Where is Heart There is Life (The Face of the Truth) Episode 27

the episode starts with anu recalling everyones words. madhvi says anu is my real daughter. they r doing this just for money. mala says ur lying. radhika is my daughter and u just want her as u have no child. anu cries and runs out of the house. madhvi says stop anu. dont go. anu complled to go because of u. mala says why r u bleming me? neil says pls dont fight. neil says to arjun that we should go and find anu. they go.

anu comes near top of a hill while running. anu remembers of her falling from the hill because tiya(shreyas assistant) pushed her from the top. anu cries and go from there.

arjun and the internee gang looks for anu. they dont find anu. arjun feels restless. he shouts at all and says find anu at any cost. tam sees anu running on the road. tam says look over there. its anu. all looks at anu.

anu is still running. arjun sees a truck coming towards anu.parth says a truck is coming towards anu. we have to save her. arjun shouts and says anu truck is coming. move away. arjun again says anu truck. but anu doesnt notice both the truck and the internee gang. the truck comes more near to anu. arjun says anu is my life and i have to save her. then without thinking about his life arjun goes to save anu. but he gets late. the truck hits anu and goes away quickly. all gets shocked. arjun cries and says anu.

precap: the internees takes anu to hospital. arjun is treating her. mala asks arjun if anu is fine. arjun gets teary eyed and says her condition is critical. we have to conduct an operation.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

Tommorow my college will be start so my busy days starts again.

  1. Oh god accident…. very tearfulll epusode….

  2. Nice yaaar

  3. Accident happened i thought arjun will save anu. Bt its nice yaar

  4. Oh so sad..Anu ka accident hogaya..Precap looks sad too..I think Anu will get fine soon..Y so short epi Nats..
    Waiting for next part..take care ? buddy..

  5. Wow!!!…natasha 2day’s was awesome..anu ka accident is awesome so now she will know the truth nd arjun will get more close to her nd uffff it was so emotional when arjun said anu is my life,,i have to save her….this story is getting soooo interesting…the precap is making me curious…nd ohh from 2moro ur college will..so i guess u will be very busy nd will have less time to update but plzzz try to come here nd update next episode sOon…have a good day in college..GOOD LUCK!!!..??
    One lovee?

  6. So sad for anu…but the episode was nice…nats hw u dear?

  7. Omg accident. .. i think anu will get her memory back. .update soon nats. ..

  8. nyss dr lol srry cudnt cmmnt nd missd sm chapter srryyy dr m a bit busyyy wth xams nd tests etc…… nyc1 dr

  9. Oh yraar yeh kya hogaya !! Accident !!

    Pls she shud b saved !!! Love u yaar natasha !!!

  10. Anu’s accident why? And serious that too. But wish she will be okay. After that what will happen. Is she going to remember her past forget present. What is going to happen. Suspense. Nat’s plz update fast yaar. Hope u r fine now.stay healthy yaar. U writing doctor’s story and if u don’t take care of health. How will it be. Take care lots of love.

  11. very touching episode…hope anu gets well soon and her memory back too.
    Natasha ma’am…am a silent reader of yours ff since beginning…please do continue your version of ardhika.

  12. very nice episode hope radhika get well soon

  13. As I always say awsme.. I love ur stories.. And I can relate this episode to the radhika’s accident episode.. Really awsme 🙂

  14. Omg that was such a touching episode.

    1. Tanya dear plzz udpade ur episode fast…cant w8 anymore yaar…plzzz yaar try
      One lovee?

    2. Update**

  15. Hey natasha..nice episode dear…..but little sad too…poor anu met with an accident….i think post accident she will get her memory back…keep updating…

  16. Hii..natasha ur story is good.iam a silent reader till now…i have a small doubt yaar,please dont mind as i asked u this….anu lost her memory a year back nly then how could one complete their medicine in one year..even if her parents used money,she cant remember anything then how could she do internship without proper knowledge….sorry to say but i need a clarification for this yaas…please dont mind buddy

  17. Please continue writing
    This episode is nice
    Precap is so sad

  18. Hello all. How r u? Im fine today.
    But so sad as i cant see my many friends today. Pls come soon.
    @Lavanya hello. Its first time talking to u. Feeling good hearing that ur reading my story from the first. I hope u will continue reading my story. U know im very happy as for the first time someone called me natasha maam. Ha…ha…ha…
    @Ankitha hello! I dont mind never ever. And u r mistaken. Anu lost her memory some years not a year ago. So its not impossible to complete medical studies in some years and do a internship. Otherwise anu is newly internee. This is her first internship just after completing medical studies.
    I hope u now understanding the total matter. I hope u will keep giving ur valueable feedbacks.

    1. Ohh…thanks for ur clarification yaar…update ur nxt part fast buddy

    2. Hey natty !! So waiting for ppl !! Here u go I m here !!!

      Hey I m fyn !! Wat abt u ???

    3. thanks for your reply…it means a lot…no matter what happens I will never stop reading your stories

  19. Hey nats sweety how r u dear. . I think u already answered it so , let me ask u d another question.

    Did u miss ur dearieeeeeeeeeees.???

    hey nats dear awesome episode. luv u dear. now rads memory came back and of course want to read who is behind her accident and what she do now with them.
    They will have to punish for their sin.

