Which big show will you miss more?

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Colors’ Udaan are two long running successful shows, which might be the next ones to go off air. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been entertaining the audience with different leaps, twists and entries. Sudha Chandra will be the new entry in the show, before it wraps up. Raman is going through the critical phase of paralysis. Ishita becomes his cure and support. Raman and Ishita’s story will get a big scale climax. The show promises to make the ending memorable for the audience. It has started losing the TRPs after shifting to the late slot of 10.30 pm.

Colors’ Udaan has taken many leaps and introduced many villains and vamps to add dramatic twists. Chakor and Suraj’s lives have been exploited now and then by negative characters. The show recently took a leap and introduced Chakor’s confident daughter Anjor. The show around the bonded labour concept was very much appreciated. It turned quite inspiring to watch the little Chakor fight the evil landlord Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. The story brought all possible tracks. Udaan is set to go off air in October. Udaan will be replaced by Colors’ new big-budget show Dastaan-E-Mohabbat. Which big show will you miss more? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Nononooooooo Not Udaan. Stupid i can’t believe this. This should be take news please tell me it is cuz I almost got fooled by ppl saying Tu aashiqui will be off aired in august

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    None, becoz for me they ended long time back

  3. Riana

    I dont watch udaan so cant say…
    Yhm – NEVER EVER ! ?

  4. Too glad to hear that both of them r going off air??

    1. Kira

      I used to watch YHm ….so I think I’d miss it , Not really , But yes !
      Bcoz…it’s starting episodes , Their new wedding scenes etc were not only good but little hilarious too …. Whatever everyone say , They’d entertain us well …

  5. There should’ve been a fourth button for ‘None’, I would have used it.

  6. Mona146

    yup none it shud be a celebration day when YHM ends. coming to udaan it got ruined long back. cant tolerate anymore that imli and ever new romances and evilness.

  7. None as they both have dragged the story too much.

  8. Lokesh

    Udaan only.

  9. Yeh hai Mohabbatein will never end.if its so why havent they given a specific date.this was the best serial at first but now im not even watching it.

  10. I’ll miss Udaan so much. A different story, a multi-layered hero, a heroine who can stand up for herself, not just for her husband and family. The show was a mix of romance, action and drama with emotional depth.
    Meera and VJ are amazing actors, no one could’ve played Chakor and Suraj like them.
    Sukor will always be my favorite jodi, Meejay had fiery chemistry.

    Udaan will end, but it’ll always be in my heart.

  11. Yasha

    Udaan was good for a while, but with they bring back the original track only when convenient and 90% it has been the two sister saga which is done to death so nope not gonna miss it and as for YHM, Chusse hue aam ki gutli me is se zyada dum hota hai. It has been done to death and It is high time they got it off air. It started off adorably cute and now it is not even bearable.

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