when pyaar turns to badala…. (Episode 8)

Scene 1

The episode starts with Kushi calling sesha and asking about her betrayal which shocks her…..

Sesha : No kushi, its not like that….

Kushi : you betrayed everyone….is dad alive??

Sesha: just listen to me once…

Kushi asks her to come home and ends call….

Rohan asks Sesha to kill kushi before she tells this to everyone…..

Scene 2

Kushi cries hugging shivanya and seeks forgiveness…

Shivanya: Bhabi please don’t feel sorry….We have to tell this to rithik…come lets go…

They both go together ….arnav , anjali,dadi sees this shocking surprisingly…

Scene 3

They go to yamini and rithik and tells everything….yamini cries and rithik feels bad …..they both ask sorry to shivanya…shivanya consoles them…..suddenly lawyer comes with divorce papers of rithik and shivanya….he tears down those papers and ask the lawyer to prepare new papers for him and sesha….

just then sesha and rohan come home….yamini scolds rohan that if he had told the truth then she itself would have given divorce and would had lived with family….

yamini:How could you do such betrayal to your mom?

Rohan: why should I care for them when they didn’t care for me….They itself got me married to you without asking my permission…I don’t care about anyone…

Rithik gets angry and calls police to arrest them for faking death and cheating…

Sesha pleads rithik but he doesn’t care about her….and asks the cops to take them away…. Yamini accepts shivanya whole heartedly and everyone go to their own home(shivanya’s home)…

Scene 4

Arnav kushi, Rithik shivanya goes to shopping while rk madhu also comes to shop….Everyone go to baby shop and buy things….Shivanya sees dolls selling outsid the shop and goes there….Rohan plans shivanya’s accident from inside the cell but rithik saves her….shivanya faints….seeing this madhu comes and helps shivanya by giving her water…everyone gets introduced to each other….Madhu holds shivanya’s hand and says she is pregnant….everyone gets super excited and arnav informs this to family….Madhu and rk spend time with them and leaves…

Scene 5

After 7 months…..

All are preparing for shivanya, madhu, kushi’s godh bharai….3 girls became so close frends and anjali adopted madhu as her unbiological sister…so they decided to celebrate 3 girl’s function in the same house….3 girls are busy in choosing lehenga and jewellery….

Yamini and anjali goes to jail to meet sesha…There they find sesha weird….She apologizes to yamini and anjali and cries badly…They console her…She tells them that she is pregnant with rohan’s child…Anjali tells her that they know it already so only they came to get release her as the heir is their’s and dadi feels child should not born in the jail…..Sesha gets happy and goes with them…

Precap: Rk announces his marriage with madhu for which rita gets angry…Rohan comes out of jail….$ girls godh bharai function happens….


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  1. Jasminerahul

    khushi sesha confrontation was nice.khushi apologizing to Shivanya was nice.good that yamini ritik got to know the truth n for rohan sesha arrested.shocking that still rohan planned shivanya’s murder.luckily madhu saved her.anjali adopting madhu as her sister was surprising. shocking that sesha is pregnant so they released her for the sake of their heir.but did sesha really change or is she pretending?

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