Where We First Met…… (one shot)

Hi my dear readers!! It’s been so long I posted. Today its an OS. I found this when I was deleting some notes on my phone. The ending of this was pending. So I finished that. After finishing it, I didn’t feel like posting it. But I didn’t want to just delete it too. So I’m leaving it to you to decide whether you like this or not ???.

WARNING!! It’s long.


What could be the most peaceful place for a person? For me it’s home but you may have different answers. But if I ask what is the most peaceful place for a dead person? Well, you would say that I should ask that from the dead person which place brings him peace. But if you aren’t that sarcastic, you’d say it’s that person’s final resting place. This story starts in a place like that. A cemetery to be exact. This story is about a couple who will fall in love eventually. You might wonder how on earth a love story begin in a cemetery. Well, it doesn’t exactly begin in the cemetery, it’s just the place where two people met. I’ll be your narrator and tell you the story.

“Hey, how are you? Remember my patient I told you about? The one with the brain tumour? We figured a way to cure him. I’m sure he’ll be fine soon. I always managed to save many lives and bring happiness to many families, but every time it reminds me that I could do nothing to save you even being a doctor myself. I know you don’t blame me and I shouldn’t think like that, but if I somehow managed to save you, today you’d be with me… I miss you Meera… I miss you so much…”

That was Kabir Kapoor, the male owner of this story. He is a 28 year old doctor in Savitri Devi College and Hospital. In his year, he was the best intern of their group. No wonder the hospital higher ups wanted to keep him there. He is now specializing to be a neurosurgeon. Today he came to the cemetery to see his beloved, who left this world 2 years ago by a tragic accident.

“Can you see these flowers Meera? They’re so beautiful… just like you. I just wish I could hear your voice calling me one more time…”

He was caressing the flowers on her grave. He planted them himself. Those are her favourite flowers.

Meera Mathur was Kabir’s college sweetheart. They met there, turned friends, became a couple. They loved each other immensely. Meera was indeed a beautiful and nice girl, but she did had some faults too. She was very short tempered. And also there were times her behaviour hurts him but he thought it’ll be fine with time. Their relationship lasted 5 years with all the odds. One day a tragic accident happened. A fire broke out in the office building Meera worked as a journalist. Kabir got a call telling him that Meera isn’t in this world anymore. That news broke his world in to pieces. He was unable to accept that his Meera had left him. Her body was even disfigured because of the fire. But her corpse had the bracelet he gifted her on her last birthday. It’s been 2 years since then and he had accepted her death, but move on his life with someone else is not something he was able to do yet.

“I’ll be going now then. See you later!”

Bidding her goodbye, he started to walk back to the gate of the cemetery.

“Why did you leave me too? Now who do I have in this world? Now who will scold me when I do something stupid? Who should I turn to when I’m sad? Who would tell me what’s right when I’m doing something wrong? Please bhai… please come back!!”

It’s Sanchi Mishra. She turned 24 recently. The grave she was talking to belongs to her brother, Sunny. Sunny was in the military. He was posted in the border and he died there. A bomb blast resulted his death. He was bravely fighting with attackers. He caught in the blast when he was trying to save 2 kids. Thankfully those 2 kids were lucky to live, but unfortunately Sunny wasn’t.

Kabir saw her when he was passing her. Her cries didn’t caught much of his attention. It’s not weird thing to see people crying over their loved ones in a cemetery. She suddenly started to gasp for air. He heard her hard breathing and rushed to her.

“Are you alright miss?”

Just when he stepped near her, she passed out.

“Miss? Miss? Wake up!”

He quickly carried her to his car and took her to a hospital. She had fainted because of too much stress and lack of proper nutrients.

“How are you feeling now?”

A nurse asked Sanchi when she started to gain conscious after 2 hours.

“My head hurts. But I’m okay”

“I’ll call the doctor.”


Sanchi looked around. That’s when she realized that she was in a hospital. It didn’t take much time for that nurse to come back. An unfamiliar man wearing a doctors coat came with her.

“Hello Miss… um…”

“Sanchi Mishra”

“Miss Sanchi, I’m Kabir Kapoor. Your doctor. You passed out in the cemetery. I brought you here. You really need to take care of your health miss. No proper food, too much stress. These aren’t good habits!”

He advised her about her health but she was lost when she heard the cemetery word from him. He heard her murmur the word cemetery softly.



She started to cry. One, two, tear drops fell from her eyes. Her sobs increased with each passing second. Kabir was upset thinking if he said something wrong.

“Miss?” He sat beside her and placed his hand on her shoulder, hoping she would get some comfort by it. Instead she suddenly hugged him and continued to cry. It shocked him. Who wouldn’t be shocked when some unknown person suddenly hug you like you’re someone familiar?

