Which Jodi do you like in YRHPK?

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke brings three interesting pairings. Though Mishti and Abir make the best pair, Mishti has lost Abir’s love because of Abir’s super scheming mother Meenakshi. Mishti’s alliance gets fixed with Nannu, her childhood friend. Mishti lives with Maheshwaris since the time her parents abandoned her post their divorce. She is indebted to Maheshwaris. She had tried a lot to get Abir’s love, but seems it wasn’t in her fate. She accepts Nannu as her fate. Mishti and Nannu aka Nishant make a friendly, understanding and sweet couple.

Nannu promises the family to never hurt Mishti. He also wished Mishti and Abir to unite, until he fell for her. Nannu is a positive person, who got lucky to get Mishti after Abir rejected her twice. Also, Kuhu and Kunal make a lovely pair. Their marriage is close to its end. Still, they try to work it out with a hope to get back. Kunal falls in love with Kuhu. Their divorce will be getting cancelled in the coming track. Which Jodi do you like in YRHPK? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Abir misti

  2. Mishti & Abir but for some reason the writers & production house don’t want them together so keep bring other guys for Mishti Now the Dragon mother stricks again to marry Abir with someone else what BS Why torture the viewer are they ever going to be couple???????

  3. Abir nanny. Nannu also support mishti

  4. Abir & Mishti but Daayan Meenakshi is trying keeping them apart but what the writer want I don’t know

  5. I love Kuhu Kunal

  6. Shesha485

    Irritating now a days. Same love triangle, saas bahu dramas.

  7. KUHU and KUNAL are the best.
    Mishti and Abir are overacting couple.

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