when pyaar turns to badala…. (Episode 7)

Scene 1:

Rk angrily drags and madhu and ask her if she is playing with his child…

Madhu tells him that she did her mother job perfectly as she does not want her kid to suffer nameless and the child is with him then her child will get the love of everyone….Rk gets surprised to hear this and thinks of marrying madhu as he truly admires her….

Scene 2:

Sesha wakes up morning and blushes thinking of her previous night and sees rithik and kisses him…He hugs her and they share a cute bond….Suddenly sesha’s phone rings….She sees the call and gets scared….

Scene 3:

Kushi gets dizziness and vomits…She tells anjali that she is pregnant….Whole family rejoices….News reach to yamini and she celebrates in joy….Sesha and rithik also congratulate kushi….Shivanya happily hugs kushi but she pushes her away…..Shivanya gets sad but arnav pacify her….

Scene 4:

Sesha goes to some unknown house which is situated inbetween a forest…She goes there and hugs a man…That man turns out to be rithik’s dad….

Sesha:Till when we are going to act like this?

Rithik’s dad: Till we get the property papers…

Sesha vents out anger on yamini and rithik for fixing sugharat….

Rithik’s dad gets shocked but sesha tells him that nothing was happened as she mixed sleeping pills in milk and gave to rithik….and tells him that sesha belongs only to rohan(name of rithik’s dad)….

Rohan: On that day if I had killed yamini then this problem could be avoided….

he thinks about that night….

A year ago….

[Rohan is not rithik’s biological dad….he is yamini’s husband’s younger brother…In an accident rithik’s dad died and rithik had a memory loss….kushi was an adopted daughter….to cure rithik yamini married rohan though he is younger to her but rohan didn’t liked this and he was in search of his love…but yamini fulfilled her wife duties and loved him so much…..Sesha was yamini’s bro’s daughter…..Though rohan is 20 years older than sesha…sesha fell in love with him seeing his manliness and he also loved her seeing her beauty….They both secretly meet each other….one day while they both were kissing each other, shivanya saw and gave an ultimatum to both….they both told her that nothing is there between them….rohan then plans to make shivanya the culprit ….he faked his death and asks sesha to play a drama and marry rithik and transfer all the properties so that they can live happily….sesha’s parents get to know this and warns sesha….Rohan kills them too….]

Sesha: If i have baby with rithik, then they will transfer the properties on baby’s name…

Rohan : That is not possible….As the properties are in shivanya’s name…You should create hatred between the families….and get the property…

Sesha agrees to it and both gets cozy…..Out of senses they consummate their love….Someone clicks this photos…

Scene 5:

Kushi gets a parcel and sees some photos of sesha and rohan together which shocks her…shivanya comes there and sees those photos and tells her everything that happened on that night…Kushi gets shocked and calls sesha….Sesha wakes up and finds herself and rohan in that state and realizes that they both got united…she attends the call and kushi ask sesha about her betrayel which shocks her……

Precap : Rohan asks sesha to kill kushi….Arnav kushi buys cute stuffs for their baby…Rithik saves shivanya from an accident…..yamini finds sesha wierd…

  1. Jasminerahul

    good that rk decided to marry madhu seeing her good nature.shesha ritik scene was romantic. shocking that sesha loves ritik’s step dad rohan n she trapped ritik on his order to get property.shocking that rohan killed her parents too.does she know that rohan killed her parents?shocked about their age difference.which actor plays rohan?who clicked their consummation pics?good that khushi Shivanya got their pics n realised sesha’s true colour

  2. Jasminerahul

    please start aashiqui2 ff on ishveer

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