The nurse there tried to make Sanchi lie back on her bed. Kabir stopped her by signalling with his hand. He nodded her to go and he’ll handle the patient. A bit surprised with this she went back to her work.

The girl who introduced herself as Sanchi to him, is still crying. He guessed she lost someone very dear to her recently. He didn’t have the heart to push her away. He too know how it is to lose someone. He caressed her head till she calm down. Sometime later her sobs stopped. Her breathing got even. He slowly looked and found her sleeping. He gently put her on the bed properly and covered her with a sheet.

“She must be exhausted to fall asleep like that. How do I find a way to inform her family?”

He saw her phone on the table. He took it hoping it’ll help him. Luckily it wasn’t secured with a password. He looked for her parents numbers but they weren’t there. There was a contact “Bhai”. He tried it but it was switched off. Then he tried recent contacts and found a name “Isha”. He tried it. It was answered instantly.

“Sanchi!! Oh my god! I was just about to call you. My-”

“I’m sorry Miss. Are you a friend of miss Sanchi?”

“Yes. Wait a sec! Who are you? Where’s my friend? What have you done with her? ??? Did you kidnap her?”

“Wait!! I didn’t kidnap her! I’m Dr. Kabir Kapoor from Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Your friend passed out in a cemetery. Now she’s in the hospital!”

“Oh God! I’m so sorry doctor. How is she? Is she alright?”

“She’s fine. Sleeping now. Can you come here?”

“Yeah! I’ll be there right away!”

Within an hour Isha reached the hospital. She came running like a mad person and went to the reception.

“Some Dr. Kapoor called me! My friend Sanchi, she’s here. Where’s she? ???”

“Room no. 108”

Again Isha ran back to the elevator like a mad person. Receptionist lady called Kabir and informed him that room no. 108 patient’s family came.

Kabir asked Isha to come to his cabin.

“Doctor, she-”

“She’s fine. She’s skipping her meals. You need to make sure she eats well. Most importantly do something to reduce her stress.”

“I can make sure she eats. But stress… I won’t be able to reduce that. Two days ago, she lost her brother. I was in US. Couldn’t get an early flight. She had no family with her when his last rites were done. She was alone in the middle of many unknown people who gave her their condolences. He was the only family she had after her parents died. Now she had witnessed his death too. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through. How can I stop her worries?”

I tear escaped from Isha’s eyes ???. Now it made sense to Kabir that why Sanchi didn’t have her parents phone numbers in her phone and no one answered her brother’s phone. He couldn’t believe she had faced so many departs of her loved ones at such a young age. No wonder she broke down like that before. He asked Isha to take care of Sanchi and discharged her when she woke up again.

“Thank you doctor. I’m sorry I’ve troubled you a lot!”

“It’s alright!”

That was indeed how they met, but it wasn’t for the last time. They met in the cemetery again and again when they came to visit Meera and Sunny. They always talked with each other for some time before going back.

“It’s funny how we always run in to each other here, isn’t it?”


She glanced at her watch.

“It’s almost lunchtime. Would you like to join me?”

He didn’t answer at first. So she quickly added,

“It’s alright if you don’t have time…”

She wanted to say “”It’s alright if you don’t want to…”” But it would’ve been impolite so she didn’t. He isn’t her friend for her to talk so carefree with him.

He thought again before agreeing her. But then again, he didn’t feel like refusing her.

“Why not? As long as you’re paying.” He joked.

They came to a restaurant and had a wonderful lunch. They talked about random stuff. Got to know about each other a little bit. When the bill came, Sanchi paid it ignoring Kabir’s protests.

“Hey! I was just joking when I said that you should pay!”

“I know. Just think of it as my treat!”

“There’s no reason for you to treat me!”

“Oh yeah there isn’t. ???” Sanchi replied him with a fake thoughtful expression. He rolled his eyes at her ???.

“Alright then! Next time, my treat!”

With his words both temporarily got lost in their thoughts looking at each other.

**Will there be a next time?**

**Did I really asked her to dine with me again? Aahhh! It’s just lunch!! Hope she won’t say no…**

He waited for her to say something. She finally smiled.


“Wow Sanchi, you look happy today!”

Isha commented when Sanchi came back home. It took a second more for her to register what Isha just said.

“Hmm? No… I’m normal. Hey Isha, do you know who I met today?”

“Dr. Kabir Kapoor!”

“??? How do you know? Are you a witch?”

“Stupid! ??? You went to the cemetery. Past few weeks whenever you go there, you run in to him. So why not today too?”

Isha ignored her best friend’s shocked face and focussed on the file on her hand, holding a glass of orange juice by the other.

“Okay fine! Today we had lunch together.”

