WHERE ARE YOU?- Episode 3 (is she died?)

hi friends!.iam here with 3rd episode and hope you all like it 😊. Thank you for showing your support.


goenka’s including naksh and Keerthi are going towards kuldevi temple in a bus while kairav comes towards naira thinking as maisha and suddenly suwarna pulls him near her and makes him sit…

suwarna: where are you going kairav?you should not walk when the bus is moving orelse you will fall down..

Kairav: I was going to maisha di. I don’t know her so I thought to talk with her for sometime..so shall I go to her now?

suwarna gets shocked..

Suwarna POV: I should not let kairav go to naira orelse everything will get ruined..

Suwarna: no baby. You should not go to her okay?

Kairav: but why grandma??

Suwarna: because she likes to travel silently and so you should not disturb her during this travel okay? You can go and talk to her when we reach our home alright??

kairav becomes sad but accepts..

Kairav: ok..then I will sit with you atself here..

Suwarna: fine.

Suwarna POV: thank god he dint go to her orelse we would have landed in big problem!!.

after some time goenka’s reach kuldevi temple and they get down from bus while kartik takes akshu from suwarna and he gets down along with akshu and kairav…


kairav: this place is looking good papa!

Kartik: yes..it looks very good!!.

everyone gets down from bus while suwarna and dadi goes silently to Panditji without anyone’s knowledge..

Dadi: namaste Panditji!

Pandit: namaste!!. Please bring the person who kept a wish because that person has to do pooja and give aarti to the person who they have wished for..

Dadi: Panditji..please make that person do pooja secretly without my family knowledge because it should be secret and I will give aarti instead of her okay?

Pandit: sure madam!please ask that person to come backside of the temple so that she can do pooja…

Dadi: ok..

telling this dadi goes to naira without anyone’s knowledge and she asks her to go and do pooja at backside..

Dadi: naira..you go and do backside and I will give aarti to vansh,kairav and kartik okay?.if they ask what’s this aarti and I will tell them that it’s my blessings okay??

Naira: thank you dadi for making my wish come true.i will surely go and do it!!.hope vansh gets fine and kartik and kairav’s anger ends…

Dadi: don’t worry!!. Lord will answer your wish.

naira smiles and hugs dadi and goes backside while dadi comes to the family and…

Kartik: dadi where did you go suddenly??

Dadi: I went to check whether temple is open or not because we shall do prayer before we enjoy this picnic okay??

Kartik: ok..we will pray.

dadi informs Everyone about going to pray and Everyone agrees and they go to pray while every kids comes and sits near dadi and they pray….

kairav: i will pray for vansh recovery..

Krish: me too..

Vansh happily: iam happy fo getting good brothers like kairav and krish!!.

Dadi: ok..be silent and pray!!!!.

whole goenka’s including kids pray while naira does pooja in backside..

naira : krishnaji..my wish is vansh should recover and kartik and kairav must end their anger on me…

naira does the pooja and the temple bell rings hearing her prayer and Panditji brings aarti to her and she takes aarti and pandit takes the aarti to dadi and gives her signalling her that naira finished the pooja…..

Dadi silently: thank you Panditji for helping us in our plan…

Panditji: it’s okay..

telling this he goes while dadi does first aarti to vansh which shocks everyone…

gayu shockingly: what are you doing dadi??

Dadi lies: actually I asked Panditji to bring as I wished to do aarti for vansh for his recovery and so I did this aarti to him…

Kartik: but why dint you inform us??

Dadi: because i saw Everyone of you praying sincerely and I decided not to disturb you and that’s why I myself asked Panditji to bring aarti without disturbing your prayers…

Everyone: that’s great work dadi!!

dadi smiles and…

Dadi pov: it’s not my great work!!this credit goes to naira…

Dadi: don’t praise me more.now I finished his aarti and come lets go and enjoy our picnic….

Everyone: okay.

everyone goes to eat while dadi pulls kartik and kairav separately and she does the aarti for them which shocks both….

Kartik shockingly:what are you doing dadi??why are you doing aarti to us?? We are fine right then why are you doing our aarti??

dadi finishes the aarti and..

Dadi: actually I decided to do aarti for both of you to end the anger on naira and that’s why I did….

kartik and kairav gets annoyed hearing naira’s name and they go without telling anything while dadi looks on..

Dadi pov: your both anger will soon end because I took your both aarti!. surely god will unite naira with them as she have done this pooja…

after some time dadi tooΒ  joins the family while naira wears the mask again and she sits separately and kairav ,Krish and vansh sits separately and enjoy the time…..

suddenly heavy wind blows and kairav enjoys by painting while vansh admires the beautiful nature and suddenly he notices a spider near kairav and shouts…

Vansh shouts: kairavvv….move away….

kairav gets scared seeing spider while vansh gets more concern and he tries to get up from wheel chairs and he walks to save him….

the spider goes away while kairav gets relieved and he gets shocked seeing vansh walking and he shouts….

Kairav shouts: grandma…gayu aunty..papa..come soon.

everyone hears his scream and they come and see vansh walking and they gets shocked and happy…..

dadi POV: God answered naira’s pooja. I hope he even answers her other wish too..

Suwarna POV: all credits goes to naira. I wish I could tell this to gayu but I should not inform now and I will surely inform this matter to gayu once we reach our home.

samarth and gayu gets more happy and they go and hugs vansh happily…

gayu happily: vansh…my vansh is back!.thank you dadi. Because of your aarti my son became normal.. thank you so much dadi!!!

dadi smiles and..

Dadi pov: all this credit only goes to naira…

Dadi: it’s okay…

dadi silently looks at naira who is standing far and she shows thumbs up sign and naira smiles seeing it…everyone goes and pray thanking the god…

Gayu prays: thank you so much lord!. I should have not been angry on everyone and iam sorry for being angry.but I won’t talk with naira because she is not fair in supporting her child though he did wrong!!

Vansh prays: thanks for giving my legs back krishnaji!. Now I can happily play with Krish and kairav….

everyone prays happily while vansh runs and hugs kairav and krish happily!!!

Kartik: ok.. Everyone get inside the bus..we will go home and celebrate vansh’s recover….

Everyone: okay…

everyone gets inside the bus including naira and the bus starts to move and suddenly the heavy wind blows and Naira’s heart feels restless and she gets worried…

Naira POV: what is happening with me?? Why am I feeling restless??is something going to happen??

bus moves near the cliff edge and suddenly bus gets break down and it starts falling towards the cliff and Everyone gets shocked….

Kartik shouts: what is happening here driver??

driver gets scared and..

Driver: pls Everyone get down fast because bus can’t move now and it is going to fall from the cliff..so before it falls please everyone get down soon…

everyone gets scared and naira’s fear came true..

Naira POV: my fear is true..now nothing should happen to anyone!!

one by one gets down but bus slips little more and everyone gets scared while naira pushes Everyone from behind …

everyone lands down safely except naira and Everyone calls her to come down fast…

Kartik shouts: maisha..please come down fast..orelse it will be a problem..

Maisha: sure!!

naira was about to get down but bus slips more deep into cliff and she falls back and lands at the end of the bus and her mask gets removed and Everyone gets shocked seeing her face and her condition…..

kartik shockingly: naira….


precap: naira falls off the cliff. Kartik’s sorrow. Leap of 1 year…









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