    And expecting so many twist from u dear. now its the time to get more twist as the real twist is already unfolded with so many blasts. and So many bumper comments Congrats dear for that.

    And this is the time for getting another suspense give d readers another solid reason to read your story as in past u already give us the reason to bind with ur story now give another reason to readers dear.
    I totally love ur story .

    And so love u also princess.

    Well song of the day for today episode luv u naty keep going LUv u all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    how r u all.

    manha , roma, tasnim, mansi, chinni, sree, ameena, lulu, hayathi, brity and all my lovieeeees how r u all dearies. whats up ?/always loving u all and reading all ur comments and smiling because all ur love and luv u all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeees missing u so much to all

    Have a nice day nats and all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    1. Hi nisha!!!
      I’m good dear….how r u???…love u soooo much..???
      One lovee?

    2. Hi nisha dear, love you loads, I’m fine and how are you? Very nice song dedication as usual, perfect…muaaaaahhhhhh, very tight hug to you, keep it up buddyyy. ..

  20. ;);););0Always smiling lovieeeeeeeeeees.

  21. when arjun saw rads in accidental condition . This song plays in bg

    bhula dena mujhe hai alwida tujhe tujhe jeena hai mere bina

    Bhula dena mujhe
    Hai alvida tujhe
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Safar yeh tera, yeh raasta tera
    Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina

    Ho teri saari shoharatein
    Hai yeh duaa..
    Tujhi pe saari rehamatein
    Hai yeh duaa..
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Bhula dena mujhe
    Hai alvida tujhe
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

    Tu hi hai kinaara tera
    Tu hi to sahaara tera
    Tu hi hai taraana kal ka
    Tu hi to fasaana kal ka
    Khud pe yaqeen tu karna
    Ban.na tu apna khuda… (x2)

    Khizaan ki shaam hoon main (khiza: Autumn)
    Tu hai nayi subah
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

    Khilengi jahaan.. bahaarein sabhi
    Mujhe tu wahaan.. paayega
    Rahengi jahaan.. humaari wafa
    Mujhe tu wahaan.. paayega
    Milunga main iss tarah, waada raha
    Rahunga sang main sada, waada raha
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina!

    Bhula dena mujhe
    Hai alvida tujhe
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Tujhe jeena hai, haan mere bina!

  22. When radhika had that accident and then arjun saw her the truck coming and radhika fell on road.

    Then d song plays

    bhula dena mujhe hai alwida tujhe tujhe jeena hai mere bina

    1. Hey nisha yaar dats very touching yaar d song from aashiqui 2 !! Jus l9ve d song !!!

      I m fyn dear !! Thank god ur here !!

      Hey nisha hw r u ???

    2. I love this song sooo much cz it’s sooo emotional….thanqu sooo much for sharing dear…there is also female version..
      Have a good day dear!!!
      One lovee?

  23. Very thrilling and emotional episode, oh!!! rads/anu got accident, not again 🙁 I hope she get her memory back and remember everything before and after accident happenings. Please update the next episode soon, eagerly waiting. ..love u loads and very very tight hug. ..

  24. Its all start from London , A heaven like place in which Our second lead hero lives.

    Siddharth malhotra: A young handsome , Charming , and flirting too , A guy who works in London in a Multi national Company as a Ceo.

    A Total flirt with all the girls . Even in his office too. with the oldiees . He always think that

    Siddharth vision: Mai to girls ko palkhon pe rakhta hoon . Always applying this policy to everyone.

    And every girl just love him. Because he give too much attention to each and every girl. And make each and every girl smile and happy.

    One day when he is going to office for work . As ususal he is taking his car and straight going to the office in between he also take a bunch of flowers for each and every butterflies in his office. As I already inform u why he do so.

    Then he reached his office , As always first giving receptionist a rose by saying that ur eyes are looking more beautiful than yesterday. And day by day it is going more beautiful . It is Mrs Martha she is 45 years old just like his mothers age .

    Mrs Martha: Son when u r going to leave this flirting . But I love u soo much God gives u so much happiness. U deserve a Pure hearted girl .

    Why r u doing this son. Why r u flirting too much Don’t u love anyone in office here in london or anyone .

    Sid: No , Mrs Martha I am not flirting Mrs martha, I am just giving them smiles.

    See Monica . Her boyfriend scold her each and everyday, by just saying bad words to her. I told her many times leave him. But she said she loves him.

    By giving her 2 roses and flirting with her > I just want her to smile. To be happy.

    Mrs Martha: Oh son , U are pure ruby a gem by your inner heart. God will make a pure gem for u also dear.

    Sid: NO , My Love God already make one for me, and nobody take her place in my life , nobody replace her she is the only one .

    Mrs Martha: Oh dear , God bless u. Give u every happiness in life.

    Sid: Ok, My darling , I need to go now, Nahi to boss aaj Hi mujhe Fire kar denge. Need to go for the presentation.