Isha spat orange juice on her file.

“OH MY GOD!! ??? I just ruined my file!! I’ll have to make it again!! And you!! Did you just said you had lunch with that gorgeous doctor?”

“Stop exaggerating ??? he doesn’t look that good!”

“Girl, have you ever seen a doctor like him in any hospital you went?”

“Ummm… no…”

“See what I mean!! Even you admit he’s gorgeous!!”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Same thing love! Now tell me what happened!!”

Isha’s excitement was jumping out of her eyes like fireworks. But her dear best friend ruined the moment.

“Nothing happened. We just had lunch. That’s all. I have to talk to the CEO about that Japanese deal. Bye!”

Isha glared at her friend who went mumbling the song, “”Mera juta hai japani…””

“She’s nuts! Nothing happened? My file was ruined for nothing at all and she’s singing about her Japanese shoes? To hell with it!!”

Next week too after visiting the cemetery, Kabir and Sanchi had lunch together. This time, it was Kabir’s treat. Like the last time, they got to know about each other a little bit more.

Days passed without any special incident. Kabir and Sanchi became more close. Now they didn’t meet only when they visit the cemetery. They call each other. Talk. Meet for no special reason.

Just like that a girl who fainted in a cemetery and a doctor who treated her became friends.

Sanchi told him about how her parents died in an accident when she was 10 years old and her brother was 14 years old. How their relatives didn’t care about them. Their grandfather looked after them. 4 years later, he too passed away. Ever since then, her brother was her only family. Kabir too told her about his past. Especially about Meera who he loved and who he lost.

Both of them had something between them that was more than just friends. They tried to understand what it is. Kabir knew he was falling in love with her. He knows that she too like him, but does she love him? That he doesn’t know.

“You know what Kabir, you remind me of my brother…”

“So I’m like a brother to you? ???”

“That’s not it. I don’t know how to explain it. But the strange thing is when I’m with you it feels like I’m with my family. Why’s that?”

“Who knows? ???”

He just shrugged hiding his smile pretending not to know what she was talking about. He just want Sanchi to be more open about her feelings. It wasn’t that Sanchi hasn’t realized her feelings. She know she loves Kabir. Like Kabir, she too was waiting for him to realize his feelings. Finally after 7 months since they first met, Kabir confessed his love to Sanchi. They were in an amusement park. On Ferris wheel to be exact. No extravagant decorations. No cheesy lines. Being on the peak when Ferris wheel was up was cheesy enough. All his practices to confess her went in vain when she was in front of him. Just a few lines of what he felt in his heart was all he could say. With his heart pounding against his ribs he waited for her to say something instead of staring at him and scaring him. She still didn’t say anything. Instead she hugged him so tightly like she would never let him go. That hug itself gave him his answer.


“I love you too Kabir…!”

She whispered not breaking their hug. It’s questionable whether any other person will hear that. Her voice was so soft. But to him, it was loud and clear. The girl loved him.

It didn’t take much time for them to look like an ideal couple. Everyone was jealous of them. Everyone wanted to be them. Everyone adored them.

Kabir’s parents accepted Sanchi without any problem. They pampered her like a daughter. They were so happy that finally Kabir moved on in his life. And he got such a sweet girl. Sanchi’s behaviour, the way she thinks about things, it all amazed them. She had faced difficulties in her life. She know what life is. Sanchi on the other hand got the parental love from Kabir’s mother and father, that she always yearned for. To her, she had everything she could ever wish for.

Kabir was happy seeing her and his parents bond. Whenever he sees even a slight smile on her face, it made him happy. He kept thinking how make that smile wider. Never even once he compared Sanchi to Meera. They were poles apart. Nothing was similar. To Kabir, Sanchi is a wonderful mystery that he has the privilege to unfold.

Small fights were unavoidable, but all that couldn’t last long to take their happiness. Then again, “Happiness doesn’t lasts forever” is a common statement we all know. There came a time in their relationship too that made the above statement true. It happened on the day of their 1st year anniversary as a couple. They spent their whole day together. He took her to their favourite places. Reminiscing their past year, they exchanged gifts, sweet words and few kisses. To them, every moment they spend together is so precious and time sure went flying. Without them noticing it already came to the time Kabir should drop Sanchi.

“It feels like time went flying today. I don’t want to let you go yet!” Kabir complained holding her hand with one of his and other, on the steering wheel.

“Me too. But I have to go na. Tomorrow morning that Austrian people are coming to finalize the deal.”

“Yeah yeah…”

“By the way Kabir, you’re so cute when you’re whining!!”

“I’m not whining Sanchi..!!”

She gave him a disbelieving look.

“Okay, whatever!”

