Which pairing do you like in Kasautii Zindagii Kay?

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Star Plus’ Kasautii Zindagii Kay recently had Prerna’s marriage with Mr. Bajaj. Prerna’s unexpected pairing with Mr. Bajaj is gradually getting accepted by the viewers. Still, there is huge audience who wants to see Prerna paired up with Anurag only. Anurag realizes Prerna’s discomfort due to Mr. Bajaj’s closeness. He is happy that Mr. Bajaj couldn’t win her heart. Anurag still holds a chance to win Prerna back. He begins to play the same games like Mr. Bajaj to influence Prerna against her husband. He is sure that Prerna will sympathize with him and end her loyalty towards her husband.

There are more scenes of Anurag and Prerna in recent episodes. Even the bonding between Prerna and Mr. Bajaj is increasing. Both the pairings appear odd and interesting at times. Prerna keeps her loyalty for Mr. Bajaj. But, she holds love for Anurag. The viewers would also get confused watching the moments on and off. The story isn’t going anywhere. Anupam and Nivedita’s pairing is more interesting and good to watch. They recently found love in each other and started being supportive in tough times. Which pairing do you like in Kasautii Zindagii Kay? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I started loving preraj..they understand each other so well..nd bajaj’s trust for prerna even after seeing her with anurag so many times..he is giving time nd space to prerna..on the other hand, anurag is emotionally blackmailing her in every episode now a days..repeating same dialogues again nd again its irritating to watch him now a days..so I go for preraj

  2. There’s something unique about Bajaj and Prerna, Anurag has become almost deplorable and pitiful. I know Bajaj has a few shades of grey, but his and Prernas chemistry is off the wall in my opinion.

  3. Silent Reader

    People who are saying that Anurag is blackmailing prerna in every episode should remember their so called ‘Great Oldie Bajaj’ was the one to marry to prerna by blackmailing her so this is ‘Ulta chor kutwal ko daante’ ?? LOL

  4. Anupam and nivi best couple in this show. Cute combination: strong ambitious hard-working girl and lazy but funny and good-hearted guy. They have more realistic and healthy relationship than anupre or bapre

  5. For months I couldn’t wait to see prerna & Anurag unite, but with the current track unfolding I’m no longer longing for their union… instead I find myself excited by prerna & bajaj’s relationship. I am loving bajaj’s broodiness & the several layers to his character his trust in prerna is commendable. Whilst I must admit that the whole ‘marriage deal’ frustrated the hell out of me, I do like the maturity of bajajs character & his committment towards his family & his desire to fulfil his responsibilities towards Prerna, even though he knows that their marriage is not conventional.

    Anurag has turned into a desperate pitiful character & his love for prerna now seems like a warped obsession (very well executed by the actor)

    I do hope to see Anurag happy but hope that Prerna & Bajaj remain together & develop a deep relationship not sure how this can happen seeing as prerna is still in love with Anurag but regardless of the circumstances prerna did choose to marry Bajaj so should fully accept him as her husband going forward.

    1. Well said! and I totally agree with you -,looking forward to Preena getting close to Mr Bajaj and as a husband he really takes a stand!

  6. The basis of the story was always Bajaj n prena become true love. Leaving anurag n prena bring soul mates. But the stupid thing is they moved them all under one roof.
    Prena has always had to fight for space name and her place in anurags family with never getting respect. Her family gave been insulted her father died for them.
    Where as with bajaj Altho he did it by contract or arranged he has always given her upmost respect honour never allowed a word against her.

    If i was prena that’s what i would be thinking of.
    Why should her family suffer abuse.
    Her family should see that too.
    Why should poor people do everything for rich.
    Id like to see prena n Bajaj move back home their story to begin.
    Bajaj uncovers massi n the mothers plan via cctv leaving them shameless.
    Anurag has always been spoilt he slept with her n never accepted her until she fought for herself.

    1. Gayathri Durailingam

      Well said.Very true.Bajaj is the best pair for prerna.She is getting respect and he trust her.

