Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 10)

the episode starts with anus reading the papers and saying hows that possible? i need to go home.she goes to the looker room and takes her bag from her looker. other internees r there. sam sees anu and says why r u so worried. anu tells them the situation. parth says dont worry we will help u out. neil says but before doing anything anu should talk to her parents. anu says i am going to home now.pls manage my patients here. sam says dont worry.just go now.anu says thanks.she huges sam.anu goes.

madhvi is sitting in her room.anu comes.madhvi asks anu why r u left hospital at this time and why r worried?anu shows her the papers. anu says hows that possible mom? madhvi gets shocked seeing the papers.she says to herself i think anu havent find the truth. madhvi says i think u dont know these middle class people. they intentionally left these fake papers made by them. anu says what? madhvi says they did this so they can prove u as their daughter and can get our all property. u know middle class peopl r very cheap minded. anu says really? but i dont think they can stoop so low. madhvi gets angry.she says then what do u think im lying? dont u belive that ur my real daughter?anu says no mom. ur getting me wrong.i know u can never lie to me and i fully believe that ur my mom. she huges madhvi.madhvi smiles. madhvi says now go to hospital.otherwise u will be fired. anu says okay.anu goes.

neil comes to sams cabin.he says sam dont run from me. i promise i will forget what happened yesterday.but dont break my friendship.sam and neil both cry.sam says even ur sarminder singh cant live without her idiots friendship.sam huges neil. neil says promise me u will never leave ur idiot.sam says pinky promise.neil and sam both laughes.neil says lets go to canteen. sam says u go.im coming in ten minutes.neil goes. neil says i promised u that i will forget whatever happened but cant forget my love. he cries silently.

all internees r in canteen.anu comes there. sam says what ur mom said? anu tells them what her mother said.parth says ur mom is right. many people r just run after money and can do anything. kirti comes there and tells anu dr arjun is finding anu for medical camp and hes very angry at u. anu says oh! i totally forgot about the camp because of this problem. im going now. bye.anu goes.

precap: anu and arjun r in camp. arjun is playing with children. anu smiles seeing him.

credit to: Natasha

guys tommorow is eid.so wishing u all a very happy and joyous eid. eid mubarak.
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  1. Nice story Natasha. ..eagerly waiting for the next update. …plse try to update fast…….

  2. Waiting for the next update Natasha. ….l loved ur story. ..plse try to update fast

  3. need ardhika scenes…..otherwise its nice…….pls give 2 or 3 episodes per day……its over…bt i want more ardhika scene…………………

  4. Hey natty,,,hru dr,tight hug for u buddy,,,loved 2dys epi alot….super yaar….i hate madhavi,how can she lie to anu,whom she loves….loved sam neils part,sam becs of u our neil is always crying yaar…pls understand his love for u…precap is interesting yaar…love u buddy

  5. I am loving ur story Natasha

  6. ooo…precap seems to b vry intrestng. ..
    nce epi nathasha

  7. @natasa…u r jst going like nahi fuly a perfect writer dear like it a lot n again eid mubarak

  8. Hey natasha…nice one dear…come with next episode soon…eagerly waiting from many days for d medical camp onwards..bcoz previously u stopped d story at dat point..and eid mubarak to everyone…..

  9. Waiting for nxt episode

  10. Happy eid mubarak.

  11. hey …natasha…..asusual……u r rocking….and yeah…i agree with HAPPY’s thought…….pls whenever u find time pls try to update dear…..and i want ardhika moments more….arjun connected with radhika….(anu’s past)……if it s true means i feel really really happy….i want arjun’s love nd feelings for her radhu…..to anu’s knowledge……by that anu should attracted nd fell in love with arjun…..” NATS…U KNOW BY READING UR STORY AUTOMATICALLY I M SMILING WHICH WAS HAPPENED WHILE READING MANMARZIYAN EPI…I FEEL REALLY REALLY HAPPY BECOZ OF U SWEETHEART……AND PLS UPDATE QUICKLY…DEAR…..I M WAITING FOR UR STORY BYE WITH LOTS OF FRIENDSHIP…..”

  12. Woooooooooooooooooooooow, nats another nice episode.

    Loved today’s episode.

    Let’s see how Dr arjun and anu fall in love.

    Loved the way you write dear.

    Well I have a video of ardhika on sukoon mila song.

    Check out girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.


  13. Hows ur day guys?
    @Tasnim, farah how much ur cow is? And u clicked humba selfie?
    @nisha the song is beautiful.
    @Abi,happy i will try to follow ur suggestion.
    @Devga,mitty,samiha how r u?
    @farah,anu,deepa,tanya i love the way u write.
    @all lets wish one another eid mubarak because it increases the happiness of eid when friends wish to each other. And pls receive my cordial wishings of eid. Eid mubarak.
    In this eid i hope u all will continue to love and support me. As well as will keep me in touch with u all.

  14. @mandy where r u dear? Finding u everywhere

  15. hey nats am late here 2day…..hw was ur day buddy?

    1. Todays eid and i spent my day by eating and playing. Hows ur day? Today u didnt tell me about my storys episode.

    2. hey nats……ur story is asusual awesome buddy…i ve already said it has a plot strong enough to pull readers….i lik it very much….waiting 4 future epis yaar

      hey TASNIM, am gud….hw was ur eid 2day chingu? seems lik u njoyed a lot….hahaha

  16. @natasa our cow was black n it was as same as previous 1 i click a lot of selfie with my cousin singing d song chal cousin selfie le le a le le le a a le….hw was your cow…? And wish u chingu( friend in korian laguage*) *..<<>>…. @thena @nisha @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected](a long time bad u totaly 4get me bt i rmbr u strng memry yar) hw u guys enjoy eid…whom i 4get 2 mention plz give d feed bk plz plz

    1. My cow was also black with brown sheded.u didnt tell me about the price of ur cow.

    2. Good going Nats nice epi 😀
      And Eid was awesomeeeeeeeeeee 😀

  17. EID MUBARAK everyone…..may allah bless all my frnds wth lots of happiness…

  18. ha ha ha…abb ek hafte ke liye sab ke ghar me sirf non veg hi non veg..

  19. *@natasa,..this time our cow was n’t so big bt was 49 thousand .mandy has come in kfar page check it*@thena….aftr spending whole day by eating n roaming jst see d cmnt n feel vry happy chingu do u like it actualy i have a intrst in learning new laguage eppo (nice in korian laguage)na

  20. guys……tell me….one thing……why today no story update…………….feeling bad……………waiting till evening….post……i dont know where to write……pls update……soon………………………

  21. Hi Natasha, I love this series and the storyline. The background is very interesting as well. Keep it up. Eagerly waiting for your upcoming episodes. Tight hug and lots of good wishes for Eid. Love you…

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