He gave up knowing he won’t win. When Sanchi stated him cute, there’s no way for him to change her mind. He doesn’t mind it if she said he’s handsome, but he never liked being called cute. No matter how much he disliked it, there’s no point. This is Sanchi and if she thinks he’s cute, she’ll give you a million evidences that proves her point if he disagree on it.

His train of thoughts suddenly broke by a girl who came in front of the car. He stepped on the breaks on the right time otherwise she’ll be under the car right now. Both quickly got down.

“Are you mad? Can’t you see properly?”

“Kabir, sshhh!” Sanchi stopped him. “Are you alright miss?” She asked in her ever the kind voice.

The girl lifted her hair from her face. “Yeah. I’m fine. I’m sorry I-”


The girl’s words were disturbed by Kabir. He suddenly hugged her emotionally.

Sanchi stood there unable to understand anything. **She’s Meera?**

It had been a month since that incident. The girl they met, called herself Akshara. She denied knowing about a Meera or Kabir. But Kabir believed she was Meera, because there are 2 birthmarks on her wrist just like Meera had. Originally, when Meera’s dead body was found, this birthmark wasn’t able to recognise due to the disfigured state they found the body. He persuaded her to take a DNA test with Meera’s parents and it turned out positive proving she’s indeed Meera Mathur who everyone presumed dead two years ago. After that she wanted to regain her memory and asked Kabir to help her. He agreed without a second thought.

Unfortunately these recent events took a great toll on Sanchi. She wasn’t unhappy about Meera being alive. She’s a kind of a person who would always want to see a dead person come alive. After all, she, herself had witnessed so many deaths. It’s just that she was feeling insecure. She hated that she felt this way but she couldn’t help it. Knowing that Kabir loves her was not enough when his supposedly dead girlfriend appear and get all his attention. Not that Kabir ignored her or something. It’s just with Meera’s memory reviving case, he got so busy and spend less and less time with her. So many cancelled lunches, dinners are not the only things. He just don’t have any time left to meet her.

Today its her birthday and kabir didn’t wish her like the last year. Last year, he was the first one to wish her but this year, she was woken up by her best friend’s call.

“Happy Birthday Sanchi..!!”

“Thanks Isha!”

“So what are the plans for today? Did Kabir planned any surprises like last year?”

Sanchi got disheartened with Isha’s excitement. She forced her voice to be normal.

“Don’t know yaar. Surprises are meant to be surprises na…”

She was sure theres no surprise for her today. Convincing herself over and over that even if he forgot her birthday, he still loves her, she decided drag him out of the hospital if she has to and take him out with her to celebrate.

She called him entering the hospital. He sent her a message instead of answering.

I’ll call you later.

“Oh ho! I’m already here na. I’ll just meet him.”

She met Kabir’s friend Veer as she went inside.

“Hey Sanchi..!! What’s up?”

“Hey Veer! Is Kabir busy right now?”

“Oh!! Missing your khadoos? ???”

She slightly blushed ??? at his teasing expression.

“OH shut up! ??? Just tell me where he is!”

“Okay okay! No need to be so scary. He’s not busy today. He’s in his cabin.”

She opened the door excitedly.


Her words died in her throat seeing Meera in there. Meera was crying and telling him how she wants to remember but no method is working and Kabir was patting her shoulder. Sanchi can see Kabir patting Meera’s shoulder awkwardly but she couldn’t help but to feel a pang of jealousy. She closed the door before they see her and hurried out of there.

10 minutes later Kabir came out of his cabin. Veer who was passing by, decided to annoy him ???.

“Bhai..!! Bhabi kaha hai?”

“She’s not here Veer. Must be in her office.”

“What? She went back this early?”

“Went back? What do you mean?”

“Arre, she was here na! Why did she went?”

“She came here? When?”

“Just 10 minutes ago. She talked with me and asked where you are and I told her you’re in your cabin. Didn’t she came?”

Kabir couldn’t comprehend why Sanchi didn’t come to meet him if she came to the hospital.

**Why did she leave suddenly without even seeing me? ???** He was about to call her. A panicked nurse came running to them.

“Dr. Kabir, Dr. Veer! Please come quickly. There’s an emergency!!”

An accident had happened on the city bridge and there were many injured to treat. They needed all the doctors they could find. Calling Sanchi had to wait.

After hours of treating, surgeries later, all the doctors were able to stabilize the patients without no deaths. When Kabir finally had the time to call Sanchi, it was 9 p.m. She’s not answering any of his calls. He called Isha to know whether Sanchi had to stay in her office till late.

“Sanchi? Office? Hahaha ??? Kabir, she took a leave today. Isn’t she with you? She said she’s gonna be with you the whole day if possible.”

“Okay Isha I’ll catch you later. Bye!”

