again this time my cute sis Astha helped, so big thanks to you sis?

Astha’s pov
“Omg, VK still loves.” I thought to myself, while I was crying, but this were happy tears. “I can’t believe it, he called me beautiful infront of all his fans.” “I love you too VK and never leave me alone again, or I will punish you and you brothers should be aware of it too.”
End of pov

Nidhi’s pov
“IK didn’t say anything about me, but I could see the love for me in his eyes.” “I don’t how to react, cause I saw his pain.” “I don’t know, if I can love you again IK!” “My love you wasn’t weak then but now it is.”
End of Nidhi’s pov

Sinzo’s pov
“TiK said he loves me like heaven on earth.” “I don’t know, how I feel about you, I wish to meet you soon my love and my heartbeat.”
End of her pov

Ashnoor’s pov
“ShK isn’t the darkness in my life, he is the brightest star in it.” “Kyunki maine sirf tumse pyaar kiya hai(Cause I have only loved you).” “Why do you blame yourself for my misseries ShK, it’s not your fault!” “Our destiny played it’s cards, but now it’s our turn!”
End of Ashnoor’s pov

Jazzy’s pov
“My love RK said, that I can do anything, fight for anyone and that I helped him a lot.” “Why do you still affect me with your charm?” “Why can’t I forget you like other people can forget their crush?” “I love you even now, but it’s not the same like it was before, cause you have hurt me too much.”
End of her pov

Malika’s pov
“How can I forgive you TK, you have done too much, I just can’t forget it, cause it still haunts me like it was yesterday that it happend.” “We tried telling you guys the truth, but you didn’t believe us!”
End of Malika’s pov

Fizoo’s pov
“After I went out of Crazy’s room, I heard her saying: Fizoo, you are right, I can’t forget him, cause he is my prince, I still love him and it breaks my heart, cause I can’t forget him, eventhough everything is finished between us, since that day, when he said that he hates me!” “I do understand Crazy, but I still love SK, he always made me smile, he protected me from everyone and he loved me like, nobody else ever did.”
End of her pov

K bros convo and Flashback of what actually happend
“I hope the girls saw our Interview!” RK said. “We hope so too.” The rest said. “I don’t know how they will react, when they see this!” “They or only your Crazygirl, AK.” The brothers asked, instead of answering back AK, blushed like an?. “Oho, someone is blushing!” SK said. “Guys do you still remember that dark day of our lives?” TK said. “Yes, how can I forget that day, when I broke Ashnoor’s heart. ShK said. “MT will pay for this day!” An very angry IK said.”

So now to the flashback
“It was a nice day, We were getting ready in our room, when I heard someone shooting at somebody, when we went down, we saw one of the girls were holding a gun, then we saw an dead body and it was our mothers, our father was unconscious, so we called an?, it came and took our father and mother, we were so angry, that we started to shout at the girls, they went away from us, then the phone call of MT and he treathen us, if we try to contact the girls, he will kill them!” “2 months passed since our dad woke up from coma and told us the truth, that MT killed our mother and that the girls tried to peotect them, so we, the K bros decided to look for them.”
End of the convo and flashback of the boys

Will the K bros ever meet the Masked angels?

Who will torture MT? The Masked angels or K bros?

If you guys want to know the answer, so keep waiting for the next chap.

The next chapter will be an special chapter with….. I won’t tell you guys???????

IK akka Imran Khurana 24 years old, played by Imran Khan

TK akka Tanveer Khurana 23 years old played by Malika’s husband

ShK akka Shahid Khurana 23 years old, played by Shahid Kapoor

VK akka Varun Khurana 21 years old, played by Varun Dhawan

TiK akka Tiger Khurana played by Tiger Shroff, he is 23 years old as well

RK akka Ranbir Khurana played by Ranbir Kapoor, he is 22 years old

SK akka Sidharth Khurana played by Sidharth Malhotra, he is 21 years old

AK akka Armaan Khurana played by Armaan Malik, he is 20 years old

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