  7. Yes. I also want Prena to move on in life. Respect is more important than love.

  8. Respect is more important than love. If you respect me and understand me then later you can love me as well. So I am hooting for Prerna and Rishav. They are giving couple goles. They have trust, responsibility, respect between them which is must important for making a healthy relationship.

    Anurag is turning irritating day by day. He and his family are mad and they need a mental asylum.

  9. Ajabde

    i am not against anyone’s opinion but i think #anupre is the perfect example for couple goals.
    Talking about respect,think about bajaj’s family he jsut have his daughter as his family talking about tanvi and massi they are important for him but they don’t have guts to speak against his decisions as they both are kind of manipulative persons and about basu’s nivi and mohini tried ti be best with prena and they were behaving very well with her during her wedding with anu but destiny and mr.bajaj played their cards and turned the table and outcome is in front of us.
    taking about prena and bajaj, most are saying that respect is key element between couple yes it is but person can’t force anyone to marry because of his personal reasons like taking care of his daughter go back to your wife na baja why forcing someone’s would be wife and why are u bombarding responsibility to her it’s totally unfair to see women’s life getting ruined and tangled in between love and responsibility
    now-a-days they are showing bajaj as a person who respects women then where his such kind of attitude went when he forced prena to marry him?
    respect is mandatory element between any of the relationship but before that in today’s era choice also matters most and all of us know who likes who and who dislikes who?
    did bajaj and his ex-wife gave birth to daughter by assuming that anyone’s would be wife is going to
    take care of her not na then hold on your responsibility bajaj instead of targeting some one’s business make a target that you will devote that much quality time to your so precious daughter
    and at the end serial belongs to star-crossed lovers #anupre #soulmates
    and ultimate couple goals are only anupre and i like anupam and nivi too they are so understanding so cute

  10. Shesha485

    Though I am not watching KZK 2, I love the pairing of Mr.Bajaj and Prerna. It is better than Anupre. The couple is so matured. Bajaj is respecting Prerna and gives some time to forget Anurag. The efforts of Anupam-Nivedita to bring Anupre closer is impressive. Just Anurag is the irritating guy here.

  11. Anvesha mehra

    I root for prerna and bajaj though i know the way of their marriage is not right and her ultimate love is anurag but now she is a married women plus bajaj blackmailed her only before marriage and that too only for marrying him but after that he never force her for anything and always trust her even after seeing her with anurag but anurag nowadays don’t trust her and always blackmail her to fulfill his wish which in my opinion is not right if he loves her so much then trust and respect her and her decisions let her decide things for a while but he is becoming immature and obsessed plus bajaj is a little more mature the anurag in my opinion plus marriage is a huge thing for me so i think prerna should give a chance to bajaj and try to adjust in her marriage and family life and i know it is hard but anurag should try to move on

  12. Anvesha mehra

    Anupam and nivedita both are an adorable couple both mature and childish at tge same time they are great together.

  13. stop this Bajaj respects prerna thing it makes me want to puke. firstly for any damm girl marriage is something sacred and important and a girl will always want to have choice to choose whom she should marry that choice your so call Bajaj took away. and by the way anurag had always respected prerna that’s the reason he wanted to marry her offically becoz she wanted it. yes i agree anurag is behaving annoying now a days but every person has some phase to go through and react different way but atleast anurag is doing doing this as he knows prerna doesn’t love Bajaj and at last this so called “Respect is more important than love” this is bullshit. i know anyone needs respect more than anything else but here we are talking about marriage which is for life time and we can’t just live with respect everyone needs and longs for love and a person can’t fell in love with someone just becoz he respects her. prerna loves anuraj and Bajaj never said anything to prerna when she is close to anu becoz he doesn’t have any rights as prerna clearly said she would always love anu in this lifetime.anupre are made for each other anu and your Bajaj [maybe] respects prerna but prerna loves an

  14. Shalu02

    Mr.bajaj and prena

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