“Wait! Ka-”

He decided to go to her house. He was still trying her phone but she’s not picking it. Not even once to easy his worry. He rang the bell continuously when there was no response. To his relief, the door opened.


He enveloped her in a tight hug mumbling nonstop in to her hair. She stood there motionless.

“Thank God you’re here… do you know how much you scared me love? I was calling and calling but no answer. Isha said you didn’t go to work today. I was so worried. Many bad things came to my mind when I couldn’t contact you. Thank you God! Thank you thank you thank you so much for keeping my Sanchi safe!!”

She slowly removed his arms around her.

“Phone was on silent mode. I didn’t hear.”

She turned away from him. He noticed a difference in her voice. It didn’t have the normal cheerfulness when she’s talking with him. Not even the anger when he did something to annoy her. It was just emotionless like she’s trying to hide something.

“Sanchi, what’s wrong?”


He turned her to him. That’s when he saw her dishveled state. Her hair is messed up and her eyes were blood red and swollen like she had been crying for hours.

“Sanchi? Why were you crying?”

“Crying? Me? Not at all. I was taking a shower. Shampoo went in my eyes.”

“Your hair isn’t wet.”

“I used the hair dryer.”

She tried to break free from his hold but he wasn’t planning to let her go. He pulled her more closer and touched his forehead to hers.

“Since when did you started lying to me?”

Her lie was caught. She broke free from him forcefully.

“I’m fine Kabir. Go now.”


“I want to be alone!”

“Did I do something?”


It was the first time she raised his voice at him. She immediately felt guilty for doing so.

“Please Kabir… go…”

Now her voice, soft and gentle. Filled with sadness.

“Tell me what I did to make you cry. I’ll go after that.”

He tried to hold her hand but she just went past and sat on the sofa, with her head supported by her hands.

“You didn’t do anything to make me cry. It’s just… it’s just my thoughts about you that make me cry!”

He stared at her astonished. He couldn’t think any of their memories that was so saddening. He let her continue.

“I tried… believe me Kabir, I tried a lot not to feel or think this way… But… it’s not easy. Ever since…”

She didn’t mean to drag this topic but now it’s better to tell everything to him than keeping it in her heart.

“Ever since Meera came back, everything has changed. You don’t see it but you’re drifting away from me day by day.”

“Sanchi I don’t-”

“Today… you even forgot it’s my birthday today. I didn’t want a gift or anything special. I just wanted you to have that beautiful smile you always give me and say, “Happy Birthday Sanchi..!” You didn’t remember. I was fine with that too. I came to the hospital thinking I’ll remind you myself but…… you were busy…… with Meera……”

**Oh God!! How did it slip my mind it’s today? I’m so awful! Everything I had planned for her birthday…**

“I know you’re helping her to get her previous life back. It’s good. She’ll be happy with all her family and friends. But it means I’m going to lose you too right? You were her boyfriend. You’ll just go to her.”

He got that he didn’t have time for her lately, but never in his dreams he guessed she’d think he’ll leave her.

“I’m not doing this to get back with her!”

“I know! But how sure are you, that you’re not doing this because she doesn’t remember you?”

He looked at her unable to to speak.

“I’m sorry Kabir, I may sound insensitive and heartless. But I’m a human. Not a god. It’s not easy for me to grasp that my boyfriend is trying to revive his ex-girlfriend’s memories who doesn’t remember him! I do understand a doctor should help his patient to recover. A friend should help his friend to recover. But is that the only reason? What I see is a person who loves a girl and trying to make her remember their past because he loves her… After all you two never broke up! You never had a reason to leave her. You thought she’s dead. And now she’s alive!! It’s like I have become the other person in your life that came between two lovers…”

“How could you say that Sanchi? You know it’s not-”

“No!! I don’t know anymore! I don’t know anything!! I don’t want this!! I don’t want to be this jealous person. It’s eating my soul. This isn’t me! I just- I… listen Kabir… I want to be alone. Give me a few days. Maybe you too can figure out how you want your life to be…”

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“No… it’s up to you to decide where our relationship will go, if there is actually a relationship between us… If you decide we don’t have a future together, just tell me. No problem. Everyone I’ve ever loved had left me. It’s nothing new. I’m pretty used to it by now…”


“Go now Kabir…”

He didn’t want to go. She was sad. Not crying yet but he knows she’s holding her tears with all her might. In any moment she would breakdown. He wanted to stay there. Hold her until she calm down. Comfort her telling everything will be alright. His heart clench at the thought leaving her right now. He knelt before her and cupped her cheeks in his hands.

“This is the worst time to say this. But I can’t go without saying. “Happy Birthday Sanchi…!” He kissed her forehead. “I love you…”

For the first time she didn’t say it back. She just looked away. That simple movement managed to hurt him very deep inside his heart.