    Office Canteen sequence:

    Rahul: Hey dude, I heard what you are talking with Mrs Martha??

    Sid: what ??

    Rahul: That U love someone . Dude Tell me . I am ur best friend. At least u should tell me. We are collegues best friends. Who is she??Do U seriously Love her?

    Sophie: What u LOve someone but u told me yesterday that u love me.

    Ria: Oh , sophie dear , Its Ok he tell 1000 girls the same line what he had told u??

    Sophie: I am not gonna talk to u now??And she put a fine from ria purse and throw it to sid head .

    Sophie: Idiot.

    And sit beside ria. with very angry face.

    Ria: Hey Sid we all know that u can’t love here anyone seen in ur eyes>

    Sid: r u trying to say u also fall for me my Love?

    Ria: Oh please spare me> Ok leave all this tell me who is she . Does she pretty . Tell us na. How is she look.

    Rahul: Sid, yaar tell us or we gonna snatch or we leave ,

    Sid: leave then , I am not saying anything.

    Ria: Kya wo itni khubsoorat hai ki , tum hume bhi nahi bataoge. Dil ki baat chupaye nahi chupti.

    Take this guitaar or sunaao to hume apne dil ka haal . Apne dil ki zubaan se bataoo kaisee lagtee hai wo.

    Sid; Looking deep into ria eyes. Take the guitaar . Looking outisde from the window with a huge smile .

    And then he start singing and explaining.

    Bholi Si Surat, Aankhon Mein Masti
    Aye Hai, Are Bholi Si Surat
    Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
    Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
    Aye Hai, Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
    Bholi Si Surat
    Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
    Aye Hai
    Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
    Aye Hai, Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
    Bholi Si Surat
    Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
    Aye Hai

    A glimpse of that girl shows when he close his eyes . a gliter bindi on her forehead , a crop top white attire with white dupatta , and her eyes flash beautiful brown broad eyes that makes one fall for her

    Ladki Nahin Hai, Woh Jaadu Hai, Aur Kaha Kya Jaye
    Raat Ko Mere Khawaab Mein Aayee, Woh Zulfe Bikhrayee
    Aankh Khuli To Dil Chaha Phir Neend Mujhe Aajaye
    Bin Dekhe Yeh Haal Hua, Dekhu To Kya Ho Jaaye
    Bholi Si Surat
    Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
    Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
    Aye Hai
    Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
    Bholi Si Surat
    Aankhon Mein Masti
    Aye Hai

    Her beautiful smile sees as just like a broad smile bholi si innocent si smile just like saawan ka pehla baadal

    Saawan Ka Pehla Baadal, Uska Kaajal Banjaaye
    Mauj Uthe Saagar Mein Jaise Aise Kadam Uthaye
    Rab Ne Jaane Kis Mitti Se Uske Ang Banaye
    Chum Se Kaash Kahin Se Mere Saamne Wo Aajaaye
    Bholi Si Surat
    Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
    Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
    Aye Hai
    Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
    Bholi Si Surat
    Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaye
    Aye Hai
    Aye Hai

    Mrs Marth: Come come on child, YOu all are get back to work . Boss is on his way. He wants u all and wants to talk about some assignment.

    Come on Sid( Thinking by closing his eyes in deep thoughts with holding the guitaar very tight assuming his true love in his hold)

    Sid: Oh Mrs martha, YOu broke my dream,

    Mrs Martha: Sid , Go son Now you need to work. And yes soon I want you to make your dream come true son. Now come on get back to work.

    That’s it for today .

    Does anybody knew who is that girl.

    Uhhh UhhhhUhhh

    Dil thaam ke bethiyee

    She is our beloved radhika Mishra

    Dears , Doesn’t know what I wrote , how and how come , just my hands could stop me to write this.
    Doesn’t know its good or its bad or its worse. Just write it.
    As my heart says to write it and start writing here.

    Hey natasha, sorry dear if u don’t like me to write here u can tell me I stop writing here. Seriously . This is the first time writing.

    No heart feeling dears YOu can say about anything ur heart says. Luv u all.

    1. very nice story line…but may I know whether the hero is Arjun Mehra or not…because the pair ardhika just makes me go crazy…sorry if I had hurt you.

  25. OOOOOOOoooops sorry for the typos . As he always think that he can make any girl fall for him so easily .

    1. Hey nisha yaar jus love d story lyk umaaaah !!!! Hey y dont u rite fanfiction instead of u to rite in sm1 elses page !!! SORRY dear if ur hurt jus said it bcoz u hv pretty gud talent!!!!

  26. Wowwwww nice start
    Plz introduce our heroine also…. please update fast dr….. WHO AM I

  27. natasha natasha u writing skill is awesome. …..I think anu will get her memory after the accident

  28. Hi natty…sorry yaar for giving very late comment,…..wat to say yaar,,,,loved loved and loved the story so so much Dr….ur story is driving me more crazy day to day yaar….its also very interesting….anushould get her memory back hate tat madhavi.,.

  29. @ all how r u?hows ur day?

    Nisha u write so good.

    Tasnim,kfar where u r guys? Missing u all.

    1. Nats iam waiting for . Can i expect update tdy. Plz

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