Which show won your interest – Yeh Vaada Raha or Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha?

Zee tv’s Yeh Vaada Raha is a story revolves around two characters Survi and Kartik, age 9 and 19 respectively. Kartik is a part of a joint family and had been highly influenced by Bhau, the local goon after his father passed away. This young man with a bright face keeps everyone around him happy, but is at the same time heavily burdened by family responsibilities. Survi’s mother had passed away in an accident when she was a child and she then had to take care of herself, her father, the house and her studies. Survi is a responsible girl while Kartik is a happy-go-lucky boy. Both of them belong to different families. Kartik’s family is seeking the opportunity to kill Survi’s family due to a long time conflict.


Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha is a period drama, based on author Dharamveer Bharati’s most famous novel, Gunahon Ka Devta. This is the story of Chandar and Sudha and is limited to just 20 episodes. Young Sudha is in love with Chandar. Worried about her deteriorating health, Sudha’s family puts her under medication. Sudha finds it difficult to stay away from Chandar and recalls the time spent with Chandar. Chandar and Sudha’s friendship has been questioned by the society. When Chandar tells Sudha to marry a man chosen by her father, they realize the value of their relationship. Which show won your interest this week – Yeh Vaada Raha or Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha? Let us know in this poll and you may leave comment also.

  1. Yeh vaddha raha…

  2. Yeh Vaada Raha.

  3. Of course he vada raha….the new twist of Dubai is awesome:) while ek that chandar ek this sudha is not so interesting: (

  4. m watching ek tha chander………just because there are only 20 episodes…

    and i have no interest in watching a 9 year old girl’s love story for sure…bcoz..there is where it would head to eventually….

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