He understood her dilemma. It’s not selfish of her for wanting to be the top priority in his life except for his parents. All girls want to be the only girl in their boyfriend’s life. Yet he has been distracted and held by his past.

Is he really helping Meera as a doctor and a friend? Or does he want to remind her their past? Sanchi was right. He do need to decide who he loves, who he wants to spend his life with, who he can’t let go. He had the task to decide three fates.

It’s been a week since Sanchi’s birthday. He goes to the hospital as usual. Meera seems to be there almost everyday now but he’s missing Sanchi. He haven’t seen her for a week. She asked him to let her be alone for a while. He does call her but every day she avoids talking more than few words. That’s it. End of convo.

It was then the news came to him that Meera regained her memory. His senior doctor was explaining her condition to him when Meera barged in to Kabir cabin and surprised him with a hug.

“Kabiiirrr!!! I remember now!! I remember everything!!”

He didn’t hear her rant. Only Sanchi’s face flashed in his eyes when Meera hugged him. He quickly backed away and stood out of her reach.

“It’s great. There are few more tests we need to take. Go with the nurse. I’ll inform your parents.”

“But Kabir I-”

“Come with me, Miss Meera.”

She had to go with the nurse.

Next day evening she called him.

“Yes Meera what’s it?”

“Is that how you answer your phone?”

“I’m busy now”

“I don’t care. I want to meet you.”

“Didn’t you hear I said I’m busy?”

“Didn’t you hear I said I don’t care? This is important! Come to the same place we used to meet in 15 minutes.”

She hanged up on him with that. Kabir just wanted to smash his phone to pieces. He came home early hoping to talk with Sanchi and solve their problem but now his whole plan was ruined nicely.

“What’s it?”


Meera was silent when he asked as soon as he got to the place she asked him to come.

“Didn’t you say you have something important to tell me? Hurry up and get over with it. I can’t stay much longer!”

“Kabir what’s wrong with you? Why do you sound like I did some crime?”

He sighed to stop his annoyance. It didn’t work though.

“I should be somewhere else right now…”

He said all the while thinking what might be Sanchi doing now.

“C’mon Kabir! Just forget it ok? Now look around you! What do you see?”

**Forget? Impossible! Look around? I just want to go. Not to look around.** He looked around as she said.


“Same as when we used to come here together na!”

Her words and smile made a chill run through his spine.

“What are you trying to say Meera? Come to the point.”

He tried to be as calm as possible. But he had a hunch where this topic would go and he didnt want it.

“Straight to the point! Hahaha! You haven’t changed that much like I thought. Okay… what I wanted to tell you is… like how this place is still same, can we too be the same as before? I mean… you and me… like-”

“Wait Meera! Stop, please.”

He cut her off.

“I know I just got my memory back, but-”

“No! It can’t happen. I have someone else in my life now. I can’t leave her. I love her…!

“Well, what about me then? Don’t you love me?”

“I did. For many years. I still do maybe. I don’t know. When you love someone, it doesn’t just stop right? But that can’t compare with what I feel for Sanchi.”

“So you’re telling me that this girl, who you didn’t even know couple of months ago, has more importance in your life. What about the 5 year relationship we had?”

“You’re right. I didn’t know Sanchi for a long time like I knew you. But it doesn’t matter Meera… listen… I don’t know how to explain this to you. I never thought I’ll move on after your death. She came to my life like a ray of hope. Everything changed. Believe it or not, but she even gave me time to think whether I want to go back to you. I didn’t know a moment would rise when I have to choose. She gave me that space. And with this time I got, I realized what she is in my life. No one can take that place. Not even you, Meera…”

Meera was crying hearing his emotions. She wished it was about her that he’s talking. But it’s not.

“Didn’t you helped me to regain my memory because-”

“Not because I wanted to be with you. You were dead 3 years ago. Not only me your parents were devastated too. For 3 years you lived like an orphan not knowing who you are. Your parents got back their daughter. You got back what you lost 3 years ago. We were friends before we became a couple, Meera. I did what I can do for you as a friend. And it also helped me to sort out my feelings.”

“I still love you Kabir..!”

She said as a last resort to change his mind.

“I’m sorry Meera…”

He turned around on his heels not regretting a single word he said. Maybe he won’t have Meera as a friend. Clearly she didn’t like the idea of getting friend-zoned. But Kabir could care less. He would always care for her, but bot the way she expects. Now he can go back to his Sanchi, his love confidently, knowing his past won’t affect their future.

