Which show on Star Plus should give its slot to Mere Angne Mein?

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Mere Angne Mein is the upcoming show on Star Plus and its slot is not yet fixed, but is rumored to come on IPKKND2 slot, while Veera and NAUC are also in consideration to end as its TRPs are getting low. IPKKND2 is going towards its happy ending, while NAUC is also uniting the main lead Nisha and Kabir. We have listed the prospective slots for the new show and want to know which show you would like to see shut and give its slot to the new one. This is just a fun poll and we want to know your opinion. Know about the listed shows below.

NAUC has seven cousins, who are very different from one another, are bound by a strong friendship. Nisha and her cousins live in a joint family. Their bond of love and togetherness is strong as they help each other in numerous ways. Current track is making way to Sumit’s exit. Sumit pretends to care for Dolly. Virendra confronts Kabir for provoking the family against Sumit. Later, Nisha tries to prove Kabir’s innocence to Virendra. Dolly breaks her relationship with Sumit. Leela and Sumit leave the Gangwal House. Nisha informs Virendra about Sumit’s misdeed against Dolly.

Siblings Ranvijay and Veera share an unbreakable bond. Ranvijay nurtures his sister like a mother would, taking care of her every need. Veera has taken a leap of 15 years and focuses on Veera and Ranvijay who have reached adulthood. Veera makes her way to college with big dreams while Ranvijay has become a responsible family man.Current track is on Veera and Baldev’s political fights. Veera wonders whether Baldev will attempt to stop her from helping Preeto financially. Later, Baldev argues with her over this matter. She tells him that he isn’t a worthy sarpanch.

IPKKND2 features a love-hate relationship between two people, Aastha and Shlok, who are different in nature. Current track is bringing a happy ending as Shlok will be winning his love Astha from Indrajeet. Shlok asks Apsara to take Shantanu and Mishti out of the house. Avdhoot tries to prove Shlok’s innocence to Kalindi. Indrajeet challenges Shlok that he will stop him from meeting Astha. Shlok plans to meet Astha.He takes Astha out to celebrate her birthday in their old style.

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  1. Stop saath nibhana saathiya yeh rishta kya kehlata hai and veera

    1. No saathiya should not be ended

  2. Plz don’t complete ippknd. Change its time slot but don’t complete it.end veera

  3. why are they ending ipkknd ebp

  4. Nisha Aur Uske Cousin should not end and I feel that nisha should reunite with her first Love Viraj. I just like their chemistry more than Kabir and Nisha’s Chemistry. Nisha and ViraJ forever <3<3<3<3

  5. END VEERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE LIKES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAUC and IPPKND2 are really good. NONE OF US LIKE VEERA!!!!


    PLS PLS PLS !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. plz….change the timing of ipkknd ebf.or another option is to quit yhm ishitas over acting…

  9. Please don’t end NAUC!!! It’s the best show ever and as far as I know that it is the 3rd most watched show in UK and also it is mostly watched in Canada as well. If you end this show, them star plus will probably lose its viewers. You should end IPKKND because they are dragging it. I don’t want Veera to end because I know so many people who love Veera.

  10. Dont stop iss pyar2.

  11. I think sns & yrkkh are a good option for replacement…….wht you guys think??

  12. Pls do not end nisha aur uske cousins. Woh serial star plus kii jaan hai .if it ends then i shall stop watching star plus channel. There is so much to happen in nauc but as far as veera is concerned it has run its course and need not be dragged longer but nauc has begun its story well .it should be given time to develop a happy ending for each of the cousins . This my sincere request ,pls do not end a show like nauc when shows like veera are available for removal. I hope that popular discontent will be avoided by not ending this show . NAUC rocks!!!!

  13. Ayoooo…
    Star plus dont put off ipkknd itz the best in serials i only watch tht in your channel and saathiya,tere sheher mein. jst u put off that veere hate tht am begging you aashlok i luv u luv u somuch……

  14. plzzz donot stop veera . its is the best shoe and whoever think it is a stupid show they are the number one stupids.they teach us the value of relations

  15. plzzz donot stop veera. it is the best show/ AND whoever think it is a stupid shoe they are the stupids/ they teach us the value of relations.

  16. Please don’t end Nauc. Its the best show ever and almost all the people I know watch it. Ipkknd ebp is just fine. Even Veera is okay. I suggest that u give one of YHM’s 2 slots to Mere Angne Mein coz Yhm already has like 5 retelecasts. And u guys never put retelecast of nauc n i guess that is y the trp is going down. So please retelecast nauc at a normal time instead of 5:30 in the morning.

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