This isn’t what Meera had expected when she was first told that she was Meera Mathue who lost her memory 3 years ago. Truth to be told, Kabir could never completely figure out who Meera actually is. When she was informed about her parents, she got elated to know that she too has a family. She didn’t know who exactly was she. So it’s pretty normal. But when her parents told her about her long term relationship with Kabir, she couldn’t help but to be happy. She wanted to get in to his life again. Why won’t she? She was just a replaceable journalist. Not only before she lose her memory, but also after that. Kabir is a doctor with a stable life and also a quite wealthy family background.

“What if he has a girlfriend now? We have a past. 5 years isn’t a simple thing. We hadn’t even broke up. I can easily manipulate him to leave that girl.”

She had considered to act like she regained her memory. Then the thought was thrown away because if he ask her something that’s related to their past, she’ll get caught. That made her mind to take up whatever medication the doctors can get her memory back. She practically begged Kabir to help her to get her lost memories.

“Why not endure a little trouble if it can help you to get a good life for the rest of your life?”

Meera wasn’t exactly a greedy type of person 3 years ago. But she always craved to have a life like a queen. She loved Kabir. That’s not a lie. Kabir had always treated her the way she always dreamt. He was very loving, caring, considerate, understanding at the same time would get her anything she ask him. Maybe it’s because of the way she thinks is what caused her to get separated from Kabir in the first place. Because there was no way for him to guess that this girl has more plans in her mind than she shows. Just as her love for him wasn’t a lie 3 years ago, it’s still there now when she got her memory. She still remember how he treated her. Which is why she’s so angry with Sanchi. Now Sanchi is the girl Kabir chose to be with. Sanchi is the lucky girl who will be with “the perfect husband” she wanted to be with. She knows it very well that she should control her anger and jealousy.

“I have no choice but to give up Sanchi. You won him. I still could fight, but I would end up getting hurt in return. If Kabir loves you, he’s a person that would do anything for you. If I try to separate you two, he will never spare me… That’s how he is. If he loves you, he’ll never let you go…”

Kabir came home only one thought in his mind. Happiness is flowing out of him. He hugged his dad and kissed his mother’s cheek. They were confused with his sudden giddy state after staying gloomy for past few days.

“What happened to him?”

“No idea!”

Kabir ran to him room and opened his closet. He took out a small velvet box.

“Don’t know why I keep it this long…”

Dropping that box in to the dustbin with a lighted matchstick on top of it, he went back to the closet and took out another velvet box. He opened it and smiled looking at the ring inside. He decided to call the person whom he wanted to wear this ring. To his surprise, he had a missed call from her plus a voice note. He cursed himself for forgetting to remove his phone from silent mode. It had been days since he last talked with her properly and now when she called him, he missed it. He quickly opened her voice note.

Hey Kabir!! How are you?

He listened to her cheerful voice after a long time.

It’s been days since we talked na? I called you but you didn’t answer! If you’re busy then it’s alright. But you probably missed it coz you forgot to remove silent mode. You’re so forgetful! I always tell you to remember but no use! Idiot!!

She knows him well. Even her complains sounded so sweet to him today.

I called you to tell you something Kabir. I’m going to Italy for a conference.

“She’s going to Italy and she just leave me a voice note? She’s not like this! ??? Something’s definitely wrong! She doesn’t even go to another state without meeting me, let alone half across the world!”

I’m going to miss you… a lot… bye..!

“That’s it? No! There’s more to this than just a conference!”

He tried her number but it was switched off. Isha is the only person he could get info from.

“Isha? Isha where’s Sanchi? What’s this conference in Italy? She’s hiding something from me right? What is-”

“Sshhh!! Stop yelling! If she hear she won’t let me tell you anything!”

Her words made his heart raise.

“What’s she planning Isha?”

“She’s gonna leave India never to come back!!”


His voice is mere a whisper out of shock.

“She thinks you’re stopping yourself from going back to Meera because of her. That you feel guilty to tell her that-”

“Where is she now?”

“Airport. Her flight is in an hour. I’ll delay her as much as I can. Come soon!”

He ran out of his house giving his parents another shock with his tornado behaviour. A gold ring was melting in a dustbin.

Reaching the airport on time won’t be an easy task with traffic. Not even traffic can stop him today. He sped through red lights twice and gonna be in trouble for that.

There’s only 20 minutes till Sanchi’s flight take off. Other passengers are already boarding the flight. Isha’s attempts to delay her didn’t work for that long. She too got ready to go. Isha started to cry as the last attempt.

“??? Don’t go Sanchi…???”

“Isha… don’t cry!”

Sanchi hugged her best friend mumbling few comforting words and bid her farewell.

“I have to go now or I’ll miss my flight. I’ll call you always and trouble you! ???”

She plastered a big fake smile on her face to look happy. Taking her bag, she took two steps forward.

“Will you call me and trouble me two?”

A very familiar voice asked from behind. She was longing to see him but didn’t turn to him and walked forward.

“How dare you decide to leave when you gave me time to think?”

He was talking to her while she stepped forward, unwillingly.

“Don’t say you did it for me. If you know what’s best for me, then you’d never leave!”

Not a word came out from her.

“Will you be able to forget me?”

Her fingers tightened around the handle on her bag.

“So you won’t even look at me? Okay then. If you really want to go, go ahead. But take your birthday present with you.”

“I did forget your birthday on your birthday. But I had been planning to give this to you since ages.”

“Sanchi Mishra, despite all odds, all my faults, irritating behaviour sometimes make you mad, will you be my wife?”

She dropped her bag and turned around. Tears rolled down her cheeks slowly. The person she loves the most is kneeling before her just few steps away. She slowly stepped up to him.

His eyes were honest. She tried to find a hint of regret. But there was none. He’s proposing to her with all his heart.

“You really had to propose to me in the airport?” A light smile was there ???.

“I know I’m making a drama. Aren’t proposals supposed to be dramatic? ???”

“I missed my flight because of you. ???”

“Guilty as charged. ???”

He looked up as she was right before him.

“How long do you plan to kneel here? ???”

“Depends on how long you plan to take before giving me an answer ???”

“If I don’t give any answer?”

“You want to give me an answer.”

“☺☺☺ Yes.”

He spaced out unexpectedly. “Did you just said yes?” His voice broke unable to believe.

She nodded happily. He lifted her up and twirled around. Passer-bys started to clap for them seeing the lovely scene before them. He made her wear the ring. Whole proposal scene ended with an emotional hug.

“I could never forget you even if I wanted to…”

“But I’m still upset with you. You were leaving. Lied about a conference!”

“How did you know?”

“You can’t lie to me…”

“I should learn to do that”

“You can’t. ???”

“I love you Kabir…”

“Hmm… how long I waited to hear that!!”

His dramatic way made her frown. He kissed the tip of her nose.

“I love you too…”

“Aww… ??? you two are so cute!! But hello!! This is an airport! How long do you plan to stay like that? Though I don’t care, it’s like watching a sugar coated romantic movie…”

Isha disturbed the two love birds unwillingly.

“Sugar coated?” Sanchi’s glare was directed to Isha.

“Hey hey!! Stop it. If I didn’t tell Kabir the truth, you’d be flying over the sea right now. Be greatful to me! ???”

“Sorry Isha, my daaaaaaarling!!! I love you so much!!! Ummmwah!! Can you do me a little thing?”

“Of course! ???”

Her happy agreement turned 180° when Sanchi said what she want.

“Take my bags home.”

“WHAT?? ??? Am I your servant now?”

“Don’t think like that Isha, it’s a small help na. So please?”

“Alright Kabir. I’ll do it only because of you. ???”

Sanchi glared at her friend again.

“Chudail!! He’s my boyfriend! Don’t try to steal him!”

“??? I’m your fiance now love.”

Sanchi smiled and kisses his cheek. “I’ll let her pass for this once. Isha? So… take my bags ok? Bye ???”

“But where are you two going?”

Both looked at each other with love. Kabir answered her.

“To where we first met…”

Hand in hand they walked out of the airport, neither of them regretting the decisions they made. Nothing can give them more happiness to them right now.

“Sanchi? Do you think your family would like me?” He asked when they got inside the car.

“Mom would definitely love you. You’re full husband material ???”

“Husband material? Nice choice of words ???”

“??? and dad… He won’t show you whether he like you or not. But bhai… I don’t think he’ll ever like you ???”


“Brothers are like that. Both dad and bhai will give you a very hard time if they see me unhappy! I’m their princess na!! So be careful…!”

He cupped her cheek lovingly.

“??? Nothing to worry. You’re going to be my queen. Tears and sad times will be there, but I’ll try my best to keep you happy always…”

He slowly leaned closer to her. She abruptly stopped him keeping her hand on his chest.

“Kabir, what’re you doing?”

“What do you think?” His eyes were playful.

“You’re going to meet my family.”

“I’ve met them before. It’s not the first time.”

“Not as my fiance na! So behave yourself!”

“Not fair! It’s not the first time we kis-”

“Do you want me to complain to bhai?”

“Fine. Let’s take your parents blessings first.” He grinned and muttered under his breath, “I’ll catch you later!”

Unfortunately she heard her. “Later? Mister, nothing will happen later!!”


“Yes, really!!”

“Hahaha ???” he started the car laughing at the expression she was making. Taking her hand in his, he entwined their fingers. He placed a kiss on the back of her hand. “This is enough for me…”

She smiled gently. But another two words made her shake her head to sides.